AIESEC in Ethiopia Annual Report


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AIESEC in Ethiopia Annual Report of Impact and achievements 2011-2012

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AIESEC in Ethiopia Annual Report

  2. 2. Table of Content Page Table of Content 2 Letter from Expansion Team 3 About AIESEC 4 AIESEC in Ethiopia 5 Experience AIESEC 6 Performance Report: Leadership Development 7-8 Our impact: Gobal Community Development 9 Programme 10 Our Impact: International Placement 11 Our impact: Outgoing Internship Programme 12 Our Events in Universities 13 Our Partners 14 Our Financial Report 15 AFROXLDS 2013 16 References 17 AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  3. 3. LETTER FROM THE EXPANSION TEAM“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”We have started our term in July 2011 with thisquote, completely anaware of what could havehappened all along the year but strong of ourbelieve: AIESEC would have been a successfulland impactful organization in Ethiopia.We have come from 4 different countries toestablish the National Office of the world largeststudent run organization to offer new opportunitesto Ethiopian youth to become globally mindedpositive change agents for their society.In one year we have brought AIESEC in Ethiopia to be the driver of growth of AIESEC in Africa, attracting morethen 50 international studetns to volunteer here but also sending the best talents to represent their Country ininternational Conferences. We have supported universities to develop international relations and offering to theirstudetns international internship abroad.We have been dreamer, hard worker and achievers thanks to the hundreds of Ethiopian youth who haveaccepted the challenge to make AIESEC a reality for their Country.We thanks all the organizations, universities and individuals who have always supported us, as well as all the oneswho have challenged our work. Thanks to them AIESEC is now legal, sustainable and driver of growth for youthand for the Country.Elena Gaffurini, Elisa Valenti, Alena Prokesova, Samson TingbaniExpansion Team 2011-2012 AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  4. 4. ABOUT AIESECGlobal, non political, independent, no-profit since 1948, AIESEC is the world’s largeststudent-run organization and it does not discriminate on the basys of colur, gender, sexualorientation, creed, religion, nationality, ethnicity or social origin.AIESEC aims at engaging and developing young people for them to explore and developtheir leadership potential in order to create positive change agents for the society, byofferring opportunities of team work and competency development, internationalinternship and a global learning environment. AIESEC in Numbers: 110 Countries and territoriesOUR vision: 60.000 MembersPeace and Fulfilment of humankind Potential 25.000 Leadership experiences 20.000 International ExperiencesOUR values:Striving for excellence 4000 PartnersActivating LeadershipDemonstrating integrity 2100 UniversitiesActing SustainablyLiving Diversity 470 ConferencesEnjoy Participation AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  5. 5. ABOUT AIESEC IN ETHIOPIAOUR MEMBERSHIPAIESEC members are selected through a rigorous process, with a ratio of 1 out of 10. Thecandidates are evaluated on the basis of a Global Competency Model internationallyapplied to guarantee the same quality standard of individuals. This Model of evaluationassesses five main competencies which are:- Entrepreneurial Outlook- Proactive Learning- Emotional intelligence- Social Responsibility- Global Mindset OUR NUMBERS 110 members 43 International volunteers in Ethiopia 6 Ethiopian volunteering abroad 8 Professional experiences to international students in Ethiopia 4 Professional experiences to Ethiopian students abroad 37 Leadership experiencesOUR REACH• Addis Ababa University• AAiT - Addis Ababa institute of Technology• EiABC - Ethiopian institute Architecture, Building Construction, City Development• Unity University AIESEC in Ethiopia Managers and Consultant at AFROXLDS 2012 | Mozambique• Haramaya University AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  6. 6. EXPERIENCE AIESECEngagement with AIESECIn this phase, young people are introduced to the world of AIESECthrough different engagement channels. They will earn about theWHY, HOW and WHAT of AIESEC and it will empower them to pickthe path to kick start their AIESEC Experience.Experiential Leadership DevelopmentIn this phase, a young person accesses AIESEC’s value-based platformthrough one of its Experiential Leadership Development programmes: Global Global Internship Team Member Team Leader Community Programme programme Programme Programme AIESEC Global By working directly internship contribute Experience leading with communities to youth professional Opportunity to have other people and abroad and and personal a practical team guiding them in their contributing to social development by experience, gaining world. This becomes topics through providing the access to a global a crucial part of your projects, youth gain opportunity to work network and egnage personal and personal abroad and bring in practical hard skills professional development and value to the development development cross-cultural organisation they understand work forLife Long ConnectionA life long connection will ensure positive change throughout an AIESEC members life. In this way, AIESECpresents each of its alumni a platform for continuous growth, enabling them to make a constant positive impacton society. AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  7. 7. PERFORMANCE REPORT: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Team Member Programme It is one of the most crucial ways in which young person can start his/her path towards leadership development. In this phase, young person will be introduced to a practical team experience, gain access to a global network and engage in practical hard skills development. Team Leader Programme This experience will culminate in young person’s personal and professional development through the concept of teambuilding and management. Young person will get to experience leading other members and guiding them in their work, thus becoming a crucial part of their development. Team Members and University Team leader experiences delivered Team Leaders 20 5% participants 33 Unity150 female University 15 16% 15% AAiT100 10 +847% male EiABC50 5 6 24% 40% AAU 0 0 08-09 09-10 10-11 11-12 08-09 09-10 10-11 11-12 Haramaya University AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  8. 8. PERFORMANCE REPORT: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTLEAD Program: Learn Engage Activate DeliverLEAD is AIESEC’s Global Leaership Development Programme created inpartnership with UK-based consultancy Future Considerations. TheLEAD Programme is intended to provide tailored learning activities foryoung people who are experiencing leadership roles in AIESEC in orderto strenghten their skills, and support their competency development.The aim is to empower our youth members to become strong leaderswho are globally minded and locally impactful.Our Activities:• Leadership Day, Dacember 2011• The ICONIC: Leadership Development Seminar, Feb 2012 – Akaki Campus• Train the Leaders Days, May and June 2012 “Joining AIESEC in Ethiopia has been one of the greatest things that happened to me. I became a team member in a project working on health improvement for a few months then I took a leadership role as the President of AIESEC in Addis Ababa University where I have the opportunity to lead a team and an entity to greatness. The experience I have attained in this short time in AIESEC has developed me more than years of school lesson. I am more confident and interactive, I am more conscious of my society and the global environment, I met amazing and inspiring young people, I became part of an international network of young professionals working for common good. “ AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  9. 9. OUR IMPACT: GLOBAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME ORGANISATIONS INVOLVEDInternational internships are the most intense learning public schoolsexperience we offer and links together our global network.This programme encompasses cross-cultural positive impactthrough working abroad for social and community private schoolsdevelopment projects that lead to self development and skillenhancement for the member undertaking the programme. informal schoolsOPPORTUNITIES FOR NGOS AND SCHOOLSGlobal Community Development Programme hosts and womenpartners are organisations which aim to create or support empowermentdirect positive impact in communities through their centreactivities, initiatives, or projects. With these organisations, weco-create opportunities for young people to develop COUNTRY OF ORIGIN of VOLUNTEERSthemselves while providing direct positive impact on the 12society. We bring international volunteers can work in thefield of language and subject teaching, cultural 10promotion, project management, healthcare, HIV/AIDS 8prevention, entrepreneurship,… 6CSR OPPORTUNITY FOR COMPANIES 4Through this programme AIESEC offers organisations theopportunity to invest in youth led project aiming at positively 2impact the society. 0 Female Male AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  10. 10. OUR IMPACT:GLOBAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMWOMEN EMPOWERMENTEmpower and train women to better market their localproduction, support children education and strenghten their familyconditionsIMPACT: 100 women in diverse centre in the city+ 1500% revenue generated through selling of their products with AIESECsupport 20 international volunteering experiencesADDIS WITHOUT BORDERSImprove English Speaking and writing level of public school teachers inEthiopia to increase the quality of teaching in public schools giving toscholars better access to high school, universities, job. ENTREPRENOWIMPACT: Develop Entrepreneurial mindset I youth to empower them to feel 15.000 children in Addis Ababa self-confident enough to star tup their own activitiy. 15 International Volunteering Experiences Spread the concept of social entrepreneurship and motivate youth to look at business as a usefull actvity for the society IMPACT: 120 University students trained by 5 international trainers 32 entrepreneurial idea submitted 1 Scholarship for MBA in Tanzaga College Nairobi 3 entrepreneurial plans accessed social investment platform SWITCH Offer IT and English Education to unemployed youth of Addis Ababa to give them better job opportunities IMPACT: 2 international volunteering experiences 200 unemployed youth of Addis Ababa certified AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  11. 11. IMPACT REPORT: Robin deBaar, 25 Master in INTERNATIONAL PLACEMENT Management The Netherkands 6 months businessAIESEC offers flexible and customized programs to provide plantalent that fits with organization’s culture and processes. By developmentparticipating in the Global Internship Program organisations internship;enrich their work force with globally minded young Soiil&More, Addisprofessionals who are interested in making a difference. “My job here as thought me aOur Global Internship Programme partners are organisations lot, especially in term of attitude andthat support AIESEC’s values and want to enhance their adaptability to a diverse contest. I learn toorganisation through involving global top talent, improving be patient, open to feedback and totheir processes or growing their organisational goals. With different opinions, different ways of thinkingthem, we co-create opportunities for young people to and different perspective on proposedwork, learn and contribute to the organisation’s goals. solutions “ORGANISATIONS INVOLVED BUSINESS SECTOR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN OF INTERN Social BusinessSoil and More Ethiopia for sustainable 2.5Kifiya Financial Technologies energiesSA Bagersh 7% 2 16% TechnologicalDazzle Publication Solutions B2B 1.5 16%Al-Buruj General Trading 1Zamnet Electronic 15% Education 0.5Solomon Academy 0Destiny AcademyEiABC 46% Marketing &AAiT Communicatio n Trading AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  12. 12. OUR IMPACT: Nebyu SultanOUTGOING INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME 23 AddisThanks to its international volunteering and professional Ababa, Engeneinternship programs, AIESEC ihas provided Ethiopian ering studentUniversities a unique contribution. AIESEC and its partnering 6 weeksUniversites offer to students international experience to internshipdifferentiate and enrich their CV and background, by teaching physicsexposing them to a multiculutral global environment in Kenya to I underpivilegedSince January 2012, the Ethiopian institute of childrenArchitecture, Building Construction and City Development, aswell as Addis Ababa institute of Tehnology have signed aMemorandum of Understanding (MoU) recognizing the value “I may have joined AIESEC for the internshipof AIESEC internship experiences abroad as the local opportunity abroad, but the main reason ofexperience accessible as mandatory internship in the why I stayed in AIESEC is for the impact itCountry during their students’ career path. delivers to the society, And the tangible ETHIOPIAN STUDENTS experience it offers its members.”100 DESTINATIONS VOLUNTEERING DESTINATIONS INTERNSHIPS 80 4 3 60 40 2 2 female Female 20 male 1 Male 0 0 Profile Profile Profile Poland Kenya 0 Raised Matched Realized India Sweden Turkey AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  13. 13. OUR EVENTS in UNIVERSITIES Youth to Business Forum is an one day event, which brings together students of universities and corporate and non-corporate sector in Ethiopia to educate, discuss and develop in different topics such as entrepreneurship, youth leadership, corporate social responsibility, life skills development. AIESEC Ethiopia organized 2 editions of Youth to Business Forum, November edition had an attendance of 400 students and March edition with attendance of 350 students. Organization supporting Youth to Business Forum Addis Ababa University Genius Training and Consultancy ET Fruit ICE Addis P.O.I. Information Technology Services DKT Ethiopia MAMCO Paper Products Psychology in Action club Coca-Cola B.G.I Ethiopia Center for Creative Leadersihp Cybersoft 18° may 2012, Addis Ababa University. The aim of the Campus Outreach Event was to create awareness about this initiative and competitions prepared for youth of India and African Countries as well as empowering youth to start their business, care more about their environmnent and take actions towards creating better life for themselves and their society. The day was divided into panel discussions with succesfull Ethiopian and Indian social entrepreneur bringin an innovative perspective on the business reality. Closingwith a concer tof a popular Indian Band, Parikrama AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  14. 14. OUR PARTNERSDevelopment Partners Partners for Placement ProgrammeInkind &EventPartnersInstitutionalPartnersExpansionInitiativePartners AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  15. 15. OUR FINANCIAL REPORTDuring our year of operation set up a budgeting and accounting system alignedwith the provision of the Agency for Charities and Societies estimating OperationalCosts for more then 70% of our budgeted expenses.Our main focus has beenn in financing socially impacting projects andour members education and trainings in National and InternationalConferences. Voices of CostsThanks to the support of EiABC, AAiT and Addis Ababa University we 10%have been able to cost cut on many administrative costs related withoffice expenses and invest in sending 7 Ethiopian Representative to 19% 20%International AIESEC Congresses in Uganda and Mozambique.More detailed informations on ouf finance status can be found in the 7%Audit Report in attach3% Sources of Income 15%10% 10% 25% Student Membership Fee Student International 4% Internship Fee Administrative Costs Student International Entrepreneurship Project Volunteering Fee 25% Educational Project 35% Event Partnership IT Education Project Project Partnership Women Empowerment Project 17% International Placement Fee Career Promotion Events AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  16. 16. AFROXLDS 2013 AIESEC in Ethiopia - AFROXLDS - Africa Exchange Leadership Development Seminar 2013WHY in ETHIOPIADespite of the recent enormous economic growth of the last 10 years, which has seen Ethiopia tobe the 5th fastest growing economy in the world from 2001 and the 3rd fastest growing economyforecasted for the next 4 years, Ethiopia is still a 3rd world country.Many social issue are affecting the country, specially in the countryside and in the regions out ofthe capital city.AIESEC in Ethiopia can play a crucial role in supporting the development of the county bydeveloping young responsible globally minded leaders.We believe the best way to link all these would be to engage as many youth in volunteeringactivities to live team experiences in a international contest and in an international environment.With this Conference we want to re-BRAND the image of Ethiopia in the world starting from Africato show to 250 young leaders the potential of our land and attract them to partner with us for thedevelopment of Ethiopian Students and Recent Graduates to become the future of the country.WHAT IS AFROXLDS?AIESEC AFROXLDS is the biggest AIESEC African Conference.Every year it is organized in one of the 20 countries which are part ofAIESEC in Africa Network to gather 250 youth leading the organizationNationally or Locally in Universities.During the 6 days of the conference International facilitator are WHAT WOULD PARTNER ORGANIZATION GET?delivering session on: - Access to youth from 20th African• Leadership Development countries• Cultural understanding - Wordlwide online positioning and visibility• Strategic Development of the organization - National visibility and exposure• International Parnterships among universities - Employer branding towards SelectedThe agenda of the conference comprises also: Ethiopian Students• National and Regional Partnership Launch - Premiére role in Branding Ethiopia in Africa• Workshop delivered by partners and in the world• Youth to No-Profit and Diplomatic Forum - Access to strategic partnership for• Ethiopian Night & Gala Dinner development AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  17. 17. OUR REFERENCESEast Africa Bottling Share Company (EABSC) is proud and honored to partner with AIESEC.We have participated in their conference and Youth to Business Forum. In bothevents, we were pleasantly surprised that young students can organize and execute suchgrand events flawlessly. The enthusiasm and "hunger to succeed" was infectious; giving usall hope that there is something to be said for the future of our society to be in goodhands. Nebat Abbas, Country Human Resource Manager, East Africa Bottling ShareCompanyThe Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction, City Development (EiABC) recognizes the valueAIESEC in Ethiopia delivers to the Institutes students in increasing their international learning experience. Thanks toAIESEC in Ethiopia our students are actively involved in experiential leadership development, actively contributingtowards positioning our institution and our Country. Melaku Dires, Deputy Managing Director, EiABCOur students have gained the opportunity to have internship experiences abroad to participate in sociallyrelevant projects and programs. Addis Ababa University highly recommends the development AIESEC offers to itsstudents in terms of international and local team experiences through the platform it gives to make studentsconsciously contribute to their personal development Wolde Emmanuel Walombo, Dean of Students, AAUAIESEC in Ethiopia and Addis Ababa Institute of Technology entered a Memorandum of Understanding in order topromote international cooperation i education and research. Fasil Woldegebriel, University Industry LinkageOfficer, AAiT AIESEC IN ETHIOPIA | NATIONAL ANNUAL REPORT | 2011-2012
  18. 18. Website: Aiesecethiopia.wordpress.comInfo: