Keeping customers reducing churn through support and upgrade optimization


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In the competitive telecommunications market place, business leaders are tasked with reducing customer churn, increasing conversion and boosting customer lifetime revenue. However, retaining and engaging mobile and broadband customers involves more than just optimizing the upgrade and renewal process. Telecoms must support the customer relationship over the lifetime of the contract through top-notch self-service tools.

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Keeping customers reducing churn through support and upgrade optimization

  1. 1. Elastic Path Software Inc. Keeping Customers: Reducing Churn Through Support and Upgrade Optimization Featuring: Linda Bustos, director of ecommerce research and author of the Get Elastic blog at Elastic Path Software June 15, 2012Elastic Path™
  2. 2. Introducing Elastic Path Software Digital Commerce for Innovators • We help the world’s biggest brands sell digital goods and services • We provide a flexible digital commerce platform and expertise in commerce strategy and implementation • #1 ecommerce blog • For more on-demand digital commerce resources Path™
  3. 3. Preview • Optimizing your web channel for existing customers • Self service • Mobile toolsElastic Path™
  4. 4. Optimizing for existing customersElastic Path™
  5. 5. Targeted selling • Home pages typically tailored for new customers • Rarely recognize returning customers (vs. visitors)Elastic Path™
  6. 6. Serve content to identified customer visitsElastic Path™
  7. 7. Support links Clear upgrade call-to-actionElastic Path™
  8. 8. Password tips • Username should be phone number (wireless only) – Otherwise email address • Strong passwords – state the rules, show an example • Password hints – Questions with only ONE possible answer (mother’s maiden name, birth city vs. favorite color, favorite teacher)Elastic Path™
  9. 9. Social sign-onElastic Path™
  10. 10. Social sign-on • Eliminate need for username / password • Auto-authentication (when logged in to FB) • Auto-fill community profile (forums) • Connects the rest of your site socially (downloads, device reviews, social gifting, etc.) • Access to rich profile information (interests, friends’ interests -> CRM)Elastic Path™
  11. 11. Social sign-on - questions • Is it secure? • Does Facebook own consumer data? • What if Facebook goes down? • Will it work on mobile? • Can it be reversed?Elastic Path™
  12. 12. Member content – promote your appElastic Path™
  13. 13. Member content – upgrade and renewal promosElastic Path™
  14. 14. Self serviceDevice and plan selectionElastic Path™
  15. 15. Self Service • 2 out of 3 customers prefer self service to speaking to a live representative (Nuance Research) • 75% find it more convenient vs. 6% who find a live rep more convenient • Wait times, IVR menus, etc.Elastic Path™
  16. 16. Navigating Support Users scan for trigger words Nobody cares about common support topics Avoid long menu itemsElastic Path™
  17. 17. Navigating Support Short, easy to scan flyout menuElastic Path™
  18. 18. Navigating Support Use your analyticsElastic Path™
  19. 19. Support search Promote social channel Support searchElastic Path™
  20. 20. Support search • Natural language • Synonyms (cultural) • Misspellings • Different ways to describe problems – Renew minutes, top up minutes, add more minutes, reload, etc. • Use your search logs and forum questions – yours and competitors’Elastic Path™
  21. 21. Search results - scopingElastic Path™
  22. 22. Elastic Path™
  23. 23. Elastic Path™
  24. 24. Scoping searchElastic Path™
  25. 25. Results should be readable at a glance Try video resultsElastic Path™
  26. 26. Scoping searchElastic Path™
  27. 27. Avoid landing pages that look like promo pagesElastic Path™
  28. 28. Images and video are more helpful than text instructionsElastic Path™
  29. 29. SEO Get staff answering questionsElastic Path™
  30. 30. Get feedback Was this answer helpful?Elastic Path™
  31. 31. Mobile toolsElastic Path™
  32. 32. Mobile Tools • SMS marketing program, renewal / upgrade notice • Account management apps • ExtrasElastic Path™
  33. 33. Current cycle View and pay billsElastic Path™
  34. 34. 3rd party apps built with APIElastic Path™
  35. 35. Make calls to action clear Make tappable areas large enoughElastic Path™
  36. 36. Promotions on home pageElastic Path™
  37. 37. Bold calls to action throughoutElastic Path™
  38. 38. Conspicuous upgrade infoElastic Path™
  39. 39. Most apps don’t currently support in- app upgradeElastic Path™
  40. 40. Value adds like wifi finder Expand / collapse menuElastic Path™
  41. 41. Advanced • Smart-controls for family packs (limit kids’ text data and voice) • Tablet shared account control • View past bills • View itemized bills • Support for business customers • Security over wifiElastic Path™
  42. 42. Gift a paymentElastic Path™
  43. 43. Sprint TVElastic Path™
  44. 44. Elastic Path™
  45. 45. Elastic Path™
  46. 46. Wrap-up • Keeping customers means supporting the relationship through the contract period (or month-to-month) • Customers prefer self-serve, but usability challenges make many web self-serve tools painful • Mobile apps are replacing web self-serve, make sure they replicate as much web functionality as possibleElastic Path™
  47. 47. Questions For more on-demand digital commerce resources 1.800.942.5282 (toll-free in North America) www.elasticpath.comElastic Path™