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6 Digit Income; How to Achieve your Desired Income/Salary?


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6 digit income

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6 Digit Income; How to Achieve your Desired Income/Salary?

  1. 1. 6 Digit Income; How to Achieve your Desired Income/Salary? Source: Grace Jhoy Sombrano From Jomar Hilario’s webinar
  2. 2. Overview: -Brain Train -Reason Why? -Value -Humility -Empty Enough -Mental Obstacle
  3. 3. What is Brain Train?
  4. 4. -Brain train refers to cognitive training that uses mental exercises.
  5. 5. Reason: -Ask yourself the reason why you need to have this kind of minded. -Every decision or actions you make you need to think thoroughly.
  6. 6. Value: -Is your value is your salary today? -Did you achieve what you want for your life?
  7. 7. Humility: -You must know your strength and limitation. -How you express your humility to others?
  8. 8. Are you a Empty Enough? -Are you able to accept more wealth? -Do you have extra space to know more or excel your knowledge?
  9. 9. Empty Enough Space on your bookshelves? Space for new clothes/same clothes? Accept simplicity Accept obvious requirement for life.
  10. 10. Requirements of life • Closer to God • Good Health • Happy Relationship • Family Bonding
  11. 11. How to Create a Great Habits You need to set your goals You need to have a clear target Prioritize your important task/activities Learn (be obsessed to learn more everyday) Take actions TODAY!
  12. 12. Mental Obstacles -How you’ll conquer interruptions? -Mental Block -Negative Mindset -Crab Mentality
  13. 13. To Achieve the 6 Digit Income you need to: oChange the way of your thinking oChange your life work or the way of your action to the right choices/plan. oChange your physical work, how you perform the plan.
  14. 14. 6 Digit Income Mindset It’s time to become “Awake” Do all your best Take action Don’t be afraid to learn more Believe in yourself and in God Improve your skills