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ELEPHANT Co. was founded on August 8, 1988 and is today among the leading companies in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing services; we are also one of the leading suppliers of gelatin capsules, packing glass and pharmaceutical machines in the Serbian pharmaceutical industry. Our company has partnerships, or is involved in business relations, with companies from more than 20 countries worldwide.

In 2002 ELEPHANT Co. opened its own production facility in Belgrade where we produce STRONG NATURE dietary supplements as our main brand, and at the same time performs manufacturing services for more than 30 different companies from Serbia and the region. ELEPHANT Co. offers full service to its clients – development of the product from the formulation definition to final package design.

ELEPHANT Co. has systematically upgraded its business by introducing these standards:

ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
BS OHSAS 18001:2007

which integrated the quality control system, environmental protection and the control of critical points in all production processes. Our company was certified by the renowned German company

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Elephant Pharma

  1. 1. If you have an idea, then you have a choice. You are at the right place.
  2. 2. About us ELEPHANT Co. was founded on August 8, 1988. Today we are one of the leading companies in thefield of dietary/food supplement production, sales and marketing in Serbia, leading suppliers of hard gelatin capsules and pharmaceutical packing glass for the Serbian pharmaceutical industry.In 2002 ELEPHANT Co. opened its own manufacturing plant in Belgrade where we produce STRONG NATURE dietary supplements as our own brand. Simultaneously we perform contract manufacturing for more than 30 different companies in Serbia. 2
  3. 3. Vision and Mission VisionOur vision is to become regional leader in dietary supplements manufacturing, sales and marketing, to beseen as the leader in terms of quality, product portfolio range and as a company that constantly expands on new markets. Mission Our mission is to create high quality products, blockbuster brand names that will be recognized by consumers.Our mission is to promote a healthy way of living with due regard to both the ancient and modern scientific knowledge about Nature that surrounds us. Our mission is defined in the name STRONG NATURE. A STRONG NAME FOR A STRONG AND HEALTHY FAMILY! 3
  4. 4. Quality Policy ELEPHANT Co. has systematically upgraded its business by introducing the following standards: ISO 9001:2008 with HACCP ISO 14001:2009 OHSAS 18001:2007which integrated the quality control system, environmental protection, the control of critical points in all production processes, health and safety management system. Our company was certified by the renowned German company TÜV BAYERN SAVA-GERMANY. 4
  5. 5. Halal standard In 2008 ELEPHANT Co. had implemented HALAL standard, and opened possibilities for 1,5 billionpeople Halal market. By this Sheriat Law certification ELEPHANT offers to its buyers range of more than 50 Halal certified products, contract manufacturing and consulting services for Halal products. ELEPHANT was certified for HALAL standrad by ISLAMIC COMMUNITY OF SERBIA. 5
  6. 6. Business sectorsDietary supplements brand www.strong-nature.comA-Z services www.elephant.co.rsHard gelatine capsules, Pharmaceutial packing glass... read more 6
  8. 8. About Strong Nature Dietary supplementsSTRONG NATURE, dietary supplement umbrella brand was established in 2002.Today Strong Nature brand is among the leaders on Serbian market in category ofdietary supplements sales and marketing.STRONG NATURE products are prepared from high quality raw materials frommost valuedsuppliers from all over the world. ELEPHANT’s commerical business sector, thru more than15 years of expirience, created additional value to the ELEPHANT’s dietary supplementbusinessby creating a very big network of Pharma raw material manuacturers and suppliers.All suppliers are graded and accepted according EFSA regulations and reccomendations.• Pharmaceutical forms present thru STRONG NATURE products are: *Hard gelatin capsules *Soft gelatin capsules * Tablets * Powder in sachets * Tinctures and oils * Gels 8
  9. 9. About Strong Nature Dietary supplements Export MarketsSTRONG NATURE products are present on the following markets:* Hungary (EU) * Slovenia (EU) * Slovakia (EU) * Bosnia and Herzegovina* MontenegroMarkets in pre-launch phase:* Russian Federation * Czech Republic (EU) * EgyptSTRONG NATURE offers support for the distributors and partners thru:KNOW-HOW – in marketing and selling of our products.FLEXIBILITY - As a manufacturer, we are very flexible and we can provide products from ourportfolio but we can also adapt and make taylor made products according needs of our partner.PRODUCT DOSSIERS / REGISTRATION – we provide all relevant documentation for productsregistration according to EU legislation or other countries (in this moment STRONG NATURE hasmore than 40 products registered in EU, 6 in Russian Federation )DESIGN CENTER– we have our own design center which provides asisstance to our partners in thematter of printed promotional materials and TV commercials. 9
  10. 10. About Strong Nature Dietary supplements Star Products 1ACTIVATED CHARCOALFor nonspecific diarrhea, food or chemical poisoning, acute drug poisoningand intoxication...more.MEGAOMEGA – Omega 3, 6, 7, 9Herbal origin omega acids 3, 6, 7, 9, 1.000mg, softgel capsules...more.GREEN COFFEE DRINK AND CAPSULESFor regulation of body weight, also for diabetic patients...more.COENZYME Q10 - 30mg, 100mgFor strengthening the myocardium, for boosting immunity, for vitality of the body, to the personrecovering form illness, sportsmen, diabetics and women in menopause...more. 10
  11. 11. About Strong Nature Dietary supplements Star Products 2SNOREIt has favorable effects upon snoring...more.ZEOLITEMetabolism improvement, prevention of viral and inflammatory infections,stress, severe therapy...more.MAGIC BODY – Extra Slim formulaFor regulation of body weight,...more.IMMUNO RESPONDFor colds, bacterial and viral infections, and impaired immunity. 11
  12. 12. About Strong Nature Dietary supplements Full Portfolio 1/41 ACEROLA (Natural Vitamin C), 60 tablets, 300 mg2 ACTIVATED CHARCOAL, 10 capsules, 250 mg3 ACTIVATED CHARCOAL, 30 capsules, 250 mg4 ACTIVATED CHARCOAL MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 250 mg5 ALOE VERA, 30 capsules, 500 mg6 ALPHALIPOIC ACID, 30 capsules, 200 mg7 ALPHALIPOIC ACID MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 200 mg8 ARTICHOKE, 30 capsules, 355 mg9 BANABA, 30 capsules, 240 mg10 BETA CAROTENE, 30 capsules, 400 mg11 BORAGE, 30 capsules, 360 mg12 BOSWELLIA, 60 capsules, 160 mg13 BREWER’S YEAST, 60 tablets, 560 mg14 BROCCOLI, 60 capsules, 400 mg15 BROMELAIN- 60 capsules, 300 mg16 CATS CLAW, 60 capsules, 300 mg17 CELULITA GEL, 150 ml18 CHITOSAN, 60 capsules, 500 mg19 CHONDROITIN, 60 capsules, 330 mg20 CHROMIUM, 60 capsules, 0.5 mg 12
  13. 13. About Strong Nature Dietary supplements Full Portfolio 2/421 CIDER VINEGAR, 30 capsules, 480 mg22 CIDER VINEGAR MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 480 mg23 CONEZYME Q 10, 60 capsules, 10 mg24 CONEZYME Q 10, 30 capsules, 30 mg25 CONEZYME Q 10, 30 capsules, 100 mg26 CRANBERRY, 60 capsules, 310 mg27 CRANBERRY MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 310 mg28 DAMIANA, 30 capsules, 280 mg29 DESTRESA, 60 capsules, 450 mg30 DIABETA, 60 capsules, 340 mg31 DIGESTA, 60 tablets, 300 mg32 ECHINACEA, 60 tablets, 275 mg33 EPO + VITAMIN E, 30 capsules, 500 mg34 EPO + VITAMIN E MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 500 mg35 EPOBALANCE , 30 soft gel capsules, 1.000 mg36 FISH OIL - OMEGA 3, 30 capsules, 500 mg37 FISH OIL - OMEGA 3 MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 500 mg38 FOUL GEL, 150 ml - for sport injuries39 GARLIC- macerate, 30 capsules, 460 mg40 GARLIC- macerate MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 460 mg 13
  14. 14. About Strong Nature Dietary supplements Full Portfolio 3/441 GINKGO BILOBA, 30 capsules, 48 mg42 GINKGO BILOBA MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 48 mg43 GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE, 30 capsules, 500mg44 GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE MEGAPACK, 100 capsules, 500 mg45 GREEN COFFEE CAPSULES, 20 capsules46 GREEN COFFEE DRINK, 14 sachets47 GREEN TEA, 30 capsules, 300 mg48 GRIPOFF, 30 tablets49 GUARANA, 30 capsules, 220 mg50 HAWTHORN, 60 tablets, 220 mg51 HERBASEPT MEGAPACK, 100 tablets, 20 mg52 IMMUNO RESPOND, 40 tablets53 INULIN, 30 capsules, 350 mg54 L-CARNITINE - 30 capsules, 400 mg55 LECITHIN, 30 capsules, 1200 mg56 MAGIC BODY – EXTRA SLIM FORMULA, 10x10 capsules57 MAGIC DIET, 60 capsules, 400 mg58 MEGA OMEGA – Omega 3, 6, 7, 9, 30 soft gel capsules, 1.000 mg59 Mg + Ca + Vitamin D3, 60 tablets, 134 mg + 333 mg + 200 IU60 MSM, 60 capsules, 500 mg 14
  15. 15. About Strong Nature Dietary supplements Full Portfolio 4/461 NONI, 60 capsules, 470 mg62 PAPAYA, 60 tablets, 200 mg63 PUMPKIN SEED, 60 capsules, 435 mg64 RUN LOTION – against mosquitoes, 100 ml65 SAW PALMETTO, 30 capsules, 380 mg66 SELENIUM WITH ZINC, 30 capsules, 200 mg67 SELENIUM WITH ZINC MEGAPACK, 120 capsules, 200 mg68 SIBERIAN GINSENG, 30 capsules, 250 mg69 SNORE, 30 tablets, 1000 mg70 SPIRULINA, 30 tablets, 500 mg71 SPIRULINA MEGAPACK, 120 tablets, 500 mg72 ST JOHNS WORT, 90 capsules, 100 mg73 STINGING NETTLE, 30 capsules, 400 mg74 STRONG MULTIVITAMIN, 60 capsules, 450 mg75 STRONG NATAL, 30 capsules, 500 mg76 STRONG PROPOLIS, 30 tablets, 48 mg77 VAIN GEL, 150 ml78 VITAMIN B COMPLEX, 30 capsules79 VITAMIN C, 90 tablets, 180 mg80 VITAMINS A+D, 30 capsules, 250 mg81 WHEAT GERM OIL, 60 capsules, 270 mg82 ZEOLIT, 180 capsules, 440 mg83 ZEOLIT, 60 capsules, 440 mg84 ZINC, 60 tablets, 25 mg 15
  16. 16. Strong Nature Family 16
  17. 17. CONTRACT MANUFACTURING SERVICES / PRIVATE LABEL You just need a Idea! Leave the rest to us. 17
  18. 18. Services1 CONSULTING SERVICES • Defining of the formulations in cooperation with our expert team. • Mediation between legislation authorities and customer. • Preparation of the registration dossier. • Registration of the products.2 DESIGN CENTER SERVICES • Adaptation of existing design to specific type of package. • Design and preparation of all kind of package and promotional materials. • Production of TV commercials.3 PURCHASE OF ALL NECESSARY RAW MATERIALS FOR THE PRODUCTS BY REQUEST4 PRODUCTION SERVICES • Homogenization of the product materials/ingredients. • Encapsulation services (various sizes). • Tableting services (various sizes). • Blister packaging of capsule and tablet forms. • Packing into HDPE bottles, glass bottles and jars. • Labeling services. • Coding of the products by laser printer. • Product development, testing. 18
  19. 19. COMMERCIAL PROGRAMSPharmaceutical industry supplying services. 19
  20. 20. About Commercial programsElephant Co. is among the leading suppliers of the pharmaceutical packing glass,hard gelatine capsules and other materials to the domestic pharmaceutical and food supplementmanufacturers.During the previous more than 15 years as a player in this business field, we have achieved big experiencewhich is allowing us to guarantee quality, delivery times, continuous supplying to the buyers from our stock inBelgrade. On your request, we will deliver you in shortest possible time description of the products,commercial offer and all necessary information for making the decision. 20
  21. 21. PrincipalsWe can offer following Here are several types ofcapsules: the bottles which we can offer:• Celulose, Bovine and Pig origin capsules.• Capsule sizes “0”, “1”, “2”.• Capsules for liquids.• Color of the capsules per demand. 21
  22. 22. Elephant Pharma Thank you. Elephant PharmaPančevački put 42, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia Phone / + 381 11 33 17 025, 33 17 225 Vladimir Mirović Cell / + 381 64 827 65 05 e-mail / vladimir.mirovic@elephant.co.rs vladimir.mirovic.bg 22