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Digital Commerce Engine 6.5


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Welcome to the next level of ecommerce capabilities in our latest release version 6.5 of the Digital Commerce Engine™ software. In this webinar we will discuss some of the key highlights including our fully integrated subscription and billing management, advancements to our Digital Commerce API™.

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Digital Commerce Engine 6.5

  1. 1. Digital Commerce Engine™ 6.5Introducing the most powerful, integrated EP release ever Confidential and Proprietary
  2. 2. Introducing the Digital Commerce Engine 6.5• The most powerful, integrated Digital Commerce Engine ever• One unified set of enterprise-grade capabilities 1. Monetize digital goods and content across all touchpoints 2. Generate recurring revenue with robust subscription management 3. Deliver commerce into every device, touchpoint, customer experience• Strategic capabilities optimized to drive revenue, engagement• Reliable, high-performance foundation capabilities• Class-leading performance, efficiency, and cost effectiveness• Class-leading flexibility and ease of integration
  3. 3. The full range of digital commerce capabilities Market Requirements per industry analysts Digital Commerce Engine • Time-based access to products and services1  • Metered consumption for products and services1  • In-product/app purchases1  • Marketplaces for digital products and services1  • Anytime, anywhere access on any touchpoint1  • In-context commerce consistent across devices1  • Advanced cross-selling and bundling1  • System of record for subscriptions and entitlements1  • “Open Commerce” APIs1  • Hosted or SaaS subscription management service2  • Optimized marketing based on subscription data2 
  4. 4. The full range of digital commerce capabilities Market Requirements per industry analysts Digital Commerce Engine • Customer experiences based on subscription data2  • One platform for subscription, usage, billing,  entitlement, content, and delivery management2 • Commerce-as-a-Service solution3  • Foster and propel internal innovation3  • Empower external partners, agencies, and  independent teams to build customer applications3 • Reduce risk and TCO by offering effective APIs3 1: Market Overview: Digital Commerce Solutions 2011, Peter Sheldon, Forrester Research Inc., Nov 20112: Building a Strategy for the Subscription Economy, Chris Fletcher, Gartner Inc., Apr 20113: The Agile Commerce Platform, Brian Walker, Forrester Research Inc., Oct 2011
  5. 5. Spotlight on Subscriptions and Billing• The only enterprise solution that combines advanced commerce with end-to-end subscription management +
  6. 6. Spotlight on the Digital Commerce API™
  7. 7. Spotlight on the Digital Commerce API™ Technical Characteristic Benefit Level 3 REST - Strict HATEOAS • Simple to build apps or embed in code • Lightweight payloads and clients Hypertext As The Engine Of Application State Patent-pending framework • Simple controls – GET, POST, DELETE • Advanced commerce has never been this easy Integrate with plain language • Work with nouns and verbs of commerce • Decouples clients from enterprise processes Massively scalable • Scales beautifully in all dimensions – client capabilities, performance (linear scale >98%) Patent-pending technology is • Intrinsically secure, scoped to users perfect for ecommerce use cases • Optimized resource bundles for amazing app responsiveness (200-2000ms) • Resources to enable secure instant-on and offline commerce
  8. 8. Spotlight on the Digital Commerce API™ Commerce Capabilities Digital Commerce API • Customer profile management  • Customer purchase history  • Anonymous and authenticated customers  • Digital or physical products, options, and assets  • Product bundle merchandising  • Product discovery - searching  • Product discovery – browsing and navigation  • Dynamic personalization  • Shopping cart processes  • Checkout and payment processes  • Enterprise performance comparable to Storefront 
  9. 9. Praise for the Digital Commerce API™ “Using EP you can define and execute against any vision of commerce whether it involves physical or virtual goods, with any type of pricing, offers or subscriptions that enable purchasing of these products on truly any platform or any device, in a myriad of ways only limited by your imagination. - “The Digital Commerce API allows developers to utilize the capabilities of the company’s Digital Commerce Engine to simplify integrations required to monetize applications for any platform.” - Software Developer Times “I have seen the future of REST … They really deliver a sexy API.” - Kin Lane, ProgrammableWeb
  10. 10. Spotlight on Performance• Digital Commerce API peak throughput increased almost 300% to 4,000 unique transactions/min – sizing up with minimal impact• Near-instantaneous response times• Almost perfect linear horizontal scale (efficiency) of 98%
  11. 11. Digital Commerce Engine 6.5 ™Demonstrations and Applications Confidential and Proprietary
  12. 12. Digital Commerce Engine 6.5 ™Bringing It Together Confidential and Proprietary
  13. 13. The Digital Commerce Engine 6.5 monetizes relationships
  14. 14. The Digital Commerce Engine evolution • Digital Commerce API introduction • Subscriptions I • Maven-based • Basic Bundling • Advanced software Complex Bundling management • Dynamic • UI Theme Mgmt • Solutions for your Personalization • Advanced Search • Configuration and Filtering industry • Differential• Multi-Store Management • Multichannel Cart Pricing• Gift Certificates • Import-Export • Limited-use • Enhanced Utilities• CSR Tools Promos Performance • Enhanced• Improved • Staging Performance Billing and • Enterprise Payment Scalability 2007 2008 2010 2011 2012 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4
  15. 15. The Digital Commerce Engine 6.5 brings it together
  16. 16. The Digital Commerce Engine 6.5 for your industry
  17. 17. QuestionsFor more on-demand digital commerce resources 800 942 5282 in North Confidential and Proprietary