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9 carbide brushcutter trimmer blades 4pk


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9 carbide brushcutter trimmer blades 4pk

  1. 1. REVIEWS - 9" Carbide Brushcutter - TrimmerBlades 4pkViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeaturePack of {4} -- Carbide Tipped Trimmer BrushcutterqBlades 9" diameter - 100 Teeth brazed-welded9" will fit with Blade Guard {OFF} for maximumqcutting but less safety. Carbide is estimated to lastapprox. 10x longer than plain steelOur 9" is estimated to last approx 10%-12% longerqthan our 8" due to 20% more teeth (thereforemore aggregate cutting surface)but will {NOT} allow {most} blade guards to fitqsince blade diameter is larger than standard... butoffers the tradeoff of more performanceRead moreqProduct DescriptionUNIVERSAL FIT: ***NEW Thinner Reducer Washer***. You can measure "Washer" thickness with a Caliper, theWasher is the exact thickness of the blade and will even smash somewhat when firmly tightened. This bladewill fit any Trimmer-Brush cutter that takes a 1" = 25.4mm or 7/8" = 20mm arbor. Our blade is built for anyRPM even super high RPM Trimmers (10,000+ rpm). Manufactured with a more flexible steel as compared tothe much more brittle steel found with table saw blades (table saw blades can shatter if they hit an obstacle,plus they are only built for approx. 3,450 rpm so they should never be used with Gasoline powered GardenTrimmers). The carbide tips are welded-brazed on and will not come off.--- NOTE: sorry, but we have NOanswers regarding your particular Trimmer/brush cutter. It is up to you to determine whether: (1) a Blade caneven be attached to your Trimmer. (2) what blade attachment hardware is available for your Trimmer such as:fittings, blade guards, or attachments. (3) The arbor size it takes. This is the hole in the middle of the blade,sizes we offer are mentioned above and are the most standard in the industry. (4) Our blades will outperformany 40 tooth blade, as we offer over twice the aggregate cutting surface due to Two or Three times as manyCARBIDE teeth. More Carbide for the same buck means VALUE and DURABILITY. (5) NOTE: Jagged teeth donothing since at high RPMs, cutting material does not sink into teeth cavities, and less teeth are prone totearing cuts with lots of seizing in limbs... only the outer teeth tips do the cutting, our blades are the smoothestcutting in the industry. Try pruning a hedge with a 40 tooth then try ours, you will see what we are saying. TheCARBIDE MIX in our teeth is 2nd to none, take the test challenge. Just Tungsten is not enough; additives like:Hafnium, Tantalum, Titanium, Molybdenum, Silicone, Zirconium, Boron, Niobium, Chromium, & Vanadium,make for a better Carbide Mix for longer lasting teeth. Read more
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