Video tutorial Profits How to Create Them


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One of the most expensive things you can buy these days is software. It seems like the price just keeps going up as the technology becomes more complex, with no stopping point in sight. Fortunately if you need to make tutorial videos and you need to create training videos there are some open source (free) options as well as some low-cost options.

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Video tutorial Profits How to Create Them

  1. 1. How to Get Started Creating a Training VideoBy Michelle SchoenMaking tutorial videos is easy once you learn how. There are many different software applications that you can use tomake tutorial videos. If you want to create training videos that can be used in the workplace to teach employees howto do various tasks as well as inform them of company policy and rules then you can do that. If you want to createtraining videos that you can sell for a profit you can do that also. Whatever reason you want to create training videoscan be accomplished.If you want to know how to create a video tutorial follow these steps:Step 1: Choose your software – There are various software packages that you can purchase or download free toget started creating training videos, such as: Camtasia, Avi Screen Capture, CamStudio, Copernicus, AdobeCaptivate and others. Choose based on your budget and whether there is enough training for you to learn how to usethe software efficiently.Step 2: Decide what you want to demonstrate – Get a good idea in your mind about what exactly you want todemonstrate how to do in your training video. Knowing what you want will help you with step 1 and the followingsteps.Step 3: Practice your skills – Ensure that you know how to do what you want to instruct someone else on how todo. Practice doing it over and over to make sure that you aren’t missing any steps. Write notes as you learn.Step 4: Learn how to use the software – Now, it’s time to practice using the software that you’ve downloaded orpurchased. You can likely find training videos for your choice that will help you learn what you need to know. Practiceusing the software so that you can record your desktop without interrupting to learn how to use the software.Step 5: Write a script – Using all your notes create a script about what you want teach. You don’t have to follow theexact working in the script but it is a good idea to at least follow your steps so that you don’t accidentally skip oversomething important. Even the smallest step is important to the novice.Step 6: Record – Now that you’ve practiced, and know your script, you can go through the process of recording yourscreen so that you can create a training video for your employees, clients, or others.Step 7: Edit – Once you’re doing making the raw footage you can use your software to edit what you’ve created tomake it look as professional as possible.
  2. 2. Step 8: Publish – Choose your format and let the software do the rest. Then upload the files to the place you wantyour students to view or purchase it.Step 9: Market – Make a sales page, or send out an email with your tutorial so that everyone you want to view it orbuy it can do so.Step 10: Earn or learn – You can put up your video tutorial for sale or for free, it’s up to you what you want to do withyour training video.Making Video Tutorials can be one of the fastest products you will ever create and there is nothing like the power ofvideo! Learn how to create quick video tutorials for fun and profit by visiting Video Tutorial Profits.What is Camtasia Software?Camtasia 7 is very powerful software that you can use to capture your computer screen, or use to edit video thatyou’ve recorded with another type of camera like a webcam. You might wonder why you would want to conductscreen recording but when you consider that by using software such as Camtasia to record your screen you can thenteach anyone how to do something on the computer. Some of the functions you can complete using Camtasia:Record Desktop – Perhaps you want to show your mom how to block people on Facebook, or you want to showemployees and contractors how to add an appropriate email signature using Gmail or Outlook, you can do it. Yousimply set up the software, record your screen, and speak into your microphone while you conduct the task thatyou’re trying to demonstrate.Screen Recording – You can create a PowerPoint presentation, and then record it as you conduct the thing that youwant to show someone how to do. You can probably imagine many different tasks that you’d like to demonstrate toshow others how to do.Screen recording enables you to create a variety of Camtasia tutorials that will be useful to your employees,contractors, staff and / or students. Additionally, any type of event can be captured and edited using Camtasiasoftware. You can use a combination of presentations, captured digital footage both action and still, and use theCamtasia software to bring it all together in a professional format with voice overs and special enhancing usinghighlighting, text, flash animation and more.Camtasia software is used by many University professors to create tutorials for their online students and even forextras for their traditional classes. Once you create the tutorial using Camtasia the software automatically creates theend product in the form you choose whether for viewing via a website or whether via a download in another format.When you’re done creating your training video, you’ll be given a choice to publish in many popular formats such asFLV, MP4, MPEG, 3GP and others.These various choices will enable you to post your end training video on your website, within an email, within amembership website, for download, and in many useful ways for the intended recipient, your target market, to watchand learn from. You can use these training videos to train your audience how to do something, or why they should dosomething, adding interest to your offerings thus increasing your expert status exponentially.
  3. 3. Online video is quickly becoming one of the most prolific and effective marketing strategies for your business in 2011and beyond! You can learn more by visiting Learn Camtasia.Create Training Videos – Common Questions & AnswersBy Michelle SchoenCreating training videos can move your business forward to the next level establishing yourself as an expert in yourniche. Whether you use the videos to train clients or employees creating free or low cost training videos will give youthe extra oomph that you need. You can in fact, create an entire business around training. Some common questionsabout creating free training videos are:How do I record my computer screen?Simple! Use a program such as Camtasia, click a few icons to start up the program and before you know it you’rerecording your screen. You can record your screen to show anyone how to do anything on a computer such as: howto zip or unzip a file, how to upload a video to YouTube, how to solve an algebra problem, and much, much more, thesky is the limit — only your imagination can hold you back.Can I give away the videos I make free?Of course! You can give away free videos to your clients showing them important information about how to use yourproducts or services. Additionally, video is a nice “premium” gift to give buyers for another purchase of some kind, oreven an incentive to purchase more. For example, if you sell color cosmetics you can include a video on the properway to use your product.What if I want to charge for the training videos I make?Then charge for them. Simply create a sales page for your videos, market them and watch the orders come in.Training videos can be hot property especially well made ones that avoid skipping important steps. If you know howto do essentially anything from planting a container garden to making graphics, you can record it your work as youcomplete it, describing everything you do, and provide the edited recording as a teaching tool.Does it cost much to create a training video?No, training videos don’t cost much to produce if you learn how to do it yourself. Even if you hire an expert to edityour raw footage from your flip cam or other camera the cost is well worth it. However, there are free and paidprograms that you can use to create your training videos yourself if you care to learn. The trick is learning how to usethe software and learning what the best ways to set up the videos are. You can do it quickly and today if you getstarted.Making Video Tutorials can be one of the fastest products you will ever create and there is nothing like the power ofvideo! Learn how to create quick video tutorials for fun and profit by visiting Video Tutorial Profits.Video Tutorials on a Budget
  4. 4. By Michelle SchoenOne of the most expensive things you can buy these days is software. It seems like the price just keeps going up asthe technology becomes more complex, with no stopping point in sight. Fortunately if you need to make tutorialvideos and you need to create training videos there are some open source (free) options as well as some low-costoptions.After you determine your budget if outsourcing is not an option, then take a look at the open-source and low-costsoftware offerings such as:AviScreen - A windows based screen capturing software, this software is limited in scope but very useful for creatingsoundless how to tutorials about pretty much anything that requires you record your computer screen.GoView - This is a semi “in the cloud” option that records your screen and audio to create training videos that do agreat job and look professional. Download the recorder, then make your recording and share instantly, no need tolearn how to upload anything since GoView hosts your recordings for you. This program is in BETA so there may bea charge later related to hosting. But it’s worth a try now while it’s still free.Camtasia - This is screen capturing and video capturing software that has many professional quality functions, yet,it’s very inexpensive compared to other fully-featured software products. It also has a relatively short learning curve ifyou spend just a little time learning each day. There are a variety of training products that you can purchase to helplearn this amazing software.PowerPoint - If you don’t have PowerPoint you can also use OpenOffice to create powerful presentations then use ascreen recording software such as AviScreen, GoView, or Camtasia to record your screen while presenting thepresentation. Creating training videos has never been easier than it is today. The amateur can look professionalwithout spending six figures.If you’re already good at doing something, when you create a training video the hardest part will be getting yourselforganized so that the process goes fast. The next hardest part is choosing the right software to make your job easierand look professional to boot. If you get organized and choose the right software you’ll be able to create powerful andprofessional training videos fast and easily. What’s more, your training videos will get results. A training video isalmost better than being there in person because the trainee can look at the video again and again even when you’renot there.Creating training videos on a budget is simple to do if you get everything prepared before you get started. Don’texpect to be perfect, but do make a script that you can loosely follow so that you don’t miss steps. Preparation is thekey to making budget training videos.Making Video Tutorials can be one of the fastest products you will ever create and there is nothing like the power ofvideo! Learn how to create quick video tutorials for fun and profit by visiting Video Tutorial Profits power of video!
  5. 5. Make Your First Video Tutorial – How to Record Your ComputerScreenBy Michelle SchoenCreating instructional video tutorials using specialized software is easier than ever. By using specialized software torecord your computer screen you will be able to create training videos on any subject you can imagine. Whether youwant to show someone how to check their email, or how to use Skype, or how to use your software or complete atask relevant to your expertise, you can make a video tutorial by recording your computer screen.The reason you may want to make tutorial videos is because making a video tutorial is the next best thing to showingsomeone how to do something in person. In fact, it may even be better because you can show someone once, and ifthey can’t remember they can replay the video tutorial over and over again until they get it. Additionally, you can earnextra money showcasing your expertise by selling your tutorials for cash.How to create video tutorials is simple if you know what software you need. You need the right software, and youneed an expertise. Ensure that you practice what you want to teach several times in order to avoid skipping importantsteps, keeping notes as you go along, so that your final video tutorial is perfect. You can use software such as,AviScreen, GoView and Camtasia to record your screen to create the video tutorial.Follow these steps to ensure a professional video tutorial as your finished product:Step 1: Decide what you want to record - You likely are well versed in many different topics such as “How to Builda Bird Cage”. You can use a webcam to record parts of the steps. Use video editing software to edit the steps. Thenyou can put it all in a PowerPoint slide show. Next, you use the screen recording software to record the PowerPoint.Or maybe you just want to create a fast show recording your screen on “How to Set Up a Google Email Account”. Inthat case, you simply use the right software to record your computer screen as you complete the process whilenarrating it with your microphone.Step 2: Pick a software - There are different software you can use, alone and in conjunction with others such asCamtasia, AviScreen, GoView, and SnagIt to create both moving and still shots of your screen. What software youpick will depend on your budget, and skill level. You can learn how to use almost any software by watching tutorials.Step 3: Write a script - Always write down the steps and a script. Go through your process and write down the stepsso that you won’t miss anything.
  6. 6. Step 4: Perform the script - After you write your script, perform the script. You don’t have to follow the scriptverbatim, but you should follow the steps so that you don’t accidentally skip over anything. That way your tutorial willbe very professional. Ask a friend to view it before you set it for sale or out in the public allowing them to critique yourresults. This can help you add in any steps you may have missed.Step 5: Edit recording - Using the software, edit the video tutorial taking out “umms” and mistakes. Knowing you canedit as you are recording will help you not have to stop and start numerous times. Just keep going and then edit outyour mistakes.Step 6: Format for viewing - Depending on how you plan to deliver the video tutorial, you will format your finalproduct according to what is needed.Step 7: Finish up - You’re all done – sell it, give it away and promote it!Making Video Tutorials can be one of the fastest products you will ever create and there is nothing like the power ofvideo! Learn how to create quick video tutorials for fun and profit by visiting Video Tutorial Profits.