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Cns interns 2016


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CNS students share images and descriptions of their internship experiences in 2016.

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Cns interns 2016

  1. 1. { College of Natural Sciences Interns of Summer 2016
  2. 2.  I did my internship with the coastal systems group at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. During my internship I was able to conduct research that I will use to write my senior thesis as well as participate in multiple field excursions which helped me to build a solid foundation of geologic field experience. Working on a team with accomplished scientists gave me important connections for future work in grad school and the on the job market. Jake Light Geology, 2017
  3. 3. Zahra Fatehi Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2019
  4. 4.  This summer I worked under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pathways Program conducting freshwater mussel propagation trials at the Richard Cronin Aquatic Resource Center. The experimental trials will be used to enhance culture procedures of endangered freshwater mussels in a laboratory facility. In this picture I am using a seine to collect common host fish Perch, Pumpkinseed, and Bass. Virginia Sowers Natural Resources Conservation, 2017
  5. 5.  During my time at the White Plains Hospital (WPH) I often worked in the NICU and gained much experience with neonatal patients at the very start of their lives. This photo was taken outside of the Labor and Delivery unit moments after I observed the first C-section that I had ever seen. I am truly thankful that I was given the opportunity to intern at WPH. There, I learned many lessons of value, but most importantly, I learned that I love working in the hospital setting. I cannot stress enough how helpful internships can be. Internships provide excellent and fun involvement, and can help you find your way. The only way to be certain that a path is right for you is to get out there and see for yourself! Victoria Lovallo Psychology, 2018
  6. 6.  Working as Admin for Five Star Building Corp is interesting and hard work. I worked on building permits, power point presentation, and assembled award packets for subcontractors. Since i bave told them i was a photographer at my part time job they let me go photograph their finished projects; Morill lab at Umass and new office for skin surgent (attached image of gypsum boards being delivered to Office building) . Tasya Ward Building & Construction Technology, 2017
  7. 7.  Maintaining the health of our pollinators (like honey bees, bumblebees, and others) is essential for our economic and agricultural systems. This summer, I worked with Dr. Lynn Adler of the UMass Biology Department to study how sunflowers and other plants affect disease transmission in bumblebees. The tent in this picture contained a colony of honeybees which would collect pollen from different flowers in the tent. Toby Shaya Biology, 2017
  8. 8.  My name is Tess Morningstar, I am a Sustainable Food and Farming major graduating in 2017. Currently for my summer internship I am working on a small-scale dairy goat farm in Thorndike, MA called Summer Hill farm. In my time there so far I have assisted in countless goat births, helped with general farm upkeep, done daily goat milking and made lots of fresh, raw goat cheeses with the milk. I hope to carry this hands-on experience with me through school for when I eventually manage my own sustainable goat herd post-graduation. My time on the farm has been extremely rewarding and I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend the summer working towards my degree while simultaneously doing something I love. The image attached is myself with one of the last (& smallest!) goat kids of the year. Teresa Morningstar Sustainable Food & Farming, 2017
  9. 9.  Having an internship with the New England Aquarium is an opportunity I never imagined I would get. For me, it really goes to show that you can achieve anything you put your mind to with the right amount of hard work. Not only has it helped me discover what I want to do in my career, it has also connected me to some amazing resources, people, and whales! Taylor Irwin Biology, 2018
  10. 10.  Antimicrobial discovery lab, Department of Biology at Northeastern University  This internship has been the best part of my summer. I have definitely learned a lot about research and careers in science and made some really great friends. This research experience has taught me many skills that I can use in future lab work and a great addition to my resume. An internship is a great way to learn new things, make new connections and definitely occupy you for a long break like summer! I had such a great time at Northeastern. Shakirah Ssebyala Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2019
  11. 11.  Climate Change Communications Intern with the National Park Service and George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication, Washington DC.  This internship has taught me ways in which to communicate scientific findings for people who do not have a science background and finding the most effective ways to reach out to them, get them thinking and to open the conversation on climate change. They also showed me the true experience of working with National Parks and how important they are in mitigating climate change. Everyone should do internships because it is a way to hone your interests and figure out what you like or don't like. Siti Mohd Environmental Science, 2016
  12. 12.  For the past two summers I have been lucky enough to find a position with USFWS where I can mix my two passions of Microbiology and Freshwater ecology, something I didn't think would be possible before! We work with breeding various species of freshwater mussels for reintroduction into the wild, and I believe present bacterial species may be a huge part of their key habitat. The image is of a day out with a fellow intern, Virginia, and Dr. Allison Roy where we used a seine net to capture host fish for mussel inoculation day! I am examining the net for smaller fish that may be stuck along it. Stephanie Gill US Fish and Wildlife Service Pathways position at the Richard Cronin Aquatic Resource Center Microbiology & Environmental Science, 2017
  13. 13.  University of Massachusetts Medical School - Program in Molecular Medicine  I thought I hated mice. But I guess not anymore. And the truth is, you never know what you like until you have a hands-on experience in the field. This research internship has truly broadened my horizon about the use of rodent surgery for metabolic studies, and further deepened my passion in becoming a research scientist. My best advice is: Step out of your comfort zone, do things you least expect, take risks, and you will be surprised about what you discover! Stephanie Choi Psychology & Molecular Biology, 2018
  14. 14.  This summer, my team and I developed iCons- style case study curriculum for high schools. We taught these in Chicopee High Schools, made improvements from this experience and other teachers' feedback, and published 4 case studies online. Additionally we developed a website guiding an individual student through a case study on his or her own. This experience was an incredible learning experience for me about working in teams, and about the educational system at large. Rebecca Howard iCons Program Environmental Science, 2019
  15. 15.  I spent 8 weeks at MGH conducting research in the orthopaedic oncology department but my project consisted of assessing differential survival outcomes for patients with renal cell carcinoma metastases to the spine and extremities. This internship made me more discipline and taught me the importance of networking. Throughout the summer, I have been able to make long lasting relationships with people that can impact my future significantly. Orett Burke Biology, 2017
  16. 16.  Biological Science Technology Intern working for the Fish and Wildlife Service  This internship has given me such a wide variety of experience working with wildlife and people. I was lucky enough to get my dream job as an internship, which will really help me when applying for jobs in the future. I would encourage other students to keep applying and working towards that internship they're really passionate about! I would also find someone who works in your desired company to mentor you in how to apply and what experiences to acquire, as that really helped me. Nicole Sheridan Animal Science, 2017
  17. 17.  Internship at Riverbend Animal Hospital  I loved my internship at Riverbend, the staff was beyond helpful and amazing! I learned so much and they provided me with answers to any questions I had in the veterinary field. One of the most caring veterinary teams I've seen! I'm sad the internship ended so soon. Nicole Healey Animal Science, 2017
  18. 18.  Westford Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center  I gained an incredible amount of experience in all departments during my internship, but especially in the emergency department. Working in the ER with all the staff I was able to see so many different and interesting cases as well as gain a vast amount of knowledge. This internship was so important to me because it resulted in me being hired at WVERC and making very important connections. Vanessa Sheehan Animal Science, 2018
  19. 19.  My internship was run through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge. I was a seabird field technician on Petit Manan Island. I lived on the island for 3 months without electricity or running water. I monitored the success of the breeding seasons of birds such as Atlantic Puffins, Common Terns, Arctic Terns, Common Eiders, and Black Guillemots. The island although small, at just 15 acres, supports over 1,500 birds for their breeding season. The data I helped collect will contribute to studies showing how climate change and overfishing are affecting seabird populations, which is very important as seabirds are an indicator of marine ecosystem health. Morgan O’Connor Natural Resources Conservation, 2017
  20. 20.  As an intern for Starlight Children's Foundation I worked alongside Starlight Captains to create a warm and welcoming environment where sick kids are able to express themselves and forget about the hospital environment in which they are in. This experience has taught me more about Psychology and working with children than any class I have taken. This internship helped me realize this is the carrier path I would like to take and it also helped me build relationships with people in the field. This internship changed my perspective on life and I am now a more grateful person because of it. Mary Gawron Psychology & Sociology, 2017
  21. 21.  Department of Biostatistics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health  My overall experience at Harvard was amazing! It was a little intimidating being around so many smart people, but the people I met there were inspiring and came from different background. I met awesome professors, students, learned so many new things, and got a whole new look on my potential and world. If you are interested in biostatistics, computational biology or epidemiology, consider applying to this program as soon as possible. I promise, you will not regret it! Maria Fernandes Mathematics & Statistics, 2017
  22. 22.  I worked with the nonprofit Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) on important environmental policy work on Cape Cod. I worked to lay the groundwork for a Cape Cod Stormwater Collaborative between the 15 towns on Cape Cod to facilitate cooperation and resource sharing for sustainable stormwater management. I also researched and developed a database of adaptation strategies that Cape Cod could implement to be resilient against the effects of climate change, including sea level rise, coastal erosion, storm surges, and groundwater inundation. This internship experience has helped me gain real- world experience in environmental policy and planning for future environmental threats while enabling me to develop my interpersonal and networking skills. I think its important for students interested in sustainability and the environment to intern with local nonprofits to gain an understanding of the importance of local action and community engagement. Think globally, act locally. Matthew White Natural Resources Conservation, 2016
  23. 23.  This internship with MassDOT has given me experience in three different departments, Environmental being closely connected with my major. They have given me this fantastic opportunity to work there for three years and now when I graduate, my bosses would like to see me work for them as a full-time employee! Morgan Arsenault Natural Resources Conservation, 2017
  24. 24.  Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin  This internship helped me solidify my French and showed me what it was like working in a different culture. Loic Penninck Psychology, 2017
  25. 25.  Parker River Refuge through the United States Fish and Wildlife Service  Everyday I wake up for my internship and am truly excited. I am outside and active eight hours a day and am performing work I feel is important. Through fish surveys and invasive species control, through seagulls and tidepool creatures, through the marsh I have learned what it means to truly enjoy one's job. The picture attached represents the culmination of a summer's worth of treating the invasive species pepperweed. Lauren Healey Biology & Vegetated Roof Management, 2019
  26. 26.  I spent my summer interning at the Suffolk County House of Correction. I worked in the Financial Services Department for most of the summer, but I was also given the opportunity to shadow the mental health care workers in the Medical Department. The real-world experiences I had this summer allowed me to gain the type of knowledge you just cannot get from sitting in a classroom. Here, I am pictured with the assistant superintendent (left) and superintendent (right) of the facility. Lauren Harnedy Psychology, 2019
  27. 27. Natural Resource Conservation, 2017 Lauren Gramberg I spent my summer educating visitors about the wildlife, natural history, and conservation of the Oregon High Desert. I had the opportunity to handle live animals (such as birds of prey, porcupines, and badgers) while educating visitors about how they, as part of the community, can help preserve this animal's presence in the ecosystem.
  28. 28.  KPMG BPG software development regulatory SGI  The knowledge I can take away from my internship will be helpful throughout my entire career. I was able to prove my abilities and was given many opportunities to work on the stuff I actually wanted to. Kevin Hall Computer Science, 2019
  29. 29. Mathematics & Civil Engineering, 2018 Katelyn Evans
  30. 30.  The name of the company I am interning at is called Safe Harbor Environmental Services where I am an environmental consultant. Basically, when people in my surrounding area want to perform some kind of construction on their property, but are near a fragile ecosystem like a coastal bank, or a wetland, they cannot start their construction until the towns conservation department signs off that all of the necessary precautions to protect the ecosystem are in place. So our company installs special silt fencing that will stop construction run off, or plant native species to help stabilize the bank, etc, whatever the case.   This picture attached is myself on the right in the hat, creating a bio-log that consists of bio degradable jute netting that is filled with straw. This bio log is put in place around the limit of work before construction begins that will prevent run off and help stabilize the surrounding area. This is a small example of what I've been doing this summer. Keegan Burke Natural Resources Conservation, 2017
  31. 31.  My internship is in Danbury, CT with Danbury Dental Group. Interning here has been amazing. Not only to I get first hand expire nice learning how to do dental procedures but I also get to learn from the office manager how to run my own dental office one day. This internship is making my passion for dentistry grow everyday and I'm looking forward to dental school. For other students interested in dental school, ask your dentist is you can shadow for a bit! It'll show you what you're in for and you'll see if you truly love it. Jennifer Velasquez Biology, 2017
  32. 32.  Assistant to Dr. Mike Stewart, DVM, equine veterinarian.  Featured in the photo is Joe DiStefano, on the left, myself in the middle, Dr. Mike Stewart on the right, and a horse called Just Like Lloyd, sporting the cooler he won for coming in first place in a race.  In my internship with Dr. Stewart, I had come to really like this horse. He is the under dog in the barn, as Joe and his father, the owner, John, had taken to calling this horse "Turtle" because he is so slow! Therefore, I was thrilled to hear that Joe had driven him to victory and acquired this blanket as a prize.  It is important to have internships like mine not only to gain experience in the field you want to work in, but also to have fun doing what you love, which is why I share the story behind this picture with you. Jessica Peterson Animal Science, Pre-Vet, 2017
  33. 33.  My experience puts what I have obtained throughout my courses at UMass into the real world as a municipal planning intern. I am constantly putting theory and past knowledge into practice by contributing to the design of new development in my very own Town Hall of Hanover, Massachusetts. I truly feel this internship has made me confident about my major at UMass Amherst and the future that will unfold with this potential career. A word of advice? Search, research, and experience whatever you plan to conquer in the world, but never let your aspirations settle...ever. Because nobody truly knows what they want until they realize they've found exactly where and what they have always wanted to be. Julia Murphy Environmental Design, Sustainability, 2019
  34. 34.  Intern at Cronin Aquatic Resource Center, Fish and Wildlife lab  Working with endangered Dwarf Wedge Mussels here at Cronin has taught me so much about the field of fisheries and conservation. I've learned what working in a government lab looks like and the opportunities given to me at this internship have helped me learn that I really want to have a career doing fisheries work. Jadziah Hannon-Moonstone Environmental Science, 2019
  35. 35. { Microbiology & Public Health Science, 2017 Internship site/Dep: Medtronic, Medical Affairs Summary: This summer I am working as a Healthcare-Associated Infection Prevention intern at one of the worlds most competitive medical device companies. I am helping to educate members of the company and customers about healthcare-associated infection, how to can prevent it with our products, and how to encourage an infection- vigilant culture. This internship has given me the experience of science and health education, promoting infection control, and working in a business setting. It is rare for college students to get experience in this aspect of infection control and has been very enlightening. Autumn Gertz
  36. 36. { Mathematics, 2018 Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Air-Sea Interaction Lab Working as an intern at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography was an incredible learning experience, in which I applied mathematics to physical oceanographic research. I had the opportunity to contribute within a professional work environment, while shadowing a pioneer in the oceanographic community (Ken Melville). I will always remember the summer I spent studying waves in La Jolla, California- it was truly a life changing experience. Athena Higgins
  37. 37. { Biology and Psychology- Neuroscience, 2019 Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston MA Department: Molecular Pharmacology I conducted research in the molecular pharmacology lab over the course of the summer, mostly focusing on developing an effective protocol for the extraction and analysis of histone proteins from cells. This internship was a really great experience for me, as I came into it with virtually zero lab experience and am now quite comfortable with a number of lab techniques, including growing and maintaining various cell lines and running protein gels. Allison Holt
  38. 38.  Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2019  I have been interning at University of Massachusetts Medical School where I have been using X-ray crystallography, protein purification, and protein expression to study the Dengue Fever protease. This internship has given me a significant amount of confidence in my ability to conduct independent research which will benefit me throughout my independent study this coming year. Moreover, there is a possibility that I may get published which will be extremely beneficial for me when I apply to graduate schools. Aria Jordan
  39. 39.  Internship site & Department: Joslin Diabetes Center Internship at Harvard Medical School  Summary of Experience: I took part in/conducted diabetes research that determined the effect of inflammatory cytokines in fat tissue to produce a serum that could potentially cure Type II Diabetes. Along with conducting research, I had weekly didactic discussion sections, met with diabetic specialists, and presented my work at the Joslin Diabetes Conference. Internships give you the opportunity to avail the information you learn in your classes and create ideas and projects that can benefit the people and society we envelop. Internships truly show you that it is possible to be that change this world always hopes for. Aishwarya Nambiar Psychology & Neuroscience, 2017
  40. 40.  Internship site: Schepens Eye Research Institute, Department of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School  Experience: I had an incredible learning experience working with research professionals. An internship is extremely important since it really helps you get a glimpse of how things work in your own field and see if that is something you would like to do later on in life. It teaches you things that you really don't learn in a lecture setting. Anuradha Sahu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Public Health, 2018
  41. 41. { Internship- site and department: Clinical Research Intern with the Rheumatology Department at Brigham and Women's Hospital (Section of Clinical Sciences) Summary of experience: This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Brigham and Women’s Hospital with the 5th best rheumatology department in the nation. My role as a clinical research intern allowed me to build relationships with patients while conducting clinical research visits, to shadow physicians in clinic, and to learn firsthand everything rheumatology entails. All of my experiences working in the hospital this summer have taught me an exorbitant amount that I will carry with me in my future medical endeavors. Surrounded daily by incredibly intellectual doctors and research assistants, I could not have asked for greater mentors, who continue to feed my passion for the medical world and who constantly push me to always be the best I can be. To my fellow undergrads, take these years to expose yourself to as many diverse experiences as you can, discovering what you both hate and love, and ultimately giving you the confidence to know what it is you wish to devote the rest of your life to doing. Angela Zhang Biology, 2018
  42. 42.  Internship/coop: Camp Wahnee Infirmary as an Emergency Medical Technician.  The only way to make sure you are studying the right field is to immerse yourself in it. After this experience I am positive I want to attend PA school. Working alongside 4 nurses and a doctor gave me medical experience and knowledge I will take with me for the rest of my life. My advice to other students is to stop making excuses for yourself and get up, go out , and just do it. Brianna McQuaid Microbiology, 2017
  43. 43.  Company: Masswildlife Division of Fisheries and Wildlife  Experience: This summer I worked for Masswildlife as a seasonal fisheries technician, helping to conduct fish surveys on ponds and lakes throughout the state. We used an electrofishing boat to collect fish, taking their lengths and weights before releasing them back into the water. Additionally, I entered historical pond and lake files into a database and partially created pond maps using ArcGIS.  My advice: Don't stop applying to opportunities, even if you don't think you're fully qualified. I almost gave up and now I have experience working with a state agency in my field of study. Caley Earls Natural Resources Conservation, 2018
  44. 44.  Big Island, Hawaii  This past year, I was struggling in finding out what I really wanted to do in four years when I graduate. Helping to teach teenagers about science this past summer, and seeing the curiosity in their eyes and see them having the time of their life doing so made me overjoyed. I have really come to realize that being a science teacher is what I would love to be doing for the rest of my life. Chrystal Zajchowski Astronomy, 2019 Science Camps of America- Counselor in Training
  45. 45. { I have been working and doing an internship at Fern Hill Farm in Naples, Maine. They are a bed and breakfast as well as a goat dairy farm. They sell milk and cheese to restaurants in the area. They have chickens so we get lots of great colorful eggs. It's great to work on a small farm doing something you love. Ruminants are such kind and gentle animals. I am learning how to milk goats, take care of them, process their milk, cut hay, rake, and bale. It can be hot backbreaking work but when you see how much you've accomplished and how productive the farm is running there is a real sense of pride and happiness! Christian Johnson Sustainable Food & Farming, 2018
  46. 46. { In this internship we brought our student driven, case study focused, college program to the high school level. We taught for two weeks in Chicopee and then created an online resources for students and teachers. This internship has allowed me to be a more confident and curious person. This photo shows us, the interns, showing off our dedication with (temporary) iCons tattoos. Corinne Losch Biology, 2019
  47. 47. { Environmental Science, 2018 Connor Van Dyke
  48. 48. { Internship: Massachusetts State House under Representative Paul McMurtry Interning at The Massachusetts State House this summer was one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. Witnessing first hand, some of the most powerful individuals in the Commonwealth actively work to better the lives of everyone in the state was truly inspiring. I was able to view history in the making through the passing of various civil rights bills, I gained an invaluable insight how our government is run, I was able to make an impact myself by volunteering with seniors and the homeless, and was even able to lead an environmental initiative to get 500 trees planted in my district. I can say with certainty that this internship has inspired me to vigorously pursue the changes I want to see in this world. Dugan Becker Natural Resources Conservation, 2019
  49. 49. { Astronomy & Geology, 2017 Internship: Five College Astronomy Department Summer Internship Location: University of Massachusetts Amherst Analyzed data from the Planck Space Telescope to locate candidate gravitationally lensed, high redshift, sub-millimeter galaxies. Deriving gas and star formation rates will lead to new insight into the formation of massive galaxies in the early universe. This research is the topic of my senior thesis and will have a huge impact on my chances to gain acceptance to a competitive post graduate Ph.D program. My advice to other undergraduates is this: If you desire to go to graduate school, knock on lots of doors and take any advantage of any research opportunities/interests that are made available to you. Derek Berman
  50. 50. { Natural Resources Conservation, 2017 Dylan Ferreira
  51. 51. { Neighborhood Health Plan / Actuarial & Underwriting Department This was a tremendous, learning experience for me. Interning at NHP gave me valuable skills and knowledge that I can't learn from a classroom and because of that I feel internships are extremely important. They give you an idea as to what you will be doing the rest of your life as well as building a foundation to be better prepared to succeed after you graduate. Derek Grubis Mathematics, 2018
  52. 52. { This summer, I spent 11 weeks working in the iCons department with three other iCons students (Corrine Losch, Rebecca Howard, and recent graduate Erica Light) on developing iCons case studies for high school students. We developed and taught two case studies the Chicopee Public Schools for two weeks, and then took the feedback from that experience to edit those case studies, create two more and develop a case study that could be done by a student outside the classroom. I've immensely enjoyed this experience, and I have learned how to be a more curious learner and how to encourage that in others. This picture is of my team as we pose with iCons temporary tattoos in the ISB. Dominique Carey Mathematics & Chemistry, 2019
  53. 53. { Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Psychology, 2018 Internship site: Center for Autism Research Excellence (CARE) at Boston University, Department of Psychology Throughout my summer at CARE, I learned all about scoring and transcribing behavioral assessments from participants ages 5 to 17. I was even able to help run a MRI scan, an experience that I never even imagined I would partake in as an undergraduate student. My advice is to apply for anything that interests you, especially as an undergraduate student, because experience is necessary to not only give you hands on experience, but to help you figure out what you actually want to do after graduation. I gained essential knowledge and connections that I know will benefit me as I strive for medical school. Danielle Mayblyum
  54. 54.  - Major: Biology  - Year of Graduation: May 2017  - Internship site & department: Giner, Inc.; Research and Development  - Summary: I obtained this internship position through the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) Internship Challenge. This 12 week experience was very enjoyable and extremely rewarding. I learned so much and made excellent professional connections, and I can now say with confidence that I want to pursue a career in the biotech industry.   If I could suggest anything to someone searching for an internship, I would tell them to apply to the MLSC Internship Challenge! I applied to over 20 different companies without luck, but received two offers within a week from MLSC. It's an excellent program. Danielle Snider Kaitlin Vautour Major: Microbiology Grad: Class of 2016 Department: Giner research and Development Summary: I received my internship position as a fellow researcher at Giner, Inc. because of my undergrad work in Doctor Kelly Nevin's laboratory focusing on Geobacter species at Umass. This experience has allowed me to use my previously obtained skill set but also build upon it. I know now that I want to continue my research career path in the Biotech industry! Hamzah Dweik Major: Chemical Engineering Grad: Class of 2018 Department: Giner research and Development Summary: Spending 10 weeks interning at an Giner, I found myself in an extremely welcoming environment where I was given the opportunity to engage and work hand in hand with professionals. Having an internship has provided me with the proper resources to help achieve my career goals while providing an infrastructure that can translate to evident success in my future. Eli Davis Major: Communication Year of grad: 2017 Department: Giner Marketing Summary: Working at Giner has been an important addition to my education because I have the opportunity to apply my skills in a professional environment. While taking notes in a lecture hall is informative, nothing has prepared me more for my job search than spending time gaining experience in my field.
  55. 55. { Fidelity - Boston, MA Meeting other peers from across the country with differrnt backgrounds really changes your perspective of the working world. I had little interest and background in corporate finance prior to my internship with Fidelity under the Equity Trading Engineering department, but working so closely with professionals allowed their passion to trickle down to me. I've personally developed a newfound interest in data science and financial technology. Always keep an open mind and you'll discover new passions. Diane Tam Computer Science & Mathematics, 2018
  56. 56. { Mathematics, 2017 Internship at National Grid in the Account Development Department Having an internship at a utility has opened my eyes to the business that goes on behind the scenes to make our lives easier. I've enjoyed working for National Grid and it has given me the opportunity to have a taste of what working in an office is like, while also getting experience out in the field too. Internships are important to have because it gives you an opportunity to network, it gets your foot in the door at the company, and gives you the experience that many companies look for when hiring graduating students. Erin Doherty
  57. 57.  - Rapid MicroBioSystems, Research & Development  - While at Rapid Micro I have been working in the laboratory. I have been conducting experiments to improve the company's Growth Direct system which can detect microbial growth sooner and more accurately than the human eye. In addition, I've been trained in handling biohazardous materials and waste. Emily Dykstra Microbiology and Pre-Med, 2018
  58. 58. { This summer I interned at the New England Aquarium as a penguin colony intern. This internship was a really amazing opportunity to learn more about penguins, animal husbandry and what it is like to work in an aquarium setting. Each day I assisted in food prep, feedings, helped to keep the exhibit clean and also gave presentations to the public educating them on penguins and conservation. This internship will help me because I will be able to take skills I learned here and be able to apply them to any sort of job I may have in the future that works with animals. I would highly recommend an internship to other students to give them necessary experience in their preferred field and also to help them learn if their major is the right choice for them. Elizabeth Hynes-Bruell Animal Sciences, 2019
  59. 59. { Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2017 Pfizer Drug Safety Research and Development Investigative Toxicology This summer I worked for the investigative toxicology department on developing a 3D skin model for use in drug toxicity testing. This experience allowed me to explore the pharmaceutical industry, network with a team of intelligent and interesting people, and spend the summer doing what I love. I would highly recommend pursuing an experience like this if given the chance. Emmet Karner
  60. 60. { Microbiology, 2017 Internship Site: Rapid Micro Biosystems, Lowell MA Internship Department: Microbiology Applications Summary of Experience: The best part about my internship was talking to my coworkers about the jobs they have had in the past and why they liked/ disliked them. From this information I was also able to see which jobs I am qualified for and might enjoy. Some of the jobs my coworkers have had in the past I had never heard of or would never have thought I could apply to if I hadn't talked to them. Having an internship has helped me plan my future and feel more confident in the job positions I will be applying to next year. Erin MacIsaac
  61. 61. { Animal Science, 2018 Internship: Tufts Wildlife Clinic, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Summary: During my summer here at Tufts Wildlife Clinic, I gained an invaluable and unique wildlife experience that has led to my growth and learning as an aspiring veterinarian. This opportunity has redefined my confidence and has greatly inspired me to work that much harder to achieve my dreams. Elizabeth Tran
  62. 62.  The Door, Membership Services/Intake Counselor  The Door is an organization that helps disconnected youth reach their potential by offering youth development services that they would otherwise have access to. Many of these young people are homeless and have been through hardships that are unimaginable. As an intake counselor, I am the first person many of these young people have opened up to regarding their troubled lifestyle. The most important thing I've learned is to sit back and listen to these young people without preconditioned judgmental attitudes. Ellen Yang Biology, 2017
  63. 63. { Software Intern at NuoDB in Cambridge, MA Engineering Department I gained a lot of experience in the computer science field and also learned a tremendous amount, during this internship. Living in Boston on my own for the summer and working everyday helped me grow as an adult. I would recommend to get as many internships under your belt during the summer as an undergrad because they help your resume and usually pay well to not have to worry about a job during the school year. Fedor Arkhipov Mathematics, 2018
  64. 64. { The photo was taken in front of the building I did my internship in. I am doing an internship in the Biotechnology & Food Engineering department at the Technion, Israel’s school of Technology, in Haifa, Israel. The internship was two months long and it involved me doing research with a PhD student. We did many experiments on how cooking with and without fructose effects cricket flour proteins. This research is important because products made with cricket flour are growing in the food industry. The experience was important for me because I learned how to use new pieces of equipment when I was running samples. Having an internship abroad will also set me apart when I start looking for jobs. Gayle Raften Food Science, 2016
  65. 65. { Internship site: Merck in Boston, MA Summary: This summer I interned in Merck's early discovery oncology department. Thanks to this internship I have gained a tremendous amount of new knowledge, connected with professionals within the pharmaceutical industry, and developed a clearer sense of my academic and career paths. Grace Stroman Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2018
  66. 66. { Sun Life Financial, Actuarial Intern, Group Valuation Team That is me all the way on the right. My summer at Sun Life has exceeded my expectations of what my first Actuarial Internship would be. I have learned so much including more than just technical skills. I learned more valuable skills including how to become a great leader and how to communicate with co- workers and upper management on a professional level. If I had some advice for other students who are looking for internships, I would tell them not to stress over picking the perfect internship because any experience is good experience. Hunter Beck Mathematics, Actuarial Science & Economics, 2017
  67. 67. Natural Resource Conservation and Plant, Soil, and Insect Science, 2018  Wildlife Intern for Massachusetts Audubon Society at the Allen's Pond Wildlife Sanctuary Location in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts  My internship experience was absolutely incredible and eye opening. This opportunity has definitely guided me into the field of wildlife research and has given me the hands on experience I needed in order to be confident in my own skills, even though I don't look all that confident in this picture. We were banding ospreys along the Westport River and my hands were too small to grasp the entire girth of the bird! I would recommend that every student should get an internship in their field just to get a taste of it and ensure that you love it, because I sure do. Holly Giard
  68. 68. { Biochemistry and Mathematics, 2017 Internship/Department: Epic Systems, Software Developer Internship in R&D Experience: This summer I worked as a software developer in Epic Systems. The project I am involved is to develop a web application that implements Single Sign On (SSO), a process that allows users to only have one credential to access multiple web applications. Moreover, I was designing the website along learning all the web development languages. From this internship I found that I really like programming. Huijing (Lavender) Yu
  69. 69. { Biochemsistry, 2018 Currently, I am working in the Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology department at UMass Medical school as an undergrad intern. A couple other students and I have worked as a team to go through all parts of the process of conducting an independent research. The process includes generating a question and a hypothesis through reading primary literature, carrying out the experiment, and analyzing all the data using bioinformatics. This valuable internship experience prepares me well for thinking and working both independently and as a group. It gives me the skills and confidence to further pursue independent research as a future scientist. Jiexian Huang
  70. 70. { Food science spring 2018 - Internship/co-op site & department Santi sabastiano e Valentino bakery I worked at a bakery in Rome. I learned the process of making baked goods. I am a food science major so I will be able to apply this to my major. Jennifer Jacobowitz
  71. 71. { I thought I would submit a photo from a very modern perspective illustrating the truth behind a 9-5 job. Waters Corporation Milford MA, Research and Development Waters is a company in liquid and gas chromatography. I designed a system to inject large volume mobile phases onto column without dilution by the running phase. This experience was helpful to me because it game me just that, experience. I learned that chromatography is not an interest of mine but that research is. I also now have a published paper and a patent pending in my name. For future students, I would highly recommend an internship in the private sector. It offers the same research opportunity as an REU program and pays better too. Jordan Kornfeld Physics, 2017
  72. 72. { Chemistry & Mathematics, 2017 This summer I am participating in a material science research program at the University of California Merced called AiMM (Applications in Modern Materials). I am doing computational quantum chemistry with Professor Isborn researching organic electo-optic chromophores. I am specifically computing the hyperpolarizabilities of single and dimer chromophores to better understand their electronic properties. I have attached a picture of myself doing research (yes it's all on a computer :) ) and at UCMerced. Jessica Maat