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User Experience Measurement and Analysis: Summary


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In this presentation get a summary of how to test your website using basic user testing/

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User Experience Measurement and Analysis: Summary

  1. 1. User Experience Measurement and Analysis 5. SUMMARY
  2. 2. Summary • Testing methods – Surveying – Perception testing – Usability testing • When to use testing methods? – When you are making bigger changes to your website, like a redesign – When you are changing marketing activities or direction
  3. 3. Action Items
  4. 4. When to user test • During your monthly website stat review, you find your bounce rate is high. – Bounce rate: how many people looked at one page then left. – A high bounce rate means low engagement, and if it goes up over time then that means fewer people are engaging with your site • Perception test can help – Identify pain points leading to bounce rate – Identify mismatched expectations causing higher bounce rate
  5. 5. When to user test • Email open and click rates are low or decreasing – Possible causes vary: technical issues, subject lines, content problems, frequency, etc. – Email open and click rate decline can indicate low customer engagement, suggesting low conversion to sale rates as well. • Survey can help: – What are people expecting from the email? – How often do people expect to hear from you?
  6. 6. When to user test • Conversion rates are decreasing or you want to increase the rate – Conversion rate: the number of people taking a meaningful action, like making a purchase or sending in a lead request. – Drops in conversion rates can be seasonal, but drops during peak seasons need to be diagnosed right away. • Usability testing can help: – Identify pain points – Clarify user expectations
  7. 7. Recap
  8. 8. Recap • Get a deeper understanding of how your marketing and website perform. • This requires using analytics and research. • Schedule time every month, week and day to review stats.
  9. 9. Recap • Dive deeper using – Surveying – Perception testing – Usability testing • We are here to help!
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