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Maid&reading july


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The perfect start to your photographic journey. Join a small group of photography lovers in Maidenhead or Reading. We have a course that suits you. From some basic theory,
explaining how to control of your camera, we then get creative, exploring composition and narrative, starting to develop a photographer’s eye. 3 hrs. workshops "Digital Photography for Everyone".

Learn photographic terminology, which will give meaning to terms such as shutter speed, aperture, white balance, depth of field, focal length and more in our evening courses.
5 weeks x 2 hrs. "Digital Photography for D-SLR Beginners". Or improve your photographic skills with "Camera Techniques" course which includes histogram, colour management, HDR,
compensating exposute, Built-in-flash, gun flash, bracketing and Files formats.

The "Photographic Project" course will help you to understand the creative process.
Sometimes Ideas come by accident, without any premeditation. The work is not always
consciously created. This course aims to encourage you to trust your creative instincts and teach you how to engage with the creative process of making powerful imagery. 5 weeks x 2 hrs. If the course you are interested in is not at a suitable time for you, the "One-To-One" option offers an alternative. Please contact us for details and we will match you with a tutor
appropriate to your needs.

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