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Moms+Tweens+SocialGood August 2013


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Moms+Tweens came together for the first ever Moms+Tweens+SocialGood event to talk about social good, technology and global citizenship on August 3, 2013 in McLean Virginia.

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Moms+Tweens+SocialGood August 2013

  1. 1. #GrowGlobalCitizens #socialgood Hilton McLean Tysons Corner, August 3, 2013
  2. 2. I have always been interested helping girls. My mom works for the United Nations and has many connection to various nonprofits across the globe. When I was in 6th grade, my mom introduced me to Girl Up. I went to the website: I found all the materials I needed to start my own club!
  3. 3. I have run a successful Girl Up club over the past 3 years! Our club has:  Raised money through ice skating party  Had various bake sales  Attended a movie screening at the World Bank  Lobbied with our local Congressman  Raised money for women in Morocco
  4. 4.  Between 6th and 7th grade I was contacted by Professor Iain Guest, a friend of my moms. He challenged me to raise $600 to provide sewing machines for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  By using the website: I was able to fundraise for the cause! A link to my page is here: cacyproject-sewingmachinesforwomeninthecongo
  5. 5. All it takes is 4 easy steps  Find a staff advisor  Find a couple club members  Register to become an official club at  Start fundraising!
  6. 6.  Sustainability  Self- Sufficiency  Dignity  Purpose
  7. 7.  United Nations Foundation (Shot@Life, Unicef, Girl Up, Giving Tuesday)  Passports with Purpose  ONE Moms  Save the Children
  8. 8. Images courtesy of Save the Children
  9. 9.  Know your cause  Identify your “ask”  Pick your action  Make your pitch  Follow up