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          	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	                  AIESEC   ...                AIESEC in General     AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Apol...	               AIESEC in Ethiopia	  	           AIESEC in Ethiopia was founded in 2008 by ...	                INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                	 ...	                     INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE                                             ...
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT                                                                                	         www.aiesec...
OUR IMPACT IN ETHIOPIA                                                                                	         www.aiesec...
 	                swITch it’s a project focused on IT alphabetise, already spread in	                other 14 African Coun...
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AIESEC Ethiopia presentation to Addis Ababa University


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AIESEC in Ethiopia projects presentation to Addis Ababa University

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AIESEC Ethiopia presentation to Addis Ababa University

  1. 1.                                                             AIESEC The International Platform for Young People to Explore and Develop their Leadership Potential                               AIESEC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa University, EiABC P.O. Box 518 | phone: 01 12781870 | |
  2. 2. AIESEC in General AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Apolitical, AIESEC in Numbers independent and no-profit, AIESEC is the international platform for Active in over 2100 universities young people to explore and develop their potential to have a positive Active in 110 countries 16,000 impact on society. leadership opportunities In partnership with business and higher education, AIESEC has over 20,000 exchanges annually 60 years of experience in developing students into globally minded 470 conferences leaders. AIESEC’s innovative development process consists of 60,000 high-potential students unmatched leadership experiences and global internships. Network of 1,000,000 alumni With a focus on building personal networks and exploring the direction Over 200,000 placements   and ambition of their future, AIESEC has an innovative approach to engaging and developing young people into the leaders needed today AIESEC Vision: and tomorrow. Peace and Fulfilment of The Internship Program Humankind’s potential For over 60 years companies have relied on the Global Exchange   Program to meet their employment needs by gaining access to a global AIESEC Values: talent pool of the best and brightest young responsible leaders. The Striving for excellence Global Exchange program is a tailored and reliable recruitment and Activating Leadership community integration process for high quality international internships. Acting Sustainably Companies of all sizes have used AIESEC to build their leadership Enjoy Participation pipeline, increase competitiveness Living Diversity Demonstrating Integrity Opportunities for Universities “The United Nations has long As a student organization, AIESEC is partnering all around recognised that the imagination, ideals the world with diverse public and private Universities to and energies of young men and women offer them and to their students access to: are vital for the continuing development • Global internship program: providing students and of the societies in which they live. AIESEC has contributed to this recent graduates with international internship development by serving as an agent of • Global Community Development Program: providing positive change through education and students with short term voluntary experience abroad cultural exchange to develop a broader • Team Member & Team Leader Program understanding of cultural, socio- • Learning Networks economic and business management • International Positioning issues.” Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General, The United Nations  AIESEC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa University, EiABC P.O. Box 518 | phone: 01 12781870 | |
  3. 3.   AIESEC in Ethiopia     AIESEC in Ethiopia was founded in 2008 by cooperation between AIESEC   Italy and KPMG Italy, with the support of gtz and various AIESEC Alumni     from AIESEC International Network in Ethiopia AIESEC began official   operations in Ethiopia in 2011, after being recognized and registered as an   Ethiopian Society under the Ministry of Justice, Agency of charities and   society. AIESEC Ethiopia is currently active in Addis Ababa university,   EiABC (Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building and Construction).     Moreover, Addis Ababa University as well as other private universities in   the city of Addis Ababa are in close discussions with AIESEC to offer their   students unique opportunities in integrated international professional and   leadership experience which are parallel to their career path.       AIESEC Membership Information   AIESEC members are selected through a rigorous process, with a   ratio of 1 out of 10. The candidates are evaluated on the basis of a     Global Competency Model internationally applied to guarantee the   same quality standard of individuals. This Model of evaluation   assesses five main competencies that are Entrepreneurial Outlook;     Proactive Learning; Emotional intelligence; Social Responsibility;   Global Mind-set.       AIESEC members have the opportunity to join different programs to   undergo a development experience and better fit their academic and   career path.     The four main Programs offered to students and recent graduates are   Team Member Program; Team Leader Program; Global Internship   Program; Global Community Development Program                             AIESEC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa University, EiABC P.O. Box 518 | phone: 01 12781870 | |
  4. 4.   INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE       Our international programs represent the most self-developing   experience we are offering. Every year more than 20.000 students   take the opportunity to live and work abroad in our partner     companies, NGOs, institutions.         GLOBAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM   This Program is addressed to all the students and recent graduates   willing to live a professional experience abroad. Through this   program, AIESEC offers them a Cross-cultural and professional   experience. The internship can be in different fields as     Management, Finance, Marketing, Education, Engineering, and   Medical.   Logistic Details:     From 6 weeks to 18 months   The intern receives a salary according to life cost of the hosting   country     Delivery time to leave: 2 to 3 months   Costs: 120 $         GLOBAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM   This Program is addressed to students and recent graduates willing to   live a volunteering experience abroad to contribute positively to social     change in another country. Through this program, AIESEC offers them   a Cross-cultural and positive impact and personal development.   Logistic Details:     From 6 weeks to 18 months   The intern can receive a salary or have food and accommodation   costs covered   Delivery time to leave: 1 to 2 months     Costs: 80 $               AIESEC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa University, EiABC P.O. Box 518 | phone: 01 12781870 | |
  5. 5.   INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE                         1  Talent Pre-selection talent All candidates in AIESECʼs   pool have been pre-selected based   on their education, skills, language     certifications, and leadership experience by a review board of professionals. 2   Needs Identificationthe desired Your company identifies internship profile specifying needs for   education, languages, skills, work   6   Ongoing Services evaluations experience, regional background,   AIESEC will facilitate service internship duration and timing.   for your company and your intern before,     during, and after the internship. AIESEC is   committed to ongoing communication for     receiving and responding to your feedback.     3   Intern Selection Within two weeks, AIESEC will provide a short list of the best   candidates and arrange   interviews. AIESEC will continue to identify candidates until the     5   Community Integration sets AIESECʼs This is a key characteristic that organization has selected the best profile to match.   program apart. Interns become involved in the   4   Pre-arrival Services AIESEC takes care of all local community and participate in AIESEC   activities ensuring they have an intense Once an intern is selected, development experience, not just a job away   the logistics including visa arrangements, from home. accommodations, and airport pickup. Before arrival,   interns participate in cultural preparation, integration,   and goal setting seminars.                             AIESEC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa University, EiABC P.O. Box 518 | phone: 01 12781870 | |
  6. 6. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT         AIESEC focuses its activities to develop future leaders skills as   entrepreneurial outlook, global mind-set, emotional intelligence, social   responsibility and proactivity in learning.       TEAM LEADER PROGRAM   Through this program AIESEC offers to youth a practical team   experience to gain hard and soft skills and access the global network     of AIESEC   A young student works in a team to:   1) Be involved in activities in University   2) Take part into international trainings     3) Sell and manage partnerships with the national and multinational   organizations   4) Represent the country     5) Develop professional skills in functional areas as International   relations, external relations, non-corporate relations, communication,   finance, human resources   TEAM MEMBER PROGRAM   Through this program AIESEC offers to student a practical team   leader experience to gain personal and professional development.   In this program a young university student can lead his team to:     1) Sell Programs to companies and organizations   3) Deliver a social impacting project   4) Deliver a student recruiting in Universities   5) Organize training programs for other young people     6) Organize events and conferences for 20 to 300 students       GLOBAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT   From virtual discussions lead on a global level and through the team     experiences lived by taking part in our programs, AIESEC offers to   youth a unique global learning environment to explore and develop   their talent!   By offering its programs, AIESEC aims to develop leadership     competencies to improve professional and personal characteristics.   These characteristics are our focus during their entire career in the   organization to support their personal growth.     AIESEC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa University, EiABC P.O. Box 518 | phone: 01 12781870 | |
  7. 7. OUR IMPACT IN ETHIOPIA       Willing to empower young people to be change agents for their   society, AIESEC gives to students the opportunity to create     international social development project to have a direct impact in   the community and an indirect impact on the students themselves   as a way to develop their leadership skills.   AIESEC in Ethiopia is currently realizing project focused on social     issues affecting the Ethiopian reality in Addis Ababa.   “Weaving threads of Peace” it’s a social development project   focused on women empowerment, families strengthening and     children education developed by AIESEC with a US NGO,   Connected in Hope foundation. It is addressed to previous fuel   wood carriers women who are currently producing scarfs and bags   to sustain their families.     AIESEC is providing a total of 16 international students or recent   graduates to the women empowerment centre to offer English,   maths and art lesson to their children who could not access the     public primary school. In order to sustain the costs of the teachers   and to scale up the market of the centre, AIESEC is promoting   and facilitating the selling of the scarfs to its international network   of students and partner companies, investing on it as a CSR     activity. The goal of the project is to allow these women to scale   up the production, get the knowledge to plan t and create the   necessary funds to sustain the education for their children for the     next year. Moreover, supplying the international teachers to the   informal school AIESEC aims to still offer a basic education to   these disadvantaged children. KPMG already supports the project.           Addis Without Borders it’s a project focused on education   aiming to give to Ethiopian primary and secondary school students     the opportunity to access high quality English classes in their   school having the unique chance to attend presentation of foreign   countries and cultures. The goal of the project is to supply both     public and private schools of Addis Ababa with 20 international   teachers during the scholar year to impact more than 10.000   students. Carter & Benson is already sponsoring the project.   AIESEC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa University, EiABC P.O. Box 518 | phone: 01 12781870 | |
  8. 8.     swITch it’s a project focused on IT alphabetise, already spread in   other 14 African Countries. By this project AIESEC aims to give to unemployed youth from Addis Ababa the opportunity to join a two months course to get the basis to work with a computer and to be more qualified in looking for a job. The first round of the project realized in June – July 2011 has already impacted more than 200 young people. The goal of the project is to impact other 1000 youth of the city. This project has been co-created by AIESEC together with Microsoft. Thanks to this experience, AIESEC is supplying a total of 12 international volunteers to 2 primary public schools of the city to teach IT basis to children and teachers who have been already provided with laptops by the project “One laptop per child”. Thanks to AIESEC, 3200 children will get IT trainings. EntrepreNOW is a project addressed to university students in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills and empower them to be actively involved in the economical growth of the country as protagonist. AIESEC will organize together with the university a two month training initiative managed by international student with economical and project management background who will present the characteristic of the entrepreneurial environment in their country and a business competition. The winner of that will really get access to a fund to start up their business. The aim of the project is to offer to students concrete opportunities for their future as well as support the international positioning of the university. Starting from March 2012 AIESEC in Ethiopia will be involved in other piloting projects to impact the society, with a focus on improving the sanitary and medical sector through international medical students or recent graduates coming to Addis Ababa to work together with the students of AAU in supporting local communities.   AIESEC in Ethiopia | Addis Ababa University, EiABC P.O. Box 518 | phone: 01 12781870 | |