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Slideshare Translations in English

  3. 3. MyTranslation Your comfort zone on MyElaN An optimal comfort for every user: that is MyTranslations rule of thumb, your personal translation zone on MyElaN. The answers to all your translation questions are within reach on this useful online platform. Whether you are a project manager or a purchaser. Uploading a source text and requesting a quote? Giving feedback to a translation? Searching for an old translation in your personal translation archive? Thanks to MyElaN, managing and monitoring your translation assignment was never this easy. A technical translation? Our online terminology tool guarantees that your professional jargon is used consistently. On top of that, you can always keep track of your costs via the clear reports and overview. As you can see, MyTranslation will make your life easier.REGISTER FOR FREE
  4. 4. MyTranslation: comfort for the project manager Request a quote Terminology The project manager: The project manager: • can upload the source document here; • can create a list of preferences and jargon with the • can give extra instructions; terminology tool and deliver it to ElaNs project manager. • can request a translation quote here. Overview quotes Reporting The project manager: The project manager: • consults the on-going and finished quotes here; • can download a translation overview and consult • can sort quotes by reference number, subject, the invoice; language combination, person responsible,... • can sort translation projects by date or business unit,... Order a translation Archive The project manager: The project manager: • can personally create and order translation projects; • checks previous translations (source and target texts) here; • can propose a deadline; • can consult the files for one year; • can upload the source text(s). • gets an overview per project: timing, rates,... Translation overview Search translations and quotes The project manager: The project manager: • consults the on-going and finished translation projects here; • has a useful search function at his/her disposal for • can sort translation projects by date, text, business unit translation projects; and status. • can search by date, text, budget code and status. Briefing & feedback Contact The project manager: The project manager: • can add additional translation instructions and/or • can contact ElaNs project manager here. reference material; • can give feedback, in general and per translation project.
  5. 5. Seeing is believingThere are nothing but benefits attached to registering for free at ElaN.Not only does it allow us to provide you with a tailored service, it will alsogive plenty in return.What have we already got for you?All our language services are only a click away on your free online comfortzone MyElaN.• MyTraining: Test your knowledge of French, Dutch, German or English with the free LinguaTest Light. As an additional bonus, you will receive a free course manual in one of these languages, with grammar exercises for beginners.• MyTranslation: Our native translators are always at your service.• MyInterpreting: Need an interpreter? This is the fastest way to a solution.• Webshop: A real cookie jar full of language services. Reach and fill your trolley with free language products.Whats in the pipeline?People with a passion for language, thats what we like. Hence the reasonwhy we are continuously working on a free multilingual magazine on theweb: Foenk Your Language Feel free to comment. Or provide us withinteresting content. Because your input is very valuable.What do you get in return for your help?One month of free access to e-Foenk Your Language ‘French-German’, aninnovative e-learning platform that we are currently finalizing. This didacticmodule will help you to learn a foreign language even faster. REGISTER FOR FREE
  6. 6. MyTranslation: comfort for the translator Translation overview Briefing & feedback The translator: The translator: • checks all on-going and finished translation assignments; • can consult additional translation instructions • can download the source text(s) here; and/or reference material; • can perform a focused search for translation assignments. • checks the marks and comments of our proofreaders. Terminology Messages The translator: The translator: • consults and downloads terminology lists here; • contacts ElaNs project manager here; • checks the specific instructions by the client. • can ask questions about every translation assignment. Archive The translator: • consults previous translations here; • can perform a focused search for specific translation assignments. JOIN US Translation memory The translator: • can download TMs (translation memory) per customer or per theme here. Agenda The translator: • consults his/her calendar here; • can check the deadlines for his/her translation assignments.
  7. 7. Language HR Language Research & Courses Translations Interpreting Services Development MyTraining MyTranslation MyInterpreting MyAudit MyTools Foenk Your LanguageMyAudit is not ElaNs only asset. You also get other personal comfort zones. For our language training,interpreting services and HR Language services. Our language assistance is always just one click away.Discover the benefits of the zones mentioned above. They each offer the same quality comfort.Whether you are a sole trader or run an SME, large enterprise or a service agency.And even individuals can find a solution at ElaN Languages.
  9. 9. Quality EN 15038 Our method Our translatorsYoure in safe hands at ElaN. The European standard You can trust us Your specialistsAnd this is why: ElaN has been providing convincing We have acquired a lot of Experienced translators who know quality translations for over 20 years. experience in the translation your business offer added value.Quality first! ElaN was the first one A bold statement? Far from it. business over the past 20 years. We offer you access to a globalin Belgium to obtain the EN 15038 Because in 2008, ElaN was the first Our method guarantees great network of 2000 native speakers,European quality label for Belgian translation agency to quality and optimal comfort - each with their own special skills.translation agencies. achieve the EN 15038 European without unpleasant surprises. They will turn each text into aThis guarantees quite a few things. quality standard. For instance, we use smart software correct and distinguishedFor instance, you can be sure that and we systematically build translation, whatever the languagea native speaker will translate your And thats more than just a number. translation memories. On top of that combination.document and that a second For example, did you know that this we can receive and delivertranslator will thoroughly proofread label guarantees that a native documents of all kinds. And thats And whatever the deadline Also, the recruitment and speaker is in charge of your just one of the many free extras thatselection of translators happens translation? we have in store for you.according to strict standards.But quality is more than a label,its an attitude. Thats why ElaNgoes further than EN 15038.For example, when it comes tocooperating with our translators or Man invented Complaintsour extensive quality monitoring. language to Not satisfied about our services or approach? Not sure about the quality? satisfy his deep Mention it to your ElaN contact person! Your feedback will help us need to complain improve our service even more. It is our mission to ensure that it never comes to this... CONTACT
  10. 10. Translation services Translating is ElaN Languages core activity. Our specialistsSeeing before believing? will translate all your texts into any language and with respect Translation for your deadline. With free extras...Request a free test translation(max. 300 words). In a language of Sometimes you translate a text yourself. Or you might evenyour choice. ask one of our colleagues to do so. Whatever the situation, Revision we are always prepared to perform a final quality check... Performing well in the search engines is often the difference between success and failure. But a literal translation of a SEO Copywriting keyword can make you look like a fool... Do you need a translation of official or legal documents? Swom/ legalised Then youre probably in need of a sworn translator... translations Sometimes the source text is still apparent in a translation. Not at ElaN. Because we will reinterpret your text... Reinterpreting Translating and copywriting are two different worlds. You cant literally translate a great baseline. It requires a lot Copywriting of creative work... Today, communication is about more than just text documents. Would you like to create a multimedia video for everyone? Subtitling Let our subtitlers assist you...
  11. 11. Specialisations Technology is rapidly evolving. And thus our use of language is tooNo business or subject is unknown to us. and new terminologies are created. But a translation still needs toIs your specialization somehow not in the Technical translations be accurate...adjacent list? Dont panic! We will definitelyfind qualified professionals on our extensive Decrees, deeds, statutes, summons... Sooner or later we all cometranslator network. across legal documents. And even a misplaced comma can make Legal translations a huge difference. But rest assured... Terminology is vital in the medical world. A correct translation can literally be vital. The ideal cure? ElaN Languages! Because weve Medical translations been working in the medical industry for years. We have to admit: ElaN is a language agency. But were also great with facts and figures. Annual reports, financial reports and Financial translations charts... You can count on us... English is the most important language in the IT business, thats for sure. But you often need software, manuals and services in other IT translations languages as well. You can trust ElaNs language nerds. They can even make the most trendy jargon sound comprehensible... Everyone at ElaN is a bit of an Epicurean. So it shouldnt surprise you that our translators are firmly acquainted with fashion, Lifestyle translations wellness and leisure activities... An amazing marketing campaign or elaborated price quote can suddenly go wrong if the translation is not spot on. Our commercial Commercial translations translations are always in sync with your companys vision and will help you to become even more successful.
  12. 12. Translators MyTranslation MyTools PartnerOur engine Easy, not lazy. More time, less stress CollaborationOur 2000 native translators are Giving translators all the possible ElaN does not leave its translators Our translators are more than justElaNs beating heart. They can comfort to work. Thats why we at their own devices. On the freelancers. They are our partners,translate your text to their native created the MyTranslation zone. contrary, we ensure that texts are like-minded professionals withlanguage flawlessly. There, our specialists can find correctly analysed. We give them whom we collaborate. Our common everything they need to make a terminology lists, reference goal? To offer the best possibleThats why we are happy to support superb translation. documents and up-to-date quality.them via efficient tools and personal translation memories. Even theassistance. But at the same time we • Source documents format in which the clients expect We know their specialties andgive them clear feedback and assess • Terminology lists to receive their documents is our interests, their strong and weaktheir work on a regular basis. This is • Translation memories responsibility. points. We provide them with thethe foundation of a transparent and • Contact with the project manager best tools to make their assignmentrespectful relationship, which • Clear information and feedback This complete support allows our a bit easier. At the same time weensures a successful collaboration. • ... translators to do their job without give them feedback on a regularAnd this is beneficial to you. worries. All they need to think of is basis and will remain critical during a quality translation in their native evaluations. Transparency and language. mutual respect are of the essence. We welcome new talent ElaN has an extensive network of translators. But theres always room for extra JOIN talent. Do you have the required translating experience and would you like to work for a leading company in this business? Make sure to send us your CV. US If your test translation meets our expectations then we will gladly consider you as our partner.
  13. 13. Convince yourselfEvery day, we prove our quality. We even go further thanthe standards set by the EN 15038 and Qfor quality labels.So feel free to test our services. And discover thatcustomer satisfaction is not an idle term at ElaN.A sparkling teaser of our solutions? Register here for freeand experience what ElaN is all about.Language Training:Free LinguaTest: test your knowledge of French, Dutch, English orGerman.1 month free ScribblPro: practise your Dutch, French, English orGerman at will via this convenient self-study platform(one language of your choice).Translations:Free test translation: max. 300 words in a language of your choice.Satisfied with the result? As a new translation customer, you willreceive a 10% discount for all your translations during an entiremonth.HR Language services:Free Audit Pack (step 1) REGISTER FOR FREE
  14. 14. Virtual tour