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Frozzen pizza and


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analysis of Frozen Piz

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Frozzen pizza and

  1. 1.  There’s an English saying that goes: What does this mean? Do you agree with it?
  2. 2.  Susan Boyle When She first walked out on the stage of Britains Got Talent, people made faces. You could tell by the snarls that they assumed this 47 year old woman must be a joke. But Susan Boyle surprised the world with the voice of an angel. I think there is a lesson here for everyone. Dont ever judge a book by its cover. Everyone has their own unique beauty. Sometimes it isnt so evident at the surface.....but it is there. k
  3. 3. Browse photocopy 47- I can talkabout books- and answer thefollowing questions by usingthe vocabulary.
  4. 4. Epic =Narrative= ( fiction)Drama ( play)Lyric ( poetry)
  5. 5.  Narrative: tells a story. Descriptive: gives a mental picture of a scene, person, thing, situation. Expository: its object is to explain, to clarify. Argumentative: aim at conviction and support or weaken statements whose validity is questionable. Instructional: instructs or tells you how to do something. Dialogical: is made up by verbal exchanges between speakers.
  6. 6. Chapter EightThe Deathday PartyOctober arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into thecastle. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, was kept busy by a sudden spate ofcolds among the staff and students. Her Pepperup potion worked instantly,though it left the drinker smoking at the ears for several hours afterward.Ginny Weasley, who had been looking pale, was bullied into taking some byPercy. The steam pouring from under her vivid hair gave the impressionthat her whole head was on fire.Raindrops the size of bullets thundered on the castle windows for days onend; the lake rose, the flower beds turned into muddy streams, andHagrids pumpkins swelled to the size of garden sheds. Oliver Woodsenthusiasm for regular training sessions, however, was not dampened,which was why Harry was to be found, late one stormy Saturday afternoon afew days before Halloween, returning to Gryffindor Tower, drenched to theskin and splattered with mud.
  7. 7.  As Harry squelched along the deserted corridor he came across somebody who looked just as preoccupied as he was. Nearly Headless Nick, the ghost of Gryffindor Tower, was staring morosely out of a window, muttering under his breath, ". . . dont fulfill their requirements . . . half an inch, if that . . ." "Hello, Nick," said Harry.
  8. 8. 1. Poetry:Ezra Pound “ In the Station of a metro”2. Excerpt from a novelHarry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by J.K. (Joanne) Rowling
  9. 9.  A narrative may include description and dialogue.
  10. 10. Antoinette MosesCambridge Readers C1
  11. 11.  Flick through the stories and find out those characteristics which belong to a different text type ( from the ones mentioned before).
  12. 12.  1. “ I feel that everyone is against me today, so please come over later and cheer me up. 2. “ The young man suddenly remembered an article that they had discussed in his English class. It was from an English newspaper and explained how more and more people now ate ready-made meals, and how the contents of these meals were not what they appeared to be.” 3. ….” She had a nose for a story, as we say. She could always smell a good story….. …”Let me explain. There are two kinds of newspapers..”
  13. 13.  4. …” I’ve seen places like that on television, in documentaries and in plays and films. But it’s the smell. That never comes over on television.” 5. “ It was the first time she visited Norwich and she didn’t know anything about the place.
  14. 14.  Theme of each story: Characters: ◦ Main character ◦ Secondary characters: ◦ Personality ◦ Hero/villain Natarrators: ◦ 1st person? ◦ 2nd person? ◦ 3rd person ( omnicient narrator) Structure of the story: problem---climax---resolution --happy endings? Language ( verbs, style ( formal, neutral, informal) Vocabulary:
  15. 15.  Theme of each story: education, food, university life, work life, Characters: ◦ Main character ◦ Secondary characters ◦ Personality ◦ Hero/villain Natarrators: ◦ 1st person? ◦ 2nd person? ◦ 3rd person ( omniscient narrator=all-seeing eye” Structure of the story: problem--- Language ( verbs, style ( formal, neutral, informal) Vocabulary: words related to senses, smells, feelings
  16. 16. Two worlds• Story• Narrator: 3rd person omniscient Frozen Pizza• Story• Narrator: 3rd person The Star reporter• Story• Narrator:1st person Sweetie• Story- epistolary narrative• Narrator: 1st person
  17. 17.  Reporting speech: Direct Speech and Indirect Speech. ◦ E.g. Adjectives describing feelings. ◦ E.g. Phrasal verbs: ◦ E.g. Verbs of movement ◦ E.g.
  18. 18.  The Cinema Body language Feelings and emotion Culture: museums Social life
  19. 19.  Cinema  Kinesthetic communication: body programmes scripts language frown whisper Voice-over filming smile mutter Film crew cameraman blushed yawnCINEMA- Two worlds Sweetie
  20. 20.  North and South  Norwich England Museums and places of interestBuildings and museums
  21. 21. of Harry Potter and TheChamber of Secrets by J.K. (Joanne)Rowling