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Презентация продукта Opera Mediaworks Russia
Глен Друри
18 июля 2013 года

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Opera Mediaworks Russia_Glen Drury

  1. 1. Opera Mediaworks Brands 2
  2. 2. Opera Mediaworks Ad placements 3
  3. 3. Smart text link • Image with text • Call to action/campaigns Dual feature box • 2 images • Above the fold • Brand building Opera Smart Page Real-time Promotion, with Hyper-targeting
  4. 4. X-LARGE 320x50. Up to 30 KB recommended LARGE 300x50. Up to 30 KB recommended MEDIUM 216x36. Up to 15 KB recommended SMALL 168x28. Up to 10 KB recommended X-SMALL 120x20. Up to 5 KB recommended FORMATS Static PNG or JPEG/Animated GIF Standard Banners
  5. 5. DESCRIPTION Present larger creative, more sophisticated messaging, greater impact. SPECS COLLAPSED Static PNG or JPEG/Animated GIF 300x50px or retina-density dimensions of 600x100px. 30kb recommended (120kB for retina). EXPANDED JPEG or PNG 300x300 (600x600 for retina). Up to 50kb recommended (200kB for Retina). Up to 3 touch points. COLLAPSED EXPANDED Expandibles
  6. 6. DESCRIPTION Grab attention with a breakout that exceeds the collapsed boundaries of your ad. SPECS HTML5. Breakout, Collapsed and Expanded aspects are required Up to 1MB in total recommended. Break-outs
  7. 7. DESCRIPTION Draw attention to the collapsed banner. SPECS Static JPEG/PNG 300x50px or animated HTML5 (recommended). Typically used in conjunction with an expanded HTML5 ad unit. Glow
  8. 8. DESCRIPTION A ‘bitesize’ echo of the banner ad remains on the screen at all times, even after scrolling. Tap the echo to launch rich media ad SPECS Static PNG/JPEG 40x40px. Retina- density 80x80px (recommended). Echo max filesize 50kB. Typically used in conjunction with an expanded rich-media HTML5 ad unit. Echo
  9. 9. DESCRIPTION Audio plays in banner. Can be user- initiated, or auto-play. Audio controls available. Banner can expand, or remain at standard collapsed dimensions. SPECS HTML5. Audio snippet no more than 20 seconds. Banner size 320x50px or 300x50px Audio Sting
  10. 10. DESCRIPTION Audio auto-plays. Creative fades in/out. SPECS HTML5. Audio four seconds max. Interstitial PNG/JPEG, 320x480px recommended. Other sizes can be accommodated. Retina-density images are acceptable. Audio Interstitial
  11. 11. DESCRIPTION Increase brand awareness, increase clicks. An enlarged asset, such as the brand logo, ‘dives’ into the banner. Attention is drawn to the creative. SPECS HTML5. Banner assets supplied separately, max 30kB per asset. Retina-density images are recommended. Banner size 300x50px or 320x50px. Typically used in conjunction with an expanded rich-media HTML5 ad unit. Dive in
  12. 12. DESCRIPTION Built-in gyroscope feature. Objects move with gravity, or are otherwise affected by the user’s gestures. SPECS HTML5. Banner 300x50px or 320x50px. Movable assets for the collapsed banner to be supplied as separate PNG. Retina-density images are acceptable. Typically used in conjunction with an expanded rich-media HTML5 ad unit. Gyro
  13. 13. DESCRIPTION Point to any address and inform the user how nearby they are. Accurate to within ten metres. SPECS Location(s) must be supplied as latitude/longitude. Locate can also be implemented within the expanded creative. Typically used in conjunction with an expanded rich-media HTML5 ad unit. Locate
  14. 14. Region Reach Impressions CIS Russia 25,000,000 700 M Ukraine 7,500,000 243 M Poland 1,500,000 40 M Uzbekistan 3,000,000 90 M Belarus 2,000,000 85 M Western Europe UK 2,000,000 110 M Germany 600,000 7 M South East Asia Indonesia 30,000,000 550 M Thailand 1,000,000 20 M Malaysia 2,000,000 50 M Vietnam 7,500,000 157 M Philippines 2,500,000 41 M Indian Sub-continent India 35,000,000 1 B Pakistan 3,500,000 115 M Bangladesh 4,500,000 110 M Global Reach
  15. 15. The World’s Leading Mobile Advertising Platform