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Elevation Insights ™ | Developing a Business Case


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Elevation Insights ™ | Developing a Business Case
Market size estimations for new opportunities

Internal Company Mandate Description:

We need to build a company wide solution to evaluate new opportunities and supporting business cases to justify Go/No-Go decisions
The business cases should cover market size estimations for the following contentious issues that we normally face each year:
Estimating market size potential for new products/services
Estimating overall market opportunity in a given market or country before deciding on sales territories or quotas
Determining the market size of new technologies or products that are introduced to us via the business development team
Market size estimations during strategic partnerships, joint ventures and M&A
Market potential analysis while negotiating distributor rights
Internal resources allocation and managing budget turf wars
The above information should be presented at our monthly executive meetings and be maintained current throughout the year

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Elevation Insights ™ | Developing a Business Case

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