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стиль жизни


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стиль жизни

  1. 1. Project ‘The Style of Life : Goth’
  2. 2. Mopey and perky Goth Vampire Antiquity Goth GothTribal Androgyn Goth Goth GOTHICS The End of 70 years ,the first image ‘DARK PUNK’ CyberWestern Goth , Goth Dark wave Punk Goth Gypsy Glitter Goth Post-punk Goth Fairy Goth Hippie Goth Fetisgoth
  3. 3. Mopey
  8. 8. Punks ‘Punk’ – от англ.слова никчемный ,гнилой ;на американ. сленге «плохой». Shock image: exotic hair style, different colours of hair ,dog’s collar ,chains of lavatory pan on a neck, pins everywhere ,tear jeans ,leather-jacket, one big ear-ring, boots ‘Dr. Marten’. Appearance : the end of 70 years in Great Britain .There was a depression in that time . Ideology : Total disorderly protest . Music: listen to punk-music ,Exploited ,NOFX ,OFF spring , Iggy Pop. Colors: green and purple ,red and black , all bright and toxic colors .
  9. 9. EMO-English word ‘emotional’People of this Style like to show their feelings .They wear pink and black colors EMO-girls and boys have clear skin and hair .Make –up : turquoise ,red ,pink eye shadows ; Eyes lined with black pencil and without fall rouge . They love art , care of health ,listen to the music (m .b .hard rock ,soul) and write poems about feelings.
  10. 10. Some Human Feelings : Peace of mind ( спокойствие)•Sorrow (грусть) •Wholeness (целостность)•Joy of Life (радость) •Expectation (ожидание)•Anger (гнев) •Envy (зависть)•Fear (страх) •Egoism (эгоизм)•Loneliness (одиночество) •Fury (злость)•Shock (шок) •Cruelty (жестокость)•Shame ( стыд) •Touchiness (обидчивость)•Despondence (уныние) •Insolence (дерзость)•Sadness (печаль) •Power (сила)•Anxiety (тревога) •Optimism (оптимизм )•Tenderness (нежность ) •Resolution (решительность)•Friendliness (дружелюбие) •Activity (активность)•Harmony (гармония) •Confidence (уверенность)
  11. 11. Identifying subcultures Subcultures can be distinctive because of the age, ethnicity, class, location, and/or gender of the members. The qualities that determine a subculture as distinct may be linguistic, aesthetic, religious, political, sexual, geographical, or a combination of factors. According to Dick Hebdige, members of asubculture often signal their membership through a distinctive and symbolic use of style, which includes fashions, mannerisms, and argot. They also live out particular relations to places; Ken Gelder talks about "subcultural geographies" along these lines. The study of subcultures often consists of the study of symbolism attached to clothing, music and other visible affectations by members of subcultures, and also the ways in which these same symbols are interpreted by members of the dominant culture. Subcultures have been chronicled by others for a longtime, documented, analysed, classified, rationalised, monitored, scrutinised. In some cases, subcultures have been legislated against, their activities regulated or curtailed.
  12. 12. Chronology of subcultures The Beginning of 50-s – 20 century Motorcycle club , The end of 50- -naturisM skater, s-beginning 60- teddy-boys , s, new aGe beat 60-s ,1987year , Generation hippyroleplayinG The end ofGaMes The middle 60-(rpG) of 70-s, s,skinhead The End of punks 70-s, Goth The end of 70- s-the beginning of 80- The Beginning s,casuals of 80-s,new roMantics Summer , 80-s,straiGht 80-s-The edGe, Furries , 1985 ,eMo beginning Metal head , of 90- Visual kei 80-s-90-s , s,Grebo riVet head The beginning of 90-s, 90-s, cyber JunGlist Goth , raVe