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Gephi short introduction


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Published in: Technology
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Gephi short introduction

  1. 1. Sébastien Heymann <>
  2. 2. Exploratory Network Analysis 2 interact in real time 1 see the network Gephi prototype (2008) 1st graph viz tool: Pajek (1996) group, filter, compute metrics... Vladimir Batagelj, Andrej Mrvar 3 build a visual language size by rank, color by partition, label, curved edges, thickness...
  3. 3. Looking for Orderness in Data Make varying 3 cursors simultaneously to extract meaningful patterns (statistical and structural properties)MICRO level MACRO level at different levels1 dimension N dimensions on multiple dimensionsT+0 T+N at time scale
  4. 4. “Zoom” cursor on Quantitative DataMICRO level MACRO level Global - connectivity - density - centralization Local - communities - bridges between communities - local centers vs periphery Individual - centrality - distances - neighborhood - location - local authority vs hub
  5. 5. “Crossing” cursor on Qualitative Data1 dimension N dimensionsSocial- who with whom- communities- brokerage- influence and power- homophilySemantic- topics- thematic clustersGeographic- spatial phenomena
  6. 6. “Timeline” cursor on Temporal DataT+0 T+NEvolution of social tiesEvolution of communitiesEvolution of topics
  7. 7. Mapping an Innovation CenterCollaborations on projects at Images et Réseaux Themes and content Actors Territory Franck Ghitalla & Ecole de Design de Nantes
  8. 8. Gephi in a Nutshell « Like Photoshop™ for graphs. » Helps data analysts to reveal patterns and trends, highlight outliers and tells story with their data.• Network visualization platform• Open source, supported by a community• Built for performance and usability• Extensible by plug-ins• Windows, MacOS X, Linux
  9. 9. Gephi Community Nonprofit organization Communities Contributors Mathieu Bastian, Mathieu Jacomy, Eduardo Ramos Ibañez, Sébastien Heymann, Guillaume Ceccarelli, André Panisson, Antonio Patriarca, Cezary Bartosiak, Martin Škurla, Patrick McSweeney, Yi Du, Hélder Suzuki, Daniel Bernardes, Ernesto Aneiro, Keheliya Gallaba, Luiz Ribeiro, Urban Škudnik, Vojtech Bardiovsky, Yudi Xue
  10. 10. Community Mission Provide a “sustainable” software Maintain the technical ecosystem Build a business ecosystem Face cutting-edge technological challenges with a long-term vision Distribute the software in Open Source
  11. 11. Community Values Open innovation: ideas and features come from the entire community. Decisions are taken with transparency. We consider this technology as a public good, and will keep it in open source.
  12. 12. Diversity of Usagesbusiness leisure :-)communication academic art
  13. 13. Diversity of Network EncodingV = { a, b, c, d, e } <graph>E = { (a,b), (a,d), (b,c), (e,a), (c,e) } <nodes> <node id=”a” /> <node id=”b” /> Textual <node id=”c” /> <node id=”d” /> <node id=”e” /> </nodes> <edges> <edge source=”a” target=”b” /> <edge source=”a” target=”d” /> a b c d e <edge source=”b” target=”c” /> a - 1 - 1 - <edge source=”e” target=”a” /> <edge source=”c” target=”e” /> b - - 1 - - </edges> c - - - - 1 </graph> d - - - - - e 1 - - - - XML Graphical Tabular and many others...
  14. 14. Software I/O } MySQL PostgreSLSQL Server databases user input Neo4j CSV CSV Pajek NET Pajek NET file Guess GDF Guess GDF > GEXF GEXF GraphML GraphML file Graphviz DOT Excel Spreadsheet UCInet DL SVG NetdrawVNA PDF Tulip TLP PNG Excel Spreadsheet graph streaming