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Elane's Ideas


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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Elane's Ideas

  1. 1. Ten projects! I am particularly ! proud of.! ! ! by Elane Goosen !
  2. 2.     Project #1! The “interactive” billboard on the N1 to Pretoria! ! !
  3. 3.     Project #2! The health warning print ad!
  4. 4.     Project #3! The subscription drive with a topical headline! !
  5. 5.     Project #4! The highest sales uplift! ! •  IRB Rugby World Cup Campaign! •  How did it work?! •  Get a game card when you buy Castle.! •  If the prediction on your game card comes! true, you win an instant cash prize!! •  Fixed-fee campaign.! •  •  •  ! Over 55 000 winners. ! Actual pay-out: over R7,1 million.! 264% sales uplift in participating outlets.!
  6. 6.     Project #5! The most innovative entry mechanic! ! •  C&C girls do everything with their BFFs, so why not get them to enter a competition with their BFF too? ! •  How did it work?! •  Buy C&C with unique code.! •  Send in YOUR unique code, along with the cellphone number of your BFF.! •  We then send your BFF an SMS telling her to reply with her own C&C code.! •  As soon as we receive a C&C code from HER cellphone, you BOTH receive a Ster-Kinekor movie voucher on your phones - guaranteed! !
  7. 7.     Project #6! The best idea on a small budget! ! •  How did it work? ! •  Use unique code on-pack to access website.! •  Click on map where you think the beach house might be. ! •  If you find 1 of the 10 beach houses, it’s yours! If you don’t, you could win a consolation prize.! •  How could we afford to offer a R20 million prize on a R1,6 million prize budget?! •  Fixed-fee insurance. ! •  There were 280 000 possible plots to click.! •  We insured against the odds of all 10 beach houses being found.!
  8. 8.     Project #7! The idea with the most legs! ! •  For an estate agency!! •  Rebranding, new positioning, new everything.! •  Making buying a house A PLEASURE.!
  9. 9.     Project #8! The most tactical idea! ! •  Mmmilk moustaches on-pack in support of Movember!! !
  10. 10.     Project #9! The most insightful idea! ! •  An initiative that informs LSM 8-10 women of the hardships that some girls have to face every month, due to the lack of access to sanitary products.! •  It gives them an avenue through which to make a contribution and a real difference in a real girl’s life by donating Stayfree product.! •  This is a charity angle that has never been owned by any other brand in SA, and the perfect opportunity for Stayfree to elevate its status in the market.! •  This sustainable initiative also ensure awareness, sampling and trial amongst lower LSMs, particularly ! ! girls that are entering the market. !
  11. 11.     Project #10! The most daring idea! ! •  In a big exposé, it is revealed that Steve, the guy in the FNB ads, actually works for Capitec Bank.! •  All he has been trying to do is to tell people that they are paying for stuff THEY DON’T REALLY NEED! ! •  He is the GOOD GUY. And finally he is speaking out. ! •  The takeout for the consumer will be:! “Capitec offers essential ! banking, for only R4,50 a month.! Why should you pay ! for something you don’t really need?”! •  Why did you never see it? Unfortunately Capitec didn’t have the balls to run it …!   !
  12. 12. ! It’s about finding the balance between great thinking and great results.! ! 071 672 5202!! ! (Of course you are also welcome to stalk me on Facebook or LinkedIn.)!