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Elias kara


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Elias kara

  1. 1. Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys Name: Elias Kara
  2. 2. What point did the presenter make about videos just a few years ago and videos now? The presenter made a point that in the video wannabe, the girls are wearing normal clothes and looking classy. But in the Katy Perry's video she is lying naked on a cloud. The reason why this video is popular is because sex sells and Katy Perry is trying to make money by doing this. In The Spice Girls video they are not showing as much of there body. But in Katy Perry's they are wearing bikinis and looking sexual.
  3. 3. Why were these important in the development of music videos? They were important because without the girls they wouldn’t be popular and they bring out the video for a wider audience. In 1998 Britney Spears was changing the school uniform to look more sexy but it wasn’t showing much body, In 2000 the thong song came out and the girls were all wearing thongs and dancing. It has changed allot from Britney Spears wearing clothes to girls wearing swimming costumes and shaking there asses. In 2002 Dirty came out by Christina Aguilera and it was her in a boxing wring with short clothes on dancing around twenty men. In all these videos every girl is wearing short clothes and it is becoming very sexual, It has changed dramatically from the wannabe video to what we see now.
  4. 4. How did ‘Tashy Jay’ chose to represent herself in the documentary? Tashy Jay chose to represent her self by saying, she isn’t a girl who will dress up in a bikini and shake her ass. She says that she is classy and wouldn't’t put her self in that position. But later on in the documentary she is dancing in a bikini being a hypocrite. What was she saying about ‘video girls’ at the shoot? Tashy Jay is saying that girls will through themselves at the artist to get famous and have sex with them. The only reason why the girls will have sex with the artist is because they are famous and the only way to get recognized is if u get with the artist. Most of the girls are manipulated to be in the videos saying they will get paid when they don’t.
  5. 5. Why do they need these girls in their videos? They need these girls because it brainwashes people who watch it. Because the song maybe bad but the girls bring it alight with there big boobs and bum, young men watch this and don’t even listen to the song, they just watch the video What did he think about ‘video girls’? XO Man thought that the girls are not forced to be here and that they can leave anytime, but they are just here to make the video better. He says that the girls need to be attractive and have a good figure. Where did they find all these girls? Wouldn't’t it be expensive to pay them all? They found the girls on the internet by putting out an add and then they would just have to turn up. Most of the girls don’t get paid they just turn up get annoyed and walk away that’s why it isn’t expensive for them.
  6. 6. How does China Black illustrate some of the issues with how women are represented in music videos? Women are represented as having big boobs and a big bum. This is the stereotypical video girl, and China Black is going to get a bum implant. This is what they are meant to have and this is the reason for China Black. But girls go into surgery putting there life on the line for big bums and boobs just to be in music videos. But sometimes the surgery's don’t work and they then would look even worse. But girls want to look good and get paid, sometimes surgery is the only way for some girls that don’t think they look good when they probably do..
  7. 7. These women believe they are the ones with the power. They believe they are exploiting men, not the other way around. What do you think? I think the women have the choice to show their body to the men, but the women don’t now who they are selling there pictures to. For example Sherice gets compliments from the men, so I think the men are exploiting the women. So they can take more and the men get pleasure out of it. The girls think its just business, but she is being used by the men. This makes her take more photos and send it to the men because she thinks people like them.
  8. 8. This sexual equality expert argues that music videos have a lot to answer for what’s the issue? Julia the sexual equality expert says normal outfits are being changed. Such as nurse costume is now more sexy, made shorter for videos. This comes out as pornographic images to some people. Young girls will copy the things video girls do and this is a problem for some people. What does the government think? The government are concerned that these sexual videos are leading to changes in people. As young people copy these moves and start wearing sexual costumes, like tight nurse outfits.
  9. 9. K.I.G use ‘video girls’ - what do they think of them? They think that they need the perfect body for a video, they think of them as nothing really there just in the video to make it better. People are liking videos only because of the girls, but the song maybe bad. Who also said that we need a certain skin tone not to dark and not to light. This is race discrimination to people who love being a video girls and now they have been told they are to dark or to light for there videos. Music Video Director ‘Digital Dan’ has a lot to say - what does he think of the girls? He thinks of the girls like they are a prop for the video, he also said if we pay you get naked. He doesn’t care about the girls, he doesn’t even pay them so when they start to leave they say the haven't got any money on them. All he cares about is money and getting girls to get there boobs out.
  10. 10. What happened to Alisha? Alisha was sexually assaulted, she was recruited online by some people and she believed that it was real. When she arrived at the place, she said it seemed legit until she got pinned to the floor and assaulted. She was also rub with Vaseline in private areas. The man was set free because they didn’t have enough evidence. The juror didn’t believe her story, the artist said that she wanted to do it. But she still models after this assault, this leads me to believe that she was lying and that all she wanted was the money. But if Alisha really was assaulted I don’t think she would be going back into being a video girl. No one knew what the artist did this is why he was set free because they simply didn’t have enough evidence.
  11. 11. This lady has been working with artists for years and cast lots of ‘video girls’ - what changes has she seen and what’s her opinion? Angela Hunt thinks video girls are stars and they are not being used. But also she said girls used to be stars 20 years ago, now they are all about showing there bum and boobs. All the girls want sex and to be with the artist now days but before they weren’t like that. Girls 20 years ago were probably afraid to show there ass and boobs to the world, but the girls now don’t care about what other people think. Girls were classy and a wide range of young kids watched those videos. Now artists want sex pistols for there videos and the audience, has is now at a higher age and young kids can not watch there favorite artist sing because of age restriction. Over all Angela thinks girls have changed a lot over the past 20 years.
  12. 12. Why is she challenged on this performance by the presenter? Tashy is challenged by the presenter because she said that she would never wear a thong in a song. Tashy also said that “I am a classy girl, not like girls who dance in thongs” Tashy lied about this and is being a hypocrite, probably only to get money out of it.
  13. 13. This is the US ‘Ambassador for Hip Hop’ - what is her view? Toni Blackman’s view is that men are not set a bar to look good. But women are set standards to look good. Toni also said that “Why not embrace your sexuality, they are getting paid so they are not being used. Rappers don’t look good to women because they are not set standards, so some girls dance around people they may not even like. How has Angel Lola Love’s experience been positive? Angel Love gets paid in every video. The experience is positive because she is moving into rapping and her rap name is Lola Mon Row. It’s also looking positive because she gets paid to go into a strip club and perform for people. She is also going far with her career and enjoys what she does.
  14. 14. What conclusions can we draw from this documentary? In conclusion girls are not being used, it is simply there choice to do what they do. If they are being paid they are not being used. Mike Styles said that Nelufar Hedagat could be in a music video and she giggled, this shows that girls like being told that they are pretty enough for a video. They also get excitement out of being a video girl and if they enjoy it they will carry on doing it. Back 20 years ago it really shows how much video girls have changed, from wearing clothes to wearing barely nothing.