Why Your Business Should Be Using Google Places For Advertising


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Hopefully after reading this article you now understand the key benefits of getting your business listed on Google Places. Considering it’s free, owned by the number one search engine in the world and easy to set-up the decision to choose Google Places as part of your overall marketing strategy is an easy one to make. http://googleplaces.yourvirtualgirlfriday.com to get your copy

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Why Your Business Should Be Using Google Places For Advertising

  1. 1. Google Places By Your VirtualGirlFriday
  2. 2. Google Places is a little-known online resourcethat allows you to get moreexposure for your business, drive customers through your doors and increase your bottom line. It’s completely FREE (with no catches) and enables you to create your own business listing in no time at all.
  3. 3. As your business is advertised online by the most popular search engine on the planet youcan guarantee maximum exposure 24 hours a day, evenwhile yousleep!
  4. 4. Many business ownersare looking online for strategies to help boost their advertising. Dueto the increasing popularity of the internet as a marketing platform as a business ownerit is now moreimportant than everto ensureyour advertising is highly targeted.
  5. 5. Thereare several waysof doing this so you stay one-step ahead of your competition, or indeed force them onto the sidelines. What’s morethese strategies can be implemented right now and this article will discuss the steps you needto take to achieve this
  6. 6. Despite the internetallowing you to effectively advertise yourbusinessto people on theother side ofthe world it’s important to not forget yourlocal market. Thepeople in yourtown and surroundingareasarea market worthy ofyour consideration. If you own anoffline ‘bricks and mortar’businessessentially these arethe people you need to target initially.
  7. 7. A lot of businesses leave a lot of moneyand goodwill on the table by ignoring their local market. Consider researching your local market. Lookinto the demographics and discover if there is a demand for your products.
  8. 8. When your business listing has beenapproved by Google Places (thereare important stepsyou needto take), and whenconsumers type specific keywordphrases into their favorite searchengine, your listing will appear on page one of Google. This added exposure could dramatically improve your bottom line.
  9. 9. Although more business ownersare getting their businesses listed on Google Places a lot are not making the mostof the opportunity available to them. Thereis so muchyou can do to make your listing stand out from your competition.
  10. 10. Consider adding coupons to yourGoogle Placeslisting as this make your listing more compelling and will improve the numberofpeople who click throughtoyour website to take advantage of yourcost-saving offer.
  11. 11. Visit: http://GooglePlaces.YourVirtualGirlFriday.com To purchaseyourcopy of Google Places by YourVirtual Girl Friday Eleanor Prior