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Some elephant attributes
• Very long-lived • respond to the bones of elephants with
special contemplation.
• Unusually large social network
• appear to have rudimentary
• Close and enduring cooperative social understanding of death
• development includes social learning
• large and complex brains and behavioral innovation

• accumulate and retain social and • Capable of use and modification of
ecological knowledge rudimentary tools

• remember scents and voices of other • Capable of vocal learning
individuals for decades
• Show empathetic behavior
• ability to make subtle discriminations
between predators is age related • Self-aware

• behavior in the wild and in captivity • long-life, memory, intelligence, and
suggests ability to use long-term sociality, may make elephants more
memories to "keep score" and to vulnerable to trauma and its longer-
retaliate for wrongs done term psychological consequences

• show reconciliatory behaviour

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