AfricainMe_African LC implementation guide


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Africa in Me for African AIESEC entities implementation guide

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AfricainMe_African LC implementation guide

  1. 1. Powered by AIESEC in Africa www.africainme.orgMY AFRICA. YOUR AFRICA. OUR AFRICAAn opportunity to embrace Africa with heart wide open and a hands on attitude
  2. 2. Africa in Me and ActiveContribution ProgramAfrica is the worlds second-largest and second most populous continent, after Asia.Being the fastest growing economy, Africa is calling the world to contribute to its growth. Thiscontinent provides a unique opportunity for cultural awareness, innovative ideas, investmentand most importantly untapped resources.AIESEC in Africa presents “ Actively Contributing”, an umbrella projects under which are thefollowing program:¡  Youth employment¡  Health improvement¡  Youth leadership¡  Education¡  #5 area of impact This project is promoted through the “Africa in Me” Campaign. for more information on “Actively Contributing” you can visit our wiki:
  3. 3. Africa in Me:Definition & Our Purpose¡  DEFINITIONAfrica in Me is a global branding campaign that aims to showcase the continent tothe world to make AIESEC in Africa the first choice destination for internshipsglobally.Africa in Me is based around an online portal,, as well as a set ofactivities designed to engage incoming EPs during their stay in different countries inAfrica and allow them to explore African culture as well as document theirexperience for their origin LC, while showcasing on in Me activities are:ePIC Moment | Untold Africa | EsSense | Activ8 Joy¡  OUR PURPOSE:Promote Africa as a first choice destination for internships in the AIESEC network bycreating a multidimensional image of African continent through stories of youthcontributing to impact the society
  4. 4. Africa in Me activities: ePIC Moment“Powerful African stories captured in images”Think about the pictures EP will take during your internship, each onecaptures a special moment on your journey but only one will stand out… itwill best capture the moment that EP will always remember from thisexperience.ePIC Moments requires EPs to tell the story behind thepicture of their choice, bringing it to life and sharing it withthe people back home. In addition, powerful African storiesand picture will be showcased by your hosting localcommittee.All LCs of AIESEC in Africa, will use the images from ePICMoments for promotion of Africa as the first choicedestination for AIESEC internships on EP willbe supporting us in this way to better portray what Africatruly is, breaking stereotypes and helping us build a newstory; all this by doing something as simple as sharing theirpoint of view through photo and the story behind it!HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT in YOUR LC:1) Select Africa in Me_ePIC moment responsible in your LC2) Ask all your EP to make pictures during their experience3) Ask all your EP to share their picture and briefly tell the story behind it
  5. 5. Africa in Me activities: Untold Africa“Stories to inspire”Non-governmental organizations and influential community leaders play akey role in building Africa’s future. Their stories often go untold but they caninspire us to play our role in building the future of our local communities.This activity require EPs to volunteer at an NGO or shadow an influentialcommunity leader for at least a day. During this day, EPs role will be toact as a reporter of what this people and organizations do and howthey contribute to the building of a better Africa. We expect EPs tocreate a short video documentary as output, so that we can togetherget this stories out in the open and start portraying a different face ofAfrica.Your African LC will provide the EP with a database of NGOs andinfluential community leaders from which you can choose one in linewith your interests.Let their stories inspire and capture the experience to spread the voiceand inspire others around the world. This will be shared and posted onafricainme.orgHOW TO IMPLEMENT IT in YOUR LC:1) Select a Africa in Me_Untold Africa Responsible in your Local Committee2) Provide your EPs with a Database of NGOs and relevant people to be interviewed3) Make sure your EPs are compiling and editing the material collected in a max 5minutes video4) Upload your video on youtube under the name: AfricainMe, Untold Africa, nameperson interviewed, country5) Send the link of the video to:
  6. 6. Africa in Me activities: EsSense“Sensing the essence of Africa”In Africa we embrace life with a high sense of appreciation foreverything that allows to use our senses to truly touch and feel in ourbodies the experience of being alive.Your African host LC will provide the EP with a database of localartists and craftsmen/women. They will then have a chance toorganize an event for the hosting community in which to experienceand learn from community and their craft as a way to dignify life.The EP will be expected to become a reporter and capture on videoand pictures this special activities. The videos will be used toshowcase EP’s experience and what he/she has learned from theartist chosen. At the same time will help us share with the word theincredible beauty behind the art work of these remarkable people inour local communities.HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT in YOUR LC:1) Select Africa in Me_Essense Responsible in your LC2) Provide your  EPs with database of contacts of local artists, singer,musicians, cooking places..3) Collect stories and videos from your EPs and upload them onYouTube named as: AfricainMe, Essense, Activity, Country4) Send your link to
  7. 7. Africa in Me activities: Activ8 Joy“Playing for a purpose”Sports and games is what unites communities by bringing peopletogether with a common goal in mind.  Providing joy and happiness tochildren is an added benefit and one that will make your experience ofAfrica complete.By taking part in Activ8 Joy, the EP willorganize sports events for the localcommunity. Another option will be toorganize fun days, comprising of games andentertainment for underprivileged children inour local communities.Share in the joy and capture this eventforever by recording a video and makingpictures of the festivities to be shared withthe local organising committee and thepeople back home.HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT in YOUR LC:1) Select Africa in Me_Essense Responsible in your LC2) Activate your Eps organizing sport activities with other organizations3) Collect stories and videos from your EPs and upload them on YouTube named as: AfricainMe,Activ8Joy, Activity, Country4) Send your link to
  8. 8. Africa in MeAmbassadorship ProgramThrough this program you can select students and/or AIESECer who will beambassador of your country in all the entities you will partner with to realizeyour “Actively Contributing” projects.What do you need to do?¡  Select the entities you would like to partner with to receive EPs for “Actively Contributing” internship¡  Select EPs from your universities to be sent to those entities worldwide¡  Equip your EPs with the required knowledge to select interns, organize events, deliver cultural presentations and trainings on traditional crafts making¡  Send AIESEC in Africa Actively Contributing brand ambassador GCDP EPs to those entities to start position these opportunities through AfricainMe activities¡  Once there, your EPs would work together with local Companies and organization on Event Management to get professional skills as well as increase the positioning of Africa in Me brand
  9. 9. Africa in MeAmbassadorship ProgramAfrican Eps activities in receiving entitiesWeek 1¡  Introduction to the local reality and to the partnering organizations¡  Preparation of presentation events: Institutional presentation (targeted to NGO’s, Corporate and Government) – Professional presentation + Presentation targeting students population (Roll calls, country chants)¡  Design content of craft classes and design promotional materials to launch the classes during the class presentation.Week 2 & 3¡  Deliver cultural presentation to university students and promote the craft making classes and announce the timeline.¡  The local committee prior to the arrival of African Exchange participants should arrange institutional presentations.¡  The content for the student presentation includes: Roll call – Chants; Presentation of the initiative – Story telling (Home away from Home campaign); Country presentation of the respective countries represented; Presentation of specific opportunities available in Africa; Launch of the craft making classes along with launch of competition for artistic creation.
  10. 10. Africa in MeAmbassadorship ProgramAfrican Eps activities in receiving entitiesWeek 4 & 5¡  Help local committee members to promote international internships in Africa and showcase the programs ongoing in Africa.¡  Actively contribute in recruitment of exchange participants which is already planned by the OGX members of the LC¡  Organise and deliver OGX recruitment through African village where the African EP brings their traditional gowns and there is a stand where university student can wear them and do photo shooting.¡  Coordinate Events with external organizations and edit visual content to showcase it through social media channelsWeek 6¡  Craft making classes are held and end up on the announcement of the results of the artistic competition. Cultural evenings consist of cultural performances. (Music, traditional dance, cooking traditional dishes..)
  11. 11. Timeline for activities ofAmbassadorship Program OPTION 1: EPs from Africa work for 1 Entity/1 city
  12. 12. Options of Timeline for activities ofAmbassadorship Program LC1 LC2
  13. 13. BENEFITS ofAmbassadorship ProgramTO YOUR LC:•  Showcasing of African cultures to local students•  Attract interns to actively contribute to United Nations Millennium development goals by impacting Africa•  Increase OGX realizations and attract new target of Eps [PR, Journalist, Design, Photographer..]•  Contributing to ICX growth by recruiting more EPs from sending entities interested to go to Africa•  Changing the view and mind-set about Africa to find in our countries the best partner for growthTO THE EP:We require receiving entities worldwide to fulfil some minimum criteria in order to join ourprogram:•  Provide free accommodation and food to African Exchange participants•  Provide stipend to offset transportation costs within the country•  Allocate local AIESECers facilitating sessions and integration of African Exchange participant
  14. 14. MINIMUM GOAL ofAmbassadorship ProgramAfricainMe is an initiative aiming to establish win-win relationship among African Countries andeach entity of the global network. As such we propose to entities joining us to achievetogether:¡  Each African EP in your country is expected to recruit a minimum of 5 OGX EPs from the entity to participate in Actively Contributing GIP or GCDP TNs in Africa¡  Brand and position AIESEC local entity on campus as a successful partner for African development and a creative organization showcasing African culture and traditions
  15. 15. HOW to SELECT yourAmbassador EPsGiven the elements of the Job Description of the EPs leaving your entity to be your brandambassador worldwide with your country partners, there are some specifics we suggest you tolook for while selecting them.¡  AIESEC understanding and preferably at least some previous achievements during their AIESEC Xp¡  HR processes management knowledge and ability to deliver, specifically on Promotion, profiling, interviewing, screening, selection, induction¡  OGX processes management knowledge and ability to deliver, specifically on selection, raising, matching¡  Very good Presentation skills, English communication skills, networking skills¡  Event Management and promotional material customization [offline and online]
  16. 16. BE INVOLVEDFor any question you can contact us at:info@africainme.orgTo be part of Africa in Me implementation:Please fill the form to let us know you are implementing AiMactivities will allocate a coach to your LC to give you all the supportneeded