AIESEC Ethiopia 2nd report


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2nd report of ac

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AIESEC Ethiopia 2nd report

  1. 1. AIESEC ETHIOPIA2° term report – 30° July 2011
  2. 2. Agenda:¨  New Partners¨  Projects Updates¨  Interesting Initiatives¨  University Relations¨  Next Appointments
  3. 3. New Partners To know more: www.soilandmore.nlSoil & More international is a global company present in Brazil, Egypt,Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mexico, and South Africa.Soil & More has the aim to make farming systems more sustainable in order tostop the loss of soil fertility and to promote a more sustainable  use of theworlds remaining resources.Soil & More is proud to partner with AIESEC in Ethiopia selecting 3international students to work with them in the field of environmentsustainability project development.
  4. 4. University Relations To know more: University has offered to each component of the National Board to workunder assistant lecturer contract for the upcoming 10 months to give support andinternational exposure to each of the administrative offices of the university.The University proudly recognize AIESEC as an independent entity host in itsspaces and offering to students a unique international experience.Elena: Vice Dean Personal AssistantSamson: IT&Facilities Manager and Web Manager supportIsaac: HR Manager AssistantElisa: Entrepreneurship Center consultantAlena: Marketing consultant
  5. 5. Interesting Initiatives: BarCamp Ethiopia To know more: www.barcamp.orgAIESEC Ethiopia is officially recognized as partner entity in the organizationof the 2° edition of BarCamp Ethiopia.AIESEC will play a crucial role in the promotion of the intiative amongUniversity Students of Addis Ababa and in providing 5 international studentssupporting the promotion and the organization of the event itself.
  6. 6. Interesting Initiatives: Ethical Fashion To know more: www.connectedinhope.orgAIESEC and CIH are developping a project to ensure good quality leadership andentrepreneurship trainings for women producing in the center starting from lateSeptember.We are looking for possible options to offer to their children a proper space tohost lessons which will be delivered by AIESEC international volunteersWe want to position this local products at international level. The 1° step will be tosell 200 scarfs during AIESEC International Congress in Kenya from 19° to 29°August 2011.From October we will provide a total amount of 16 AIESEC volunteers to teachEnglish and Maths to all the children of these women. Thanks to that,disadvantaged youth will have access to good quality education and internationalexposure. Other Details of the project coming soon
  7. 7. Interesting Initiatives: one laptop per child To know more: to the effort of GIZ (, in the last 2 years already 2public elementary schools in Addis Ababa have been supplied with atotal amount of 3200 laptops to offer to children IT based primaryeducation.The biggest challenge for delivering it has been the lack of ITeducation of teachersFrom October AIESEC will provide 12 international volunteers to workas teachers for students and trainers for the Professors.Supported by:
  8. 8. Next Appointments:¨  1° week of August:Presentation in Law Faculty and Technology Faculty to offer to Ethiopian recentgraduates the opportunity to go abroad with AIESEC International InternshipProgramIntroduction of AIESEC activities to Private College of the city: Unity College,Admas College, Africa Beza College, Hilco College