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Advanced motion controls be80a20


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Advanced motion controls be80a20

  1. 1. BSOA SERIES BRUSHLESS Models: 880A40, 860A40, 880A20, BSOA SERVO AMPLIFIERS 8E80A40, BE60A40, BE80A20 Series ELECTROMATE Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099 FEATURES: * Surface-moutnetc hnology - Small size, low cost, ease of use . Opticailn puts ignails olation . DIPs witchs electablem odes: currento, penl oop, tachometeor,r HALLv elocity 'Four quadrant regenerativoep eration DESGRIPTION:B B0AS eriesP WM servoa mplifiersa re designedt o driveb rushlessD C motorsa t a high switching frequency. They are fully protecteda gainst over-voltage,o ver-current,o ver-heatinga nd short-circuits. All rnodets intenacew tthd igitalc ontrolleros r can be useda s stand-alonder ives.T heyr equireo nlya singleu nreguiatedD C power supply.A singler eciigreeLnE D indicateso peratings tatus.L oopg ain,c urrentli mit,i nputg aina nd offsetc an be adjusted using1 2-turnp otentiometersT. he offseta djustingp otentiometecr an also be useda s an on-boardi nputs ignalf ortesting purposes when SWl (DlP switch) is "On". BROKIN L ] N E RIPPESEIIS IOOOU I]PTICAL I S O L A I I O I INTERNAL DC IO_DC CONUERTER X OPTIONAL USER INSTALLED THROU6H HOLE COIPONEIITS CURREN T L I N-I IT CURRENT " LED GREEN - NORtrAL OPERAIlON, L f , D RED_ TAULT RECOTflENDED 9ETTIdG FOR CURREIT NODE - P O T I FULLY C C ! , POT3 FULLY C ! SqI'FUNCTION OT P O f 9 - TEST INPUT, IHEI ON, OFFSET ADJUSIHENT, I I H E N OTF S!3 _ REDUCES PEAK AND CONTINUOUS CURRENT L I N I T A Y 5 O Z , I H E N OFF SlA _ FEDUCES COHTINUOUS CURREHT L I N ] T ! Y 5 O Z , l H E N OFF SIIO - L2O l E 6 R E E PHASING, I H E N O N , 6 0 DEGREE P H A S I N 6 , I H E N OFF l ru.o.,r" + AND =-6R0uNns aRE Nor coNNrcrED i l o N l Sold & Serviced By:
  2. 2. B80A Series MODELS POWER STAGE SPECIFICATIONS B80A40 BESOA4O 880420 BESOA2O 860A40 BE6OA4O ELECTROMATE Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099 DC SUPPLYV OLTAGE 120-380V 30-19 0V 120-380V PEAKC URRENT(2 sec.m ax.,i nternalllyim ited) +80A +80 +60A MAX. CONT. CURRENT( internallvli mited) t40A 140A +30A MINIMUM LOAD INDUCTANCE- 600uH 300uH 600uH SWITCHING FREQUENCY 2OKHzt15% HEATSINK(B ASET) EMPERATURREA NGE -25" to +65'C, Disablesi f >65"C POWER DISSIPATIONA T CONT.C URRENT 180W | 150W OVER-VOLTAGE SHUT-DOWN (self reset) 380V I 195V BANDWIDTH 2.Sk{z MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS POWER CONNECTOR Screw terminals SIGNAL CONNECTOR Molex connector SIZE (inches) 6.12x8.00x2.58 WEIGHT 6 l b . " Low inductance motors require external inductors Sold & Serviced By:
  3. 3. B80A Series PIN FUNCTIONS CONNECTOR PIN NAME DESCRIPTION/ NOTES t/o P2 1 MOTOR A Motor phase A connection MOTOR B Motor phase B connection n MOTOR C Motor phase C connection o 4 POWER GND Power ground GND HIGH VOLTAGE DC power input P1 1 +10VS mAO UT Forc ustomeur se o 2 SIGNALG ND Referenceg round GND -'10V 5mA OUT For customeruse 4 +REFl N Differentiarl eferencei nput. maximum +i-50V, -REFI N 50K inout resistance b -TACHI N Tachometeirn put,6 0K, max.+ /-60V VEL MCNITOR OUT ModelB B0A40l:V = 125H2H al l sensor frequency. Model BE80A40: 1Y = 22kHZ encoder frequency ^ 6 CURR MONITOR OUT SW3 - OFF 1V = 8A SW3 - ON 1V = 16A o q ff.ffffelT fNr Pull to ground to inhibit 10 +V HALL 30mA OUT Power for HALL sensors, +30mAs, hortc ircuitp rotected, 1 1 GND +6V+ /-10% GND 12 HALL 1 HALL sensor inputs, logic levels, interna2l KOhm pull-up. 13 HALL2 Maximuml ow leveli nouti s 1.5V. I 14 HALL 3 minimum high level input is 3.5V 1 E CURRENT REF OUT Monitorsth e inputs ignalc onnected directlyto the internacl urrenta mplifier. 7.5V= maximump eakc urrent r t o FAULT OUT (LED red) TTL level output. Becomes high during output short circuit, over-voltage, inhibit, and during power-up reset. Fault condition indicated bv red LED n on next page Continue Sold & Serviced By: ELECTROMATE Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099
  4. 4. Sold & Serviced By: B80A Series CONNECTOR PIN NAME DESCRIPTION/ NOTES t/o P3 ENCODER MODEL BEsOA4O BESOA2O ONLY 1 NC Not connected 2 CHANNELA 5V CMOSl evelo uadraturen coder NC Not connected 4 CHANNELB 5V CMOS level quadrature encoder inout GND encoder common GND SWITCH FUNCTIONS SWITCH FUNCTION DESCRIPTION SETTING ON OFF 1 Test / Offset. Sensitivity of the "offset" pot. Used as an on-board reference signal in test mode Test Offset z Current loop gain Decrease I ncrease Current scaling. When "Off', increasess ensitivityo f the current sense thus reducing both peak and continuousc urrentl imitb v 50% 1A0o/o 50% Loop integrator. This capacitor normallv ensures" error-free"o perationi n velocity mode by reducingth e error-signa(lo utputo f summinga mplifiert)o zero Shorts out the velocity / voltage loop rntegrator ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ r + ^ t uoPdurrul OK 5 Internal duty-cycle feedback for open loop mode Open loop No effect Velocity feedback. Connects the internally generated velocity signal from HALL SCNSOTS off Velocity direction. Changes the polarity of the velocity monitor signal 8 Currentr eductionR. educes continuoucsu rrentli mitb v 50% Continuous/peak currentli mitr atio is 50% Continuoupseia k currentli mitr atio is 25o/o Integratocra pacitorA. djuststh e valueo f the integratocra pacitoirn velocitym ode Increase Decrease 10 601120 degree commutation phasing setting 120 degree phasing 60 degree phasing ELECTROMATE Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099
  5. 5. B80A Series POTENTIOMETERF UNCTIONS POTENTIOMETER DESCRIPTION TURNING CW Pot '1 Loopg aina djustmenint openl oop& velocitym odes. Voltaget o currents calingfa ctora djustmenint current mo0e Increases loop gain Pot 2 Currenlti mit. lt adjustsb othc ontinuouasn d peak currentli mitw hilem aintaininsqe lectedra tio Increasesc urrent limit Pot 3 Reference gain. lt adjusts the ratio between input signal and output variables (voltage, current, velocity) Increases referencein put gain Pot 4 Test / Offset. Used to adjust any imbalance in the input signal or in the amplifier. When SW4 (DlP switch)i s "On", the sensitivityo f this pot is greatly increasedth us it can be useda s an on-boards ignal source for testing purposes. See section "G" N/A TEST POINTS FOR PCTENTIOMETERS Once the poientiometer adjustment is complete, the resistance values can be measured for future adjustments. Test points of the potentiometerw ipers are provided and are located next to all four potentiometers. Make sure the power is off, then measure the resistance between ground and test points. OPERATING MODE SELECTION These modesc an be selectedb y the DIP switchesa ccordingt o the chart in the functionabl lockd iagram. " Current mode * Open loop mode * Tachometer mode * HALL velocity mode See section "G" for more information. VELOCITY CONTROL USING HALL SENSORS (HALL velocity mode) The frequencyo f HALL sensors is proportionatlo the motor speed. In B80A amplifiers eries internal circuitry decodes velocity information. This analog signal is available for closed loop velocity control. HALL velocity mode can be selected by the DIP switches according to the chart in the block diagram. Since the frequency of HALL sensor signals is not very high, this mode does not provide good velocity control below speeds 300 RPM. The optimal response can be achieved by adjusting Pot 1 loop gain. Increasei t by turning Pot 1 clockwiseu ntil the motor breaks into oscillation,t hen turn it back slighfly. Changingt he velocityl oop integratorv alue (SWg)m ight improvet he response. The polarityo f velocity signal should be the same as the polarity of input signal. For positive input signal the velocity monitor signal should be positive. SW7 can be used to set the right polarity. c-51 Sold & Serviced By: ELECTROMATE Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099
  6. 6. ELECTROMATE B80A Series Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099 SET.UP See section" G" for set-upi nstructionasn d applicationo tes. CURRENTL IMITA DJUSTMENTS Thesea mplifiersfe atures eparatep eaka nd continuoucsu rrentl imita djustmentsT. he currentl imit adjustmenPt ot2 adjustsb othp eaka ndc ontinuoucsu rrenlti mita t thes amet ime. lt has 12 activet urns plus '1i nactivetu rna t eache nd and is approximateliyn ear.T hus,t o adjustt he currentl imitt urnt he potentiometecor unter-clockwitsoe z ero( usingo hmmetert)h, ent urnc lockwisteo thea ppropriatvea lue. In manya pplicationist is sufficientto use onlyt he DIP switchesfo r currentl imita djustmentsS. W3 reducesb oth peak and continuousc urrentl imit by 50% when it is "Off'. SW8 reduceso nly the continuoucsu rrentl imitb v 50%w heni t is "Off': sw8 CONTINUOUS/ PEAK CURRENTL IMIT RATIO ON 50o/o OFF 250k P1-15 is the input to the internal current amplifier stage. P1-15, the adjusted current limit can easily be observed The actual current can be monitored at pin P1- B. See section "G" for more information. ORDERING INFORMATION current is proportiona. connecting the motor. Since the output at this oin without Mooels:B B0A40X8.8 0A20X8, 60A40XB, E80A40XB,E B0A40XB,E 60A40X X indicates the current revision number TYPICAL SYSTEM WIRING: See section "G" (G-11). MOUNTINGD IMENSIONSS: ee section" E" fig. 7 (E-9). Sold & Serviced By: