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William Trevor's brief speech

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William trevor

  1. 1. Presented byElias De Leon
  2. 2. BiographyBirthEducationImmediate occupationMoving
  3. 3. William Trevor works His style Inspirations
  4. 4. Awards 1964: Hawthornden Prize for Literature for The Old Boys 1964: Hawthornden Prize for Literature for The Boarding House 1970: Mrs. Eckdorf in ONeills Hotel was shortlisted for the Booker Prize 1975: Royal Society of Literature for Angels at the Ritz and Other Stories 1976: Whitbread Award for The Children of Dynmouth o Allied Irish Banks Prize for fiction o Heinemann Award for Fiction o Shortlisted for the Booker Prize 1980: Giles Cooper Award for Beyond the Pale 1982: Giles Cooper Award for Autumn Sunshine 1982: Jacobs Award for TV adaptation of The Ballroom of Romance 1983: Whitbread Prize for Fools of Fortune 1991: Reading Turgenev was shortlisted for the Booker Prize 1994: Whitbread Prize Best Novel for Felicias Journey 1999: David Cohen Prize by the Arts Council of England in recognition of his work. 2001: Irish Literature Prize 2002: The Story of Lucy Gault was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and the Whitbread Award 2003: Kerry Group Irish Fiction Award at the Listowel Writers Week 2008: Bob Hughes Lifetime Achievement Award in Irish Literature
  5. 5. Novels  A Standard of Behaviour (Hutchinson, 1958)  The Old Boys (Bodley Head, 1964)  The Boarding House (Bodley Head, 1965)  The Love Department (Bodley Head, 1966)  Mrs Eckdorf in ONeills Hotel (Bodley Head, 1969)  Miss Gomez and the Brethren (Bodley Head, 1971)  Elizabeth Alone (Bodley Head, 1973)  The Children of Dynmouth (Bodley Head, 1976)  The Distant Past (Poolbeg Press, 1979)  Other Peoples Worlds (Bodley Head, 1980)  Fools of Fortune (Bodley Head, 1983)  Nights at the Alexandra (Hutchinson, 1987)  The Silence in the Garden (Bodley Head, 1988)  Two Lives (Viking Press, 1991)  Felicias Journey (Viking, 1994)  Death in Summer (Viking, 1998)  The Story of Lucy Gault (Viking, 2002)  Love and Summer (Viking, 2009)
  6. 6. Short Stories The Day We Got Drunk on Cake and Other Stories (Bodley Head, 1967) The Ballroom of Romance and Other Stories (Bodley Head, 1972) Angels at the Ritz and Other Stories (Bodley Head, 1975) Lovers of their Time (Bodley Head, 1978) Beyond the Pale (Bodley Head, 1981) The Stories of William Trevor (Penguin, 1983) The News from Ireland and Other Stories (Bodley Head, 1986) Family Sins and Other Stories (Bodley Head, 1989) Outside Ireland: Selected Stories (Viking, 1992) The Collected Stories (Penguin, 1993, 2003) After Rain (Viking, 1996) Cocktails an Doneys (Bloomsbury Classics, 1996)[5] The Hill Bachelors (Viking, 2000) A Bit On the Side (Viking, 2004) Cheating At Canasta (Viking, 2007) Bodily Secrets (Penguin Great Loves, 2007; new selection of several stories from earlier collections)
  7. 7. Drama The Old Boys (Davis-Poynter, 1971) A Night with Mrs da Tanka (Samuel French, 1972) Going Home (Samuel French, 1972) Marriages (Samuel French, 1973) Scenes from an Album (Co-Op Books (Dublin), 1981)
  8. 8. Children Stories Non-Fiction Juliets Story  A Writers Ireland: (Bodley Head, 1992) Landscape in Literature (Thames & Hudson, 1984) Edition works The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories (Oxford University Press, 1989)
  9. 9. Generes Drama Fiction Radio drama Short stories