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Slideshare Language courses Sole trader in English

  2. 2. MyTrainingEfficiency and user-friendliness are the assets ofMyTraining, your personal language training zoneon MyElaN. The ideal online platform for boththe participant, language trainer and HR manager.MyTraining equals a useful place where you canorganise your own learning process or that of yourparticipants or employees. Its filled with practicalinformation about your language training. It also hassmart digital applications, such as an appointmentmodule and a Park & Collect for all your coursematerial. You can get access to the WebClass orScribblPro tool. And its easy to fill in your LinguaTestand other evaluations. So everything is neatlybundled in one overview. The result? Participant andcoach can completely focus on the language training.And you, as an HR manager, can always keep up todate thanks to the extensive evaluation andreporting information. FREE SIGN UP
  3. 3. MyTraining: comfort for the participant Course zone Evaluations The participant: The participant: • enters the WebClass environment here; • evaluates the language course; • is able to explore the self-study platform ScribblPro. • can also consult the coachs opinion concerning his or her progress. Screening Messages The participant: The participant: • consults his/her screening information here; • is able to send multiple messages to his/her coach • completes his/her needs analysis and does the LinguaTest; and/or fellow trainees. • selects a date for the intake interview. Training MyTranslation The participant: The participant: • consults the screening results and formation info here; • can easily and rapidly upload a source text • looks at his/her goals for the online and offline programme; and request a quote; • looks at his/her used and available credit. • can monitor every translation assignment. Park & Collect Seeing is believing The participant: • consults the course material information here Discover MyElaNs (file name, title, uploaded by, uploaded on...); • can upload and download homework, notes... advantages personally. Agenda Register for free! The participant: • consults the calendar and the overview of the planned and yet-to-plan sessions; • can plan/ reschedule/ cancel sessions.
  4. 4. MyTraining: comfort for the language coach JOIN US Training overview Messages The coach: The coach: • sees all on-going and finished training assignments; • can contact his/her contact person at ElaN and his/her • sees which courses he has given and which are scheduled; trainees at any time. Separately or in group. • looks for specific projects or trainees; • (re)schedules or cancels sessions in an easy manner online. Course zone Screening The coach: The coach: • meets participants online in the WebClass environment; • reports his findings here; • offers a complete learning experience via webcam, • sees who he/she has screened and who still needs chat and whiteboard; to be screened; • sends his/her participants tailored exercises via • can possible plan a screening session via BabblPro. the self-study tool ScribblPro. Student information Park & Collect The coach: The coach: • consults his/her participants screening results here; • can find the daily work documents of his/her trainees • checks the comments of other screeners or coaches; here in order to make preparations; • analyzes the goals of his/her trainees and prepares • can upload and download homework, notes,... him/herself. • prepares course material to work on together with the participant (various document types are possible). Projects Evaluations The coach: The coach: • fills in the course goals; • at regular intervals, he/she evaluates the progress • consults his/her agenda and keeps track of absences; of the participants here; • describes the course content. • checks how the participants evaluate the training.
  5. 5. MyTraining: comfort for the HR managerMonitoring participants The HR manager: • consults the training details of each employee here; Seeing is believing • checks the screening results of each employee (starting level and personal needs); Discover MyElaNs • checks the progress of each employee (intermediate and at the end of the course); • sees what employees think of their language training and language coach. advantages personally. Register for free!Monitoring participants The HR manager: • checks the planning for each project; • consults the specific course content; • checks the presences and absences (per course) of each employee.Reporting: Projects The HR manager: • can perform a focused search per project; • quickly receives an overview of all presences by clicking the employees name; • can immediately export this information (or part of it) to a useful and user-friendly Excel file; • can download the training report (both web courses and face-to-face courses) of every employee as a PDF file.Reporting: Screening The HR manager: • can perform a focused search per employee; • can download the screening report of every employee as a PDF file.
  6. 6. Language HR Language Research & Courses Translations Interpreting Services Development MyTraining MyTranslation MyInterpreting MyAudit MyTools Foenk Your LanguageMyTraining is not ElaNs only asset. You also get other personal comfort zones. For our translations,interpreting services and HR Language services. Our language assistance is always just one click away.Discover the benefits of the zones mentioned above. They each offer the same quality comfort.Whether you are a sole trader or run an SME, large enterprise or a service agency.And even individuals can find a solution at ElaN Languages.
  7. 7. Quality Qfor & grants Evaluations CoachesElaN will do anything to guarantee Theres no flourishing company The numbers tell the tale. Thats Quality starts with excellentgreat service. Because its our without satisfied customers. why ElaN is always assessing language trainers and ElaN hasmission to provide the best Thats why were proud to have every aspect of a language course: plenty of them at its disposal.possible quality. achieved the Qfor quality label for coach, programme, exercises, Obviously, we dont leave them to training organisations material,... Obviously, their own devices. On the contrary:This clear message is embedded in (the highest distinction for customer the participants will also have their job is made a lot easier by theeverything we do. From our satisfaction since 2000). At ElaN, their say. Intermediately, so we professional tools in their personalselection of professional language quality equals professional advice. can immediately implement online comfort zone MyTraining.coaches to the development of About subsidies, for example. changes. But also afterwards. Also, we regularly give them theuseful tools such as MyElaN. Make sure to ask our specialists Is something not going as planned? chance to update their knowledgeFrom the constant trainer and opinion. He or she will inform you Dont wait for the evaluation but via training courses. And you reaptraining evaluations to the enduring about all the possible subsidies in notify your contact person as soon the benefits of this.urge to innovate. We will not settle your region. as possible. This allows us to keepfor anything less than top quality. up to date.Together with our talentedemployees, but also with you. What do we stand for? Complaints Clarity, quality and comfort. A team of specialists will deal with all your questions Not satisfied about our services or concerning every aspect of our collaboration. Always striving for the highest approach? Not sure about the quality? quality. Its no coincidence that we have achieved the Qfor (language training) Mention it to your ElaN contact and EN 15308 (translations) quality labels. Your time is precious, we are aware person! Your feedback will help us of that. Also for an interpreting assignment. Thats why every participant has improve our service even more. his or her own online comfort zone via our MyElaN platform. Easy to consult all documents: briefings for the interpreter, a report of a meeting or congress... CONTACT
  8. 8. Intake Pre-programme Training AftercareEvery successful training programme begins with an accurate three-track intake: Needs analysis LinguaTest We determine every participants objectives and establish his or her starting level via an online language test. Screening interview During a personal interview with an experienced language screener (online or face-to-face) we analyse the participants language skills. Because computer tests dont show everything. Try the LinguaTest Evaluation report We outline the participants oral and written language level in a detailed report, based on the CEFR scale.
  9. 9. Intake Pre-programme Training AftercareSometimes a participants level can use an extra push or certain points of attention appear pop upbeforehand. In that case a personalised pre-programme is the best solution. Efficient self-study Individual training Are you set for a professional skills workshop but is your starting level not quite good enough? Looking for a quick solution to tackle a few points of attention? You can always catch up via a short pre-programme or with a self-study package. The result? You are well prepared and will get the most out of your language training. Group training Group training Do you notice that the level differences are too big after the intake? A short pre-programme might be the solution for some participants and will make the group more homogenous. So everybody can start at the same level. The result? A higher return for the participants and their employer.
  10. 10. Intake Pre-programme Training AftercareEvery ElaN training programme is tailor-made.And extremely flexible. Thats why we takethe following into account during a training:EvaluationsWhat if we discover individual points of attention thatdont correspond with the learning objectives of thegroup during the course? Dont panic! We will workwith the participants individually, without slowingdown the group. The result will be an optimal return.Different needsAn accountant has other language objectives than anurse. We take care of this via individual coachingbefore or after a group session. For example, via ourSkills training to sharpen certain professional abilities.Or a separate course that deals with specific jargon.
  11. 11. Intake Pre-programme Training Aftercare Thanks to our creative aftercare solutions, participants can keep in touch with their new language after their course. Together we can select a realistic and feasible formula. Conversation Club Informal conversations in the Conversation Club or an intensive session at your office each month? An online course to refresh everything? Efficient Or perhaps rather an efficient self-study package, such as our innovative self-study didactic formula e-Foenk Your Language ‘French – Allemand’? Our variety of aftercare formulas provides participants with multiple opportunities. Ensuring that the level of their newly acquired language will not drop.
  12. 12. Intake Pre-programme Training AftercareThis tailored training programme and MyElaNs comfort guarantee an optimal result. If you add the comfort of our flexibleformulas and training services to that you will see that your language training will pay off - every aspect of it.
  13. 13. Before you go on holiday, you probably ClassicPro has been successful for Is your agenda full? Are you tired of Variety is a key factor to success.start by mapping out the fastest and many years: An ElaN language expert commuting? BabblPro to the rescue! MX Pro is a combination of ClassicPromost efficient route. The same goes for gives a course at your company or at Because BabblPro stands for individual and BabblPro. Face-to-face trainingyour language training. the participants house. Of course, its language courses that are 100% online, with online support ensures more also possible at our training facilities. which means extremely flexible. variety and provides an extra boostWith ClassicPro, BabblPro and MxPro During or after office hours, or during You learn your new language at various to your language skills. It offers thewe offer you formulas for a perfect your lunch break. Its your decision! places and moments, at your own pace opportunity to optimally use thetraining programme. Individual or in and without commuting. Individual advantages of every teaching method:group, but always tailored to your training is possible for everyone thanks a huge asset for the efficiency of aspecific language needs. Do they to BabblPro. training course.change along the way? Dont panic!Your programme is always adjustable.
  14. 14. Online learning = flexible learningOur BabblPro and MX Pro (with online courses) formulas make individual coaching accessible to everyone.Also for those with an overflowing agenda.Are you a regular business traveller? Continue your language courses abroad via our online solutions andkeep in touch with your course. No time for long sessions with your language coach? You can plan shorteronline courses in your schedule. An ElaN Languages training happens where and when you want.In the way that suits you best.The result? No unnecessary commuting and continuity in your language courses.You will master every language faster without putting pressure on your budget. FLEXIBLE PLANNING TIMESAVING NO COMMUTING ECOLOGICAL MORE INFO
  15. 15. Formulas The same grammar and vocabulary exercises over and over again on a classic e-learning platform? Thats not ElaNs style! We take it one step further and add a new dimension to online learning and to our self-study platform ScribblPro. How? With e-Foenk Your Language French – German, the ideal-learning platform to learn a language by practising with interesting content. Quality newspaper Le Soir provides the articles, we turn them into entertaining course material. We link this with relevant exercises in ScribblPro, with an even nicer learning experience as a result. Our newest asset is ready to be launched. But: first we would like to show this innovation to experts like yourself. One month of free access? No problem. For exchange we would only like your help with a new project: Foenk Your Language, our online multilingual magazine. CTA BUTTON
  16. 16. Training services There is an efficient solution for each language need. But not everyone needs the same one. Because professional goals and learning methods differ from person to person. Thats why each ElaN language training is tailored. The basis of our personal approach? A versatile training offer with flexible building blocks. Efficient services with which we compose the perfect training programme in a modular and tailored manner. This allows you to master a language at your own pace and according to your personal needs. Would you also like to sharpen your professional skills in a foreign language. Of lift your vocabulary to a higher level? A Skills training or an Upgrade can be perfectly adjusted to your needs. During or after your language course, thats up to you. IN THE PICTURE
  17. 17. Coaches MyTraining MyTools ElaN evaluatesA successful language training In an ideal world, the language coach MyElaNs tools make the trainers An ElaN trainer is constantly beingcomes with qualified language can fully focus on giving the perfect assignment a lot easier. On top of assessed. By ElaN and by thetrainers. Thats why ElaN works language training. This world does that, theyre developed by our in- participant. Is the course contentexclusively with highly qualified exist, it is called MyTraining. house trainers. And they know not what you expected? Does thecoaches and we regularly offer This online coaching zone offers your what a professional language participant question the didacticthem training opportunities. Every trainer nothing but benefits: coach needs: approach? Our managers regularlytrainer has an online coaching organise evaluation meetings basedzone - the ideal place to prepare • all practical training information • LinguaTest on your valuable feedback, allowingand monitor training sessions. at one place • WebClass them to keep up to date.These and other useful tools allow • news about didactic innovations, • ScribblProa coach to fully concentrate on his train-the-trainer sessions, • Didactic materialand your goal: a perfect language course materialtraining. • useful tools...On top of that, ElaN is always The added value of this approach?prepared to learn from its trainers. Time saved and thus a betterIf we are developing a project language training.concerning innovative training wewill always ask for their preciousadvice. Thats just common sense. Motivated coach with an open mind? ElaN is looking for new talent. So register on our recruiting site and become a JOIN MyElaN trainer. Our experienced teams support comes with the job. US
  18. 18. Seeing is believingThere are nothing but benefits attached to registering for free at ElaN.Not only does it allow us to provide you with a tailored service, it will alsogive plenty in return.What have we already got for you?All our language services are only a click away on your free online comfortzone MyElaN.• MyTraining: Test your knowledge of French, Dutch, German or English with the free LinguaTest Light. As an additional bonus, you will receive a free course manual in one of these languages, with grammar exercises for beginners.• MyTranslation: Our native translators are always at your service.• MyInterpreting: Need an interpreter? This is the fastest way to a solution.• Webshop: A real cookie jar full of language services. Reach and fill your trolley with free language products.Whats in the pipeline?People with a passion for language, thats what we like. Hence the reasonwhy we are continuously working on a free multilingual magazine on theweb: Foenk Your Language Feel free to comment. Or provide us withinteresting content. Because your input is very valuable.What do you get in return for your help?One month of free access to e-Foenk Your Language ‘French-German’, aninnovative e-learning platform that we are currently finalizing. This didacticmodule will help you to learn a foreign language even faster. REGISTER FOR FREE
  19. 19. Convince yourselfEvery day, we prove our quality. We even go further thanthe standards set by the EN 15038 and Qfor quality labels.So feel free to test our services. And discover thatcustomer satisfaction is not an idle term at ElaN.A sparkling teaser of our solutions? Register here for freeand experience what ElaN is all about.Language Training:Free LinguaTest: test your knowledge of French, Dutch, English orGerman.1 month free ScribblPro: practise your Dutch, French, English orGerman at will via this convenient self-study platform(one language of your choice).Translations:Free test translation: max. 300 words in a language of your choice.Satisfied with the result? As a new translation customer, you willreceive a 10% discount for all your translations during an entiremonth.HR Language services:Free Audit Pack (step 1) REGISTER FOR FREE
  20. 20. Virtual tour