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Evernote tutorial


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This tutorial will help us to keep all our social media account, password and other important documents.

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Evernote tutorial

  1. 1. eleazarosedevilleres.c om
  2. 2. A BLESSED DAY! Take time to read this EvernoteTutorial. I’m pretty sure you will get a lot to learn.
  3. 3. Before we start, let me first introduce to you what is Evernote.
  4. 4. Evernote is a closed source freemium suite of software and services, designed for note taking and archiving. A "note" can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten "ink" note.
  5. 5. Notes can also have file attachments. Notes can be sorted into folders, then tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched, and exported as part of a notebook.
  6. 6. Evernote supports a number of operating system platforms (including OS X, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Microsoft Windows,Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and webOS and also offers online synchronisation and backup services.
  7. 7. Evernote is available in a paid version or a more restricted free version. Use of the online service is free up to a certain monthly usage limit, with additional monthly use reserved for paying subscribers.
  8. 8. So we will start first in creating an account for our Evernote.
  9. 9. I will do the free version for my tutorial today
  10. 10. Are you ready to learn this new tools? Okay let’s start.
  11. 11. First, Open your browser (google chrome, Incognito, Mozilla fire fox etc.). Whatever browser you want is applicable.
  12. 12. Then at the top of your search box,
  13. 13. Enter Then click ENTER
  14. 14. And it looks like this:
  15. 15. At the bottom of that page (Evernote page), you will see the sign up button
  16. 16. Let’s register. Click sign up to create an account
  17. 17. Simply enter your email and chosen password in the field required
  18. 18. Once you activated your Evernote account. This will show:
  19. 19. Let’s try to add a new note. Just click the + button on the upper left side of your screen
  20. 20. And this will appear:
  21. 21. Fill the information need in the Box
  22. 22. Then click done to save
  23. 23. We can also move note to another note or just create a new note to move that one
  24. 24. As you click that “note icon “ this will show you:
  25. 25. You can also tag your note. Just click the “tag icon”
  26. 26. You can also choose the best “font style” for you!
  27. 27. And you will see this:
  28. 28. You can also change how big or small you want to be your “’font size”
  29. 29. You can also pick whatever color of font you want by clicking little “square” on your note page.
  30. 30. You can also let your text or font bold by clicking the letter “B” beside the square
  31. 31. Want a design in to your font? Make it “Italic!”
  32. 32. You can also put underline in your text by clicking the U letter beside the I
  33. 33. You can also put a strike on your text by clicking S
  34. 34. You can also make code block by clicking the”{ }”
  35. 35. You can also make box by clicking the box that has a check inside of it.
  36. 36. You can also have bulleted list on your note by clicking three line that has dot in-front of them
  37. 37. And for your number list click the three lines that has a number before the line
  38. 38. You can also add link into your text
  39. 39. You can also attach file
  40. 40. Then choose file
  41. 41. You can add up to 10 file on it. When you’re finish then click the attach file
  42. 42. And this will appear
  43. 43. You can also insert your note in Google Drive
  44. 44. You can also make a table on your note
  45. 45. You can make also divided line
  46. 46. You can also choose alignment for your text
  47. 47. You can also make your text have space in left or right by clicking the both “Indent”
  48. 48. You can also have subscript
  49. 49. If you have subscript, you can also have superscript
  50. 50. If you change your mind, you can also remove the format that you did
  51. 51. If you have too many notes and you’re tired to scroll down so many times you can search the name of the notes that you’re looking for.
  52. 52. Just click the search icon under the + button on the left side of your screen
  53. 53. You can also send chats as fast as messenger chats in Evernote
  54. 54. Then create shortcut by clicking the star icon
  55. 55. You can go back easily into your notes by clicking the note icon
  56. 56. And also find a notebook by clicking book icon under the note icon
  57. 57. You can also find a tag by clicking the tag icon
  58. 58. Then click your account identity at the left bottom of your screen to see settings, Log out etc.
  59. 59. And that’s all for this tutorial. I know you learned a lot.
  60. 60. If you want more tutorials about tools and also want a blog that can help you, you can check out my blogsite at
  61. 61. If you have questions or suggestions, you can also email me at Or contact me on skype at
  62. 62. Glad being with you in this tutorial. See you in my next tutorial! God Bless.