Online PR Presentation March 2012


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  • CommunicationRelationshipReputationTrust
  • Communities, Conversations
  • 9.895 million Australians use social networkingClose to four in five Australian Internet users (78%) sent or shared a photo in the past year and nearly three quarters (74%) sent or shared a link. The biggest increases in social media usage were reading and posting on Twitter, reading wikis and engaging with brands and organisations via social media, including watching online video to support purchase decisions (see chart 1).and nearly one quarter of online Australians (23%) read ‘tweets’ in the past year,Nielsen -43% of online Australians now own a SmartphoneNielsen 2010 Internet & Technology Report
  •* based on 90 million users globally)
  • How important is the following in building rust for a companyYellow importanceRed = performance
  • Q149-160. [TRACKING] Below is a list of places where you might get information about a company. For each, please indicate if you trust it a great deal, somewhat, not too much, or not at all as a source of information about a company. (Top Box - % Trust A Great Deal) Informed Publics ages 25-64 in AustraliaQ161-165.
  • Convergence of traditional & onlineJournalists have duel responsibilities – not just a print journalistContent opportunities aboundParticularly following the Clarence House PR team use of Twitter yesterday to announce details of Kate and William’s wedding
  • Yahoo 7 NewsNine NewsABC NewsThe AgeHerald SunBBCMail OnlineSMH
  • In the last decade, media consumption by 8-18 year olds increased by almost 80 minutes to 458 per day – both traditional and new media. Television viewing is up slightly, but teenagers are simultaneously texting to friends, updating their Facebook status, and tweeting. Source: DatamonitorAs of December 2007, blog search engine Technocrati was tracking more than 112 million blogs. Computerworld puts the growth rate at 120,000 per day.
  • Fragmented audienceMEIdentifying influencers
  • Been dying since the 1980s – rumoured demise is greatly exaggeratedBUT it is changing SocialisedAnd shouldn’t be relied on as the sole way of communcatingMultimedia SEOSmaller and more concise
  • No such thing as off the record – even more true now. Emails, conversations, letters can all be made public.Don’t think you can hide things – it will come out. US Government claimed that Obama used his wife as a shield, now having to say its not true.UK politicians expenses scandal on the front pages.Closed door policy no longer an optionCynicism about govt & corporate commsTrust is paramount Anna Bligh during QLD floods good model
  • Customer service no longer domain of issues & crisis commsPR on the front-line and involved from the beginningMonitoring, listening and responding
  • CONTENT!!!Creating, participating and leading discussionsAcross multiple channels; part of integrated campaignsAnd doing it quickly
  • Online PR Presentation March 2012

    1. 1. Ignition Workshop: Online PR Inform. Educate. Inspire.
    2. 2. Welcome • Introductions • What is online PR? • Why does it matter in 2012? • How has the communications landscape changed? • What does it all mean?Online PR
    3. 3. So, what is online PR?In PR, we’ll always:• Engage in two way communication• Believe that building relationships is key• Be the guardians of our company’s reputation Principles of PR remain whether online or offlineOnline PR
    4. 4. The two C’s Active & engaged participants talking & sharingOnline PR
    5. 5. Why does it matter? 9 million Australians use social networking 4 in 5 online Australians sent or shared a photo in the past year 1 in 4 online Australians read tweets Source: Nielsen Source: NielsenOnline PR
    6. 6. I’ll Facebook you 1. Facebook - 10,703,160 Australian users 2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs 3. Blogspot – 3,500,000 4. LinkedIn – 2,200,000 5. Twitter – 1,800,000 6. – 1,600,000 7. Google Plus – 1,200,000 users* 8. Tumblr – 1,100,000 9. Flickr – 920,000 10. MySpace – 520,000 11. Instagram – 250,000 12. Pinterest - 160,000 Source: Social Media Statistics, Feb 2012Online PR Source: Social Media News
    7. 7. The business case 9 in 10 Australian internet users look to fellow internet users for opinions and information about products, services and brands Source: Nielsen Source: NielsenOnline PR
    8. 8. Source: 2012 Edelman Trust BarometerThe business caseOnline PR
    9. 9. Trust Source: 2012 Edelman Trust BarometerOnline PR
    10. 10. Online PR
    11. 11. Journalism has gone social Plus, rise of citizen journalismOnline PR
    12. 12. Read all about it Source: Nielsen We are news gatherers and sharersOnline PR
    13. 13. Online PR
    14. 14. Communities Share and supportOnline PR
    15. 15. Communities Critique and shareOnline PR
    16. 16. Online PR
    17. 17. Mobilise and publiciseOnline PR
    18. 18. Mobilise and pressuriseOnline PR
    19. 19. Disseminate information quicklyOnline PR
    20. 20. More places, more information sources, more networks, more conversations…Online PR
    21. 21. Macro to micro comms It’s all about ME!!Online PR
    22. 22. The press release is DEAD!* * No it’s not but it is changingOnline PR
    23. 23. Open & HonestOnline PR
    24. 24. How can we help you?Online PR
    25. 25. Content is KINGOnline PR
    26. 26. StorytellersOnline PR
    27. 27. Don’t be scared…. Listen Engage RespondOnline PR
    28. 28. Ignition Workshop: Online PR Inform. Educate. Inspire.