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Slideshare Interpreting in English

  3. 3. MyInterpretingComfort and flexibility, thats also important for allour interpreting assignments. We can guaranteethis thanks to MyInterpreting, your personalinterpreting zone on MyElaN. MyInterpreting willlaunch in the near future. Until then, other comfortzones on MyElaN will assist you. Online you canfind a lot of relevant information concerning ameeting or congress. Whether you are the organizer,a participant or an interpreter.Our urge to innovate doesnt stop at MyInterpreting.Thanks to the advanced Remote ConferenceInterpreting webtool, all of our translators cando their job remotely. This is great news if youreorganising a multilingual meeting. You can saveon travelling and hotel expenses for the interpreters.And at the same time youre promoting a greenersolution. MORE INFO
  4. 4. Remote interpreting?Piece of cake via the advanced Remote Conference Interpreting system.MyInterpreting is almost ready for action.Would you like to know more about this innovation and ElaNs other R&Dprojects? One address: Our LinkedIn group for interpreting. Share some ofyour good ideas. Because a partner like you is always welcome.MyElaN already offers interesting solutions for interpreting.Park the agenda and briefings of your congressin your Park & Collect zone. Or order and consultyour meetings‘ minutes on MyTranslation. Just like that.
  5. 5. Language HR Language Research & Courses Translations Interpreting Services Development MyTraining MyTranslation MyInterpreting MyAudit MyTools Foenk Your LanguageMyInterpreting will soon be firing on all cylinders. But this new online platform is not MyElaNs only asset.You can already benefit from all your other personal comfort zones for our language training, translationsand HR Language services. Our language assistance is always just one click away. Discover the benefits ofthe zones mentioned above. They each offer the same quality comfort. Whether you are a sole trader or runan SME, large enterprise or a service agency. And even individuals can find a solution at ElaN Languages.
  7. 7. Quality Network Evaluations InterpretersYoure in safe hands at ElaN. And ElaN Languages can rely on an Quality is our most vital asset. Everybody is entitled to an opinion.this is why: extensive network of interpreters. Empty words you might think. Thats something we cant change. We know precisely which Not at ElaN. Because we will But we can make sure that weAn international medical congress interpreters have experience with always select the right interpreter understand each other. Thats whatabout Botox therapy? A football medical, legal, technical or other for every assignment. our interpreters are for. They willcoach who has to address the specialized subjects. Because an And we will also thoroughly always listen to your wishes andinternational press after a European interpreter who knows your assess the interpreter after each expectations, even when wearinggame? Every interpreting assign- company, jargon or sector can assignment. Was the right headphones. An ElaN interpreterment is different and needs a guarantee quality. vocabulary used? Did the language always starts work well prepared.tailored approach by specialists. live up to your expectations? Acquainted with your professionalElaN has them at its disposal. We will use your feedback to jargon and surrounded by the rightFor over 20 years. Our interpreters check whether we can further technical equipment.will overcome every language improve our services in the future.barrier and will ensure that yourmessage is conveyed correctlyfor every audience. With an eye(and ear) for quality. What do we stand for? Complaints? Clarity, quality and comfort. A team of specialists will deal with all your questions Not satisfied about our services or concerning every aspect of our collaboration. Always striving for the highest approach? Not sure about the quality? quality. Its no coincidence that we have achieved the Qfor (language training) Mention it to your ElaN contact and EN 15308 (translations) quality labels. Your time is precious, we are aware person! Your feedback will help us of that. Also for an interpreting assignment. Thats why every participant has improve our service even more. his or her own online comfort zone via our MyElaN platform. Easy to consult all documents: briefings for the interpreter, a report of a meeting or congress... CONTACT
  8. 8. Interpreting services Congress interpreters Company interpreters Legal interpretersElaN works with interpreters of all During a multilingual congress, Company interpreters are no Dealing with legal affairs in a foreignshapes and sizes. In every situation. its crucial that all participants excessive luxury when you are language? Then you should consult understand the presentations and about to install new machines or a sworn interpreter. He or she wontDo you organise a congress with the information. So an interpreter lines of production. They will automatically win your case butsimultaneous interpreting? will be vital. At ElaN, we always convey the technicians message such a specialist has enough legalWould you like to have your employ a minimum of two congress in a clear and technical manner. knowledge to assist you.experts instructions translated for interpreters per language. They will This service is also useful foryour employees? Do you need a simultaneously interpret the the execution of deeds, marriagessworn interpreter for your legal speakers words into the target or drawing up contracts.affairs? ElaN Languages selects interpreter based on theirexperience and expertise.So you can be sure that you willhave the best possible interpreterworking with you. Whispered interpreting Talking notes Translations You probably know chucotage or ElaN is ready for you during your Translations during the preparation whispered interpreting from the news. seminar, meeting or congress. of a meeting? We can do that! It is related to simultaneous Our experienced staff will take Specialized terminology lists? translating. The interpreter listens notes of everything thats being No problem. On top of that, you will to whats being said and whispers said during a meeting. receive a report of your event in any the translation into the listeners ear. language of your choice. Useful for Formulas everyone who attended but • Complete transcription especially for those who couldnt (word by word) be there. You can easily find the • Brief summary translated documents on our online platform MyElaN. MORE INFO
  9. 9. Interpreting material Conferencing Radio InfraredWhat can you do with a Our digital conferencing systems will Depending on the size of your The infrared conferencing systemsprofessional interpreter without actively involve all participants, event and audience, ElaN uses are perfect for seminars, round-the right equipment? You can rely allowing you to get the most out various systems. For groups of up table talks or big conferences withon our expertise. of your meeting. Our conferencing to twenty persons, we have hundreds of people. These work microphones guarantee a perfect portable radio systems. with infrared signals, disabling anyElaN Languages eliminates and clear sound. Only the best This compact system is also possible mobile phone interference.the language barriers during your equipment is good enough. perfectly suited for guided toursmeetings, seminars, congress, Would you like simultaneous (for example, at industrial sites).conference call, presentation translations via the microphone?or negotiation. We provide the We can connect this system tointerpreters and all the equipment the interpreting equipment in no ensure that your event is asuccess. Voting Other equipment Contact Interactive voting is the best way to Apart from the simultaneous Looking for an interpreter or give your participants a voice during translation systems, ElaN rents out interpreting equipment? Feel free to your conference. Voting equipment, equipment that can turn your event contact us. Our interpreting experts software, projected results, charts, into a total language project. will gladly help you. bundling of results, delivering Multimedia projector, wireless results...ElaN assists you during the microphones, LCD screens and entire process: from the scenarios audio & video equipment. design to the processing of results. So basically, everything. Because efficient communication is what we do best. MORE INFO
  10. 10. Care to innovate with us?ElaN is also pushing boundaries when it comes tointerpreting. Take, for example, the state-of-the-artRemote Conference Interpreting system, whichallows interpreters to work remotely. The onlinecomfort zone that will make your life even easier.Soon we will officially launch this innovation.We can keep you up to date about these and otherR&D projects via LinkedIn. Do you have innovativeinterpreting ideas? Share them with us on linkedInand become our partner in crime. MORE INFO
  11. 11. Virtual tour