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About Eliademy


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This presentation gives a general overview of Eliademy, the free online classroom for educators and students. It covers the key features, who can utilize the system and how to get started

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About Eliademy

  1. 1. About Eliademy
  2. 2. IntroductionEliademy supports educators and students with free online classrooms thatenable them create, share and manage courses.Eliademy is a dynamic platform that can be used by both universities andcorporate organizations as a virtual learning environment. Furthermore, itcan also be used as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform whereanyone can teach anyone onlineWho is an educatorMany people think educators are limited to university, college or schoolteachers. Not anymore. Anyone who has a superior knowledge about aspecific topic can teach something. Colleges, training institutes, corporateorganizations, sport trainers, coaches among others, can use Eliademy
  3. 3. Eliademy is simple, easy to use and engages1. The simple and attractive interface of Eliademy engages the 21st century educator and student by providing them with • new ways of creating courses • viewing course materials and • receiving notifications2. In 3 steps, create your online classroom by • creating a course, • providing relevant materials and information • and inviting students. You can also receive updates and manage coursesall from one place
  4. 4. Key Features1. Eliademy supports all basic learning system features. You can share and discuss with course participants using images, videos, file attachments, tasks and forum discussions2. Smart notifications mechanism helps students to be up-to-date with all-important events, never missing an important class again.2. Access discussions, new updates and materials instantly through a newsfeed2. Take notes with productivity tools such as Evernote. Sync calendar and access them everywhere2. Create courses, edit content, notify students and receive updates on mobile devices2. Simple to use grading system will help teacher to have holistic overview of students’ progress
  5. 5. Who can use Eliademy Personal fitness College teachers Consultants instructors Preparatory class Professional University teachers teachers training organizers Photography After school teachers Music instructors instructors Coaches Public speaking Basket ball trainers institutes Football Institutes Human Resource Any instructor Trainers
  6. 6. Getting StartedIn order to get started, go to www.eliademy.comYou can also visit our guide center or contactsupport HEREFor other issues, email