Costa Rica - Any Land Of PeaceWhether you want to reside , retire, invest, or just relax in panama and nicaragua , , it is...
back to 1949. During that same year, the actual abolition of the armed service was introduced inArticle twelve of the Cost...
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Costa Rica - Any Land Of Peace


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Costa Rica - Any Land Of Peace

  1. 1. Costa Rica - Any Land Of PeaceWhether you want to reside , retire, invest, or just relax in panama and nicaragua , , it is a comfortingthought for you to live in a secure and peaceful demilitarized country that has been recommended bythe Dalai Lama, a country that enjoys the highest political, social, and also economic stability in all ofLatin the united states.Costa Rica loves a rich indigenous background , and Costa Ricas civilization dates back to be able tothousands and thousands of decades. Historically, Costa Rica (implies rich coast) provides enjoyedgreater tranquility and more political stability compared to other latina American countries.NEvertheless , back in 1948, panama and nicaragua , endured what was called the bloodiest, themajority of brutal civil battle in its history. The actual 44-day civil battle resulted in more than 2000casualties and had been described as the bloodiest event in twentieth century Costa Ricanbackground.The Costa Rican Civil War had been triggered by the Costa Rican governments choice to annul theresults of the presidential political election of 1948, proclaiming the election involving Otilio Ulatesince president a fraudulence. A rebel military under Commander José Figueres Ferrer increased upagainst the government involving President Teodoro Picado and defeated it. After the victory in thecivil war, Costa Ricas path towards democracy remained the same , and José Figueres ruled CostaRica with regard to eighteen months since head of a armed service junta before conspiring the newelection and also stepping aside to be able to whom the Costa Ricans chose like a leader - OtilioUlate. On dec 1st, 1948, José Figueres Ferrer eliminated Costa Ricas military , and 38 decades later,in 1986, President Oscar Arias Sánchez announced December 1st the actual Día signifiant laAbolición del Ejército (Military Abolition day ). Costa Rica was the very first country in the world to beable to constitutionally abolish their army, and as a result, panama and nicaragua , , unlike all othercountries in Latin the united states , has not experienced any kind of political violence or even civilwar since then.Costa Rica has brought leaps and bounds from becoming described as "the weakest and mostmiserable spanish colony in all Americas" by a Spanish governor in 1719 to your country thatannounced its independence through Spain in 1821, endured a raw civil war within 1948, andpresently enjoys a great fiscal stability and rates high 4th among latina American countries and also48th worldwide in terms of the 2007 Human improvement Index, an index which measures humanimprovement - including endurance , literacy and schooling , and gross home-based product (GDP)every capita - with regard to countries worldwide.Costa Rica also rates high 5th worldwide in terms of the 2008 Environmental functionality Index, anindex which measures the environmental functionality of countries guidelines worldwide, up in the15th place of two years before. Demonstrating wide-ranging and deep ecological awareness, theCosta Rican government unveiled in 2007 an idea that will make panama and nicaragua , the firstcountry in the world to become carbon neutral by 2021.Costa Rica is a secure and peaceful haven that enjoys a lengthy, continuous democracy that goes
  2. 2. back to 1949. During that same year, the actual abolition of the armed service was introduced inArticle twelve of the Costa Rican Constitution. Costa Rica does not have any standing army sincethen , and the budget thats previously dedicated to the actual military is now focused on Costa Ricasprotection , education, and tradition. In a time of battle and political uncertainty in the States andmany other European countries, it is very reassuring for millions of people across the world to knowthey are able to are now living in a country thus peaceful that it does not even need a military.Costa Rica is a democratic republic that enjoys a strong method of constitutional controls and anindependent judicial system. Since 1949, Costa Rica has kept 12 presidential elections, the latestbeing in 2007 , and all of them are already regarded as peaceful and also transparent by theinternational community. The presidential election is kept once every several years, on the initialSunday in feb , and anybody over eighteen can vote.Who wouldnt dream of living in a country so peaceful it requires pride in having far more teachersthan cops ? In todays war-torn world , it is very reassuring and also comforting to know that peoplecan all getaway to the beautiful, secure sanctuary of panama and nicaragua ,.Costa Rica vacations