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Ellie media

  1. 1. TEEN MAGS By: Ellie Luperon
  2. 2. MEDIA MESSAGES Strong social and cultural forces influence body image in young people. From childhood to adulthood,television, billboards, movies, music videos, video games, computer games, toys, the Internet, andmagazines convey images of ideal attractiveness, beauty, shape, size, strength and weight.
  3. 3. Teen magazine market’s consumerwho are insecure. They craveaffection and approval from boys,spend time staring at themselvesin the mirror, and trust magazine’sadvice on all sorts of really, reallyimportant issues, like lip gloss andlove.
  4. 4. WHAT DO GIRLS LEARN?irls learn that the pretty girl who knows how to play the game winsthe prize.he “prize" being older, cooler all-star boyfriends, multiple mentionsand pictures throughout the school yearbook, and seasonal dubbingsas makeshift teen royalty (Homecoming Queen). Teen magazinesserving as a reliable source of that information.
  5. 5. Pictures of models are tornout of different magazines, asa strategy used to remind girls not to eat. Magazines aredirected to girls, aspiring to an ideal that would bring them much success in the social world.
  6. 6. A series of catch 22s ugliness isIn each of the magazines, cover next to nothingness and a girllines offer the girls “Model hair: with insufficient interest inhow to get it, Boy-magnet beauty, boys is referred to as aYour looks: what they say about “deserted island”, yet one who is too sexy is also in trouble. Ayou and “Mega makeovers: go girl bears the responsibility offrom so-so to super sexy” attracting every “hottie” on the beach, but if one of them jumps her, well then, it sucks to be her.
  7. 7. WHAT IS BODY IMAGE?ody image is the term that is typically used to describe a women’sexperience of her body.his term connotes the act of imagining one’s physical appearance.
  8. 8. BODY IMAGE Convoluted message hey have articles talking about, “You should love yourself for who you are,’ andirls are encourage to love their then they have the seven-day diet”. Presenting body image as being about thinbodies, no matter what they look girls who think they’re fat does nothing tolike, by magazines with fashion undermine the essential prejudice against fatness, especially fat women. Is a fat girlspreads featuring only stick-thin, beautiful? Should she worry? If she reliesflawless-faced white models in on these magazines of her self-worth, yes, she should.expensive outfits.
  9. 9. BODY CONSCIOUSNESShe term Body consciousness is a more useful way to understand therange of bodily responses to trauma.body consciousness is the ability to reside comfortably in one’s bodyand to consider one’s body (to see oneself as embodied) andsconnected to oneself.
  10. 10. WHAT THEY PROMOTEe pretty, but not so pretty that you intimidate boys, threaten other girls, orattract inappropriate suitors, such as bosses, fathers and rapists;e smart, but not so smart that you intimidate boys or that, you miss theprom to study for finals;e athletic, but not so athletic that you intimidate boys or lead people tobelieve that you are aggressive, asexual, or a lesbian or bisexual, be happywith yourself, but not if you’re fat, ugly, poor, gay, disabled, or antisocial.
  11. 11. CONSEQUENCESn large scale studies, approximately 30% of boys and over 55% over girls report using unhealthy weightcontrol methods such as vomiting, laxatives, diet pills, cigarette smoking, and diuretics in effort to loseweight.19,20t 8 years-old, girls believe that weight control is strongly associated with self-worth and view dieting as ameans of improving self-worth.21Poor body image often leads to dieting, which can lead to unhealthy weight control behaviors, disorderedeating, and ultimately eating disorders.Poor body image is strongly associated with low self-esteem and low self-worth, both of which canseverely limit the potential for youth to succeed.
  12. 12. REFERENCESttp://youtu.be/PTlmho_RovY?hd=1