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An overview of social innovation and The Young Foundation

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  • Cover UK govt approach to social entrepreneurship but not speak on behalf of government – the unauthorised version.
  • Cover UK govt approach to social entrepreneurship but not speak on behalf of government – the unauthorised version.
  • Cover UK govt approach to social entrepreneurship but not speak on behalf of government – the unauthorised version.
  • Social innovation Anna Smee

    1. 1. The Young FoundationAnna SmeeDirector of VenturesSlide 1 The Young Foundation 2011
    2. 2. The Young FoundationThe Young Foundationbrings together insight,innovation andentrepreneurship to meetsocial needs.We develop and support newideas turning them intosustainable organisations.
    3. 3. Michael Young (1915 – 2002)Policy maker shaped UK welfarestateSociologist and writer - coinedterm ‘meritocracy’, pioneer ofthinking about ageing & familySocial entrepreneur – initiatorof over 60 organisations and‘probably the world’s mostsuccessful entrepreneur of socialenterprises’ Prof. Daniel Bell Few people have made such a contribution to our society in so many different areas, Prime Minister Tony Blair said in tribute. He was that rare combination -- not just a great thinker but a great doer.„ New York Times, January 2002Slide 3 The Young Foundation 2011
    4. 4. The Young Foundation Today the Young Foundation works across the UK (and beyond) to effect social change• Independent non-profit organisation without an “Westminsters institutes, centres endowment and networks spend so much time in greater Whitehall that their wonkish plans interest few outside its• Bringing together insight, innovation and borders. The Young entrepreneurship to address social needs Foundation, however, is set apart – both intellectually and geographically. Housed deep in the• Based in the UK with a truly international perspective. East End, in wonderful buildings We have outposts in the US, France and Australia, as shared with community well as projects in Africa and Asia. organisations, it embodies the twin passions of the man who inspired it – researching social ills, and then• Three core complimentary focus areas doing something about them.” Research (Director - Will Norman) Advisory (Director - Nicola Bacon) The Guardian Editorial 2009 Ventures (Director – Anna Smee) Slide 4 The Young Foundation 2011
    5. 5. Social Entrepreneur in Residence (SEiR) model, embedding The Young Foundation in local partner organisations:• Earned income model sustaining the programme• Increases Young Foundation reach through local partners• Brings ideas and partners together securing income and feeds pipeline for both organisations
    6. 6. Our SEiR Partnership• Accelerate the adoption and diffusion of scalable and sustainable innovative social ventures• Our focus is the field of health & social care: - Homelessness - Older People - Learning Disability and - Mental Health• Geography covers both West and East midlandsSlide 8 The Young Foundation 2011
    7. 7. The Process BREAKFAST ROUNDTABLE: Exploring enablers and barriers to social innovation in housing and health (20 attendees) PARTNERSHIP LAUNCH EVENT: Diffusion & Adoption of Innovation in Health & Social Care (80+ attendees) SOCIAL INNOVATION LONGLIST: (75+ ideas) New ideas that meet unmet needs SOCIAL Our joint criteria: INNOVATION Credible partnerships SHORTLIST: (15-20 ideas) demonstrating social impact; innovation; MH & YF SELECT 4 sustainability andSlide 9 The Young Foundation 2011 IDEAS scalability
    8. 8. Selection of Ventures/ Partnerships 1. 15-20 potential partnerships presented to MH/ YF of which 4 will be selected for in- depth support over a 18+ month period Covering: • Homelessness • Learning Disabilities • Mental Health • Older People Slide 10 The Young Foundation 2011
    9. 9. End to endinnovation
    10. 10. MethodsThe Young Foundation supports social ventures from conceptdevelopment to mainstreaming.•Invite application and scouting•Idea generation / ideation methods Venturing •Sustainable ventures with replicable / scalable model•Prototyping workshops •Key Operational team in place•Research and catalysing exercises •Venture support to sustainability •Earned income(order book) eg•Reports, modelling and analysis •Stage-gated investment at least one major commission•In depth knowledge of social needs •Fundraising and commissioning support •Follow-on investment from third (user / community engagement) •Financial modelling parties (where needed)•Service design •Metrics and impact measurement •Relationship support with other•Pre-investment support •Return on Investment (ROI) reporting SVI or customer base Concept Mainstream •Partnership building •Access to pro-bono support (e.g Legal) Design ventures
    11. 11. Contact DetailsEleanor CappellSocial Entrepreneur in Residence (SEiR) at Midland HeartE: eleanor.cappell@youngfoundation.orgT: 0845 850 1020 ext. 6248M: 07956 317 236Slide 13 The Young Foundation 2011