Sothys Seasonal Vanilla and Caramel Treatment


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  • Caramel - Extract of Sugar Cane (Saccharum officinarum)
  • Used for a long time in cosmetic for its exotic image and its gourmand odor, vanilla contains a phytochemical richness worth knowing. It has been done with Vanilla Polyphenols , active ingredient derived from vanilla which redistributes to the skin the beneficial molecules extracted from Vanilla tahitensis ripe fruits. With guaranteed content in polyphenols, it constitutes an adapted answer to the oxidative stress generated by all sorts of aggressions, in particular by ultraviolet rays from sun. It is only fair when thinking at the sunny origin of this plant, that is to say the French Polynesia…
  • Sugar cane extract, rich in minerals. Moisturizing and remineralizing. It is obtained by aqueous extraction of Sugar Cane leaves and stabilized by glycerin. Belonging to the Graminae family, sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum), is a tall, hardy, rhizomatous plant originating from New-Guinea and neighbouring islands. From these rhizomes extend cylindrical, aerial stems between 2 and 5 meters tall, the weight of which varies from 0.3 to 6 kg in the case of the tallest. These stems, which can reach 15 to 20% of its weight in sugars, are used by the sugar-refining industry. The sugar cane is like the sugar beet, produces naturally some sucrose thanks to the use of the solar energy from carbonic gas of the air and the water of the ground. The carbon is modified in nutritive elements for the plant (sugar) through a process called Photosynthesis. Transported by the sap, the sugar could be considered like a stock of energy set in the stem of the plant that one has just to extract … To extract the sugar of the plant, it is only a question of isolating the sucrose from impurities and the water where sugar is in solution state. Once these steps finished, the sugar is successively extracted, purified, concentrated and crystallised without change nor chemical transformation.
  • Sothys Seasonal Vanilla and Caramel Treatment

    1. 1. VANILLA & CARAMEL Comfort & Nutrition
    2. 2. Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Seasonal Facial Vanilla & Caramel
    3. 3. Olfactory Pyramid CARAMEL – VANILLA FLOWERY Top notes Middle notes Base notes Caramel Caramel, Coconut, Jasmine Vanilla, Musk
    4. 4. Vanilla extract from Tahiti is naturally rich in polyphenols . Powerful anti-free radical and used for a long time in cosmetics for its exotic image and its delicious fragrance. Vanilla is said to help strengthen the immune system and calms inflammation. It helps prevent allergic reactions relating to hypersensitivity Vanilla Extract
    5. 5. Caramel – Sugar Cane Leaf extract In Antiquity, Alexander the Great was the first to attribute medicinal virtues to sugar cane. Sugar and water syrups or therapeutic recipes made sugar a real “medicinal food”. This led to the official name of sugar cane: Saccharum officinarum. Because of its natural composition in sugars, Sugar Cane is well know for its emollient, moisturizing and remineralizing benefits.
    6. 6. An unctuous creamy texture with the color of vanilla, a delightful fragrance of vanilla and caramel to envelop the skin with softness . Active ingredient : Extract of Vanilla (Rich in Polyphenols)  Anti-free radical/Antioxidant : combats oxidative stress Vanilla Delight Modelling Cream
    7. 7. Vanilla Peel-Off Mask Fresh peel-off mask with no added fragrance. Very well suited for skin lacking radiance . Active ingredients : Combination of clay and alginate  “ second skin effect” Increase the diffusion / absorption of actives
    8. 8. A milky emulsion evoking of the softness of melted caramel with a delicious vanilla and caramel fragrance. Active ingredients : Sugar cane extract Mineral complex   Exfoliating, Hydrating Remineralizing Improve skin tone Stimulating Melting Caramel Care
    9. 9. Professional Seasonal “Recipe” Vanilla & Caramel Make up removal Exfoliation Massage/Relaxation Pre-Mask Mask End of treatment Appropriate Sothys beauty milk and lotion Biological skin peeling and/or Desquacrem Vanilla Delight Modelling Cream Melting Caramel Care + Vanilla Modelling Cream Vanilla Peel Off Mask Melting Caramel Care
    10. 10. VANILLA & CARAMEL Comfort & Nutrition