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Why should you use a fleet management company?


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If you have a fleet of vehicles or material handling equipment, there are many advantages to using an outsourced partner to save money and improve productivity. Find out more.

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Why should you use a fleet management company?

  1. 1. Why use a 
 fleet management 
  2. 2. Element Fleet Management Your vehicle fleet is an asset that plays a critical role in your company’s success Fleet is also one of the top 5 controllable expenses…
  3. 3. …that’s why it’s vital to manage it effectively: Element Fleet Management • To reduce operating costs • To increase the productivity of employees driving business vehicles
  4. 4. Element Fleet Management As a fleet manager, your actions affect your company’s bottom line by: • Having vehicles where and when you need them • Having the right vehicles for the right job • Keeping those vehicles on the road and productive • Ensuring driver safety • Minimizing corporate risk
  5. 5. Element Fleet Management When you work with a fleet management company, you benefit from a partner that can provide a single point of contact for end-to-end fleet solutions
  6. 6. Element Fleet Management Fleet management companies also have the Knowledge Volume purchasing power Resources Technology essential to manage 
 your assets efficiently
  7. 7. Element Fleet Management Why choose Element?
  8. 8. The Element Advantage Element's expertise and industry knowledge provide deep strategic consulting insights to optimize your fleet and achieve your business goals Element Fleet Management #1
  9. 9. The Element Advantage Element's fully aligned customer-centric service is focused 
 on satisfaction, efficiency and building deeper connections 
 with you and your fleet drivers Element Fleet Management #2
  10. 10. The Element Advantage Element's innovative technology tools are designed to help you simplify the complexity of fleet, promote productivity and capture pertinent data Element Fleet Management #3
  11. 11. Element Fleet Management How can Element help your company?
  12. 12. Element Fleet Management Element provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance vehicle uptime while driving down costs Acquisition Financing Title, Licensing & Registration Tolls, Violations & Compliance Telematics Risk & Safety Accident Management Fuel Services Managed Maintenance Personal Usage & Expense Remarketing Consulting Fleet Partnership Solutions Global Services
  13. 13.