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Chris Munday - Introduction to Midland Heart


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Chris Munday - Introduction to Midland Heart

  1. 1. Midland HeartCare & SupportChris MundayExecutive Director of Care and Support
  2. 2. About us Provide Care and Support to over 6,700 people Mange over 35,000 properties and over 100 agency managed care and support scheme Respond to over 1000 requests for accommodation/ support every year
  3. 3. We provide help and support for Mental health issues Learning disabilities Rough sleepers Alcohol/ drug abuse Sex workers Refugees Offenders Vulnerable adults Behavioural issues Domestic violence Relationship breakdown Irish/ BME communities
  4. 4. Outcomes Promoting choice and personalisation Person centred approach Optimising independent living Transforming lives Reducing social and economic exclusion Assisting customers to be active members of the local community Midland Heart aspires to offer innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our customers
  5. 5. Our CustomersReform Financial PressureGrowing Demand
  6. 6. Our hope is to co-createinnovative solutions tojoint problems