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Romania is my country 1


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Romania is my country 1

  2. 2. Retezat massif "Perfectly explainable natural phenomena" geologists say about most of the natural wonders of Romania. It probably is. But Retezatul has 90 plant species not found anywhere in the world and is best preserved delta in Europe, while in Apuseni is the largest karst phenomenon in Europe. And all are found in a single country.  National Park Retezat missed the entrance to the natural wonders of the world, but it is a dream destination.
  3. 3. National Park Retezat
  4. 4. Chamois, natural monuments
  5. 5. Retezat - Lake Zănoaga
  6. 6. SphinxLocated at 2216 m on the Bucegi Plateau, attractivehuman form which nature has carved over time.However, the nature of the content to only that, ifbreathed on it and a bit of personality.W positioned, with a look rough, it gives the ellimpression that oversees those lands.
  7. 7. Sphinx of Bucegi
  8. 8. Sphinx of Bucegi
  9. 9. Babele Strange and interesting Babele attract touristsbecause of their unique shape. On this plateau, naturehas shaped almost all of the surrounding rocks, butstill has work to give them the final. Old women havethe appearance of giant mushrooms, but maybe in a300 years our descendants will be able to distinguishthe silhouettes of ladies. Over time, around theSphinx and Babe were weaving legends and have turneddozens of theories mythological, funny or just fun.Some say that it would be natural, but modeled withgrace and man-interest, others that "stones" at thetop of the mountain exudes positive energyunprecedented enemies who defended the country andthe most "original" claim to be traces of an aliencivilization.
  10. 10. Babele of Bucegi
  11. 11. Babele of Bucegi
  12. 12. The Danube Delta An exotic, with more than 1,200 species oftrees and plants, with the richest ornithologicaland ichthyological fauna, the Danube Delta isthe largest wetland reserve lands of Europe,covering an area of over 2,500 km2. In 1991, ​UNESCO included the Danube Delta, thenewest form of relief from Romania, free from"the progress of industrialization", includingbiosphere reserves. Delta area increase by 40meters by submitting the 60 million tons of siltbrought by the river.
  13. 13. The Danube Delta
  14. 14. The Danube Delta
  15. 15. Gura Portiţei Portiţei is probably the last unspoiled beach on the Romanian coast. To get there, you must go by ferry an hour, but it is unlike any other beach, especially since they left is found in the fresh water of the Danube Delta. In June, the turtles lay their eggs on the beach you can see whole flocks that wander freely, undisturbed by tourists attention. Everyone who visited Portiţei, a narrow strip of sand, left there thinking that they would return in one of the most beautiful places in the Danube Delta.
  16. 16. Gura Portiţei
  17. 17. Gura Portiţei
  18. 18. Muddy Volcanoes Type geological nature reserve on 30 hectareslarge, mud volcanoes are located in theCurvature Sub-Carpathians. (Buzau) formationsarose due to eruptions of gas to the surface ofthe earth which causes mud and water. Thearea is known as mist, but within them assimilar processes occur in real volcanoes. Conesdo not exceed 5-6 meters high, and so-calledlava is thrown on a small area.
  19. 19. Once in the mud volcano, tourists are surprisedby an unusual sensation. When it is cloudy, aridplateau with millions of torrents crack andseparate deep ridge resembles a lunarlandscape. Or if the sun appears, insteadappears fully detached African desert, as themud dried immediately turns from green toyellow.In fact, mud is nothing but a mixture ofsandstone, quartzite, ghipsuri, clays, limestoneand traces of oil, natural gas driven from thedepths coming from more than 3,000 feet deepand passing through a clay soil, combiningwater into the groundwater. Beyond the areawith craters, this land seemingly hostilevegetation is surrounded by a green explosionwildlife. Lilac grove Muddy Volcanoes locatedinside the reserve is perhaps as beautiful andinteresting as volcanoes themselves.
  20. 20. Muddy Volcanoes
  21. 21. Muddy Volcanoes
  22. 22. Fortress of Ponor Apuseni Mountains is the most impressive karst phenomenon in South East. A mountain of stone 76 meters is based on a pure water ice that has found refuge here 10,000 years ago. Everest called Romanian Speleology, Cave Fortress of Ponor has a main gallery 2 km long, active, where perhaps the largest underground river in the country flowing forming waterfalls, rapids and whirlpools.
  23. 23. Fortress of Ponor
  24. 24. Fortress of Ponor