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Slideshare HR International mobility in English


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Slideshare HR International mobility in English

  3. 3. International mobilityAre your employees moving abroad? Or are you bringingin foreign talent? At ElaN, we combine all the languageservices you need: language training, translations,interpreting and HR Language services.Whats even better, theyre all just one click away. Thanks toMyElaN, a personal online comfort zone for you and youremployees. Its easy to keep track of everything and youremployees get access to lots of interesting language tools.MyElaN according to your corporate design?We would be happy to give this professional onlineplatform your companys look and feel. REGISTER FOR FREE
  4. 4. Seeing is believingThere are nothing but benefits attached to registering for free at ElaN.Not only does it allow us to provide you with a tailored service, it will alsogive plenty in return.What have we already got for you?All our language services are only a click away on your free online comfortzone MyElaN.• MyTraining: Test your knowledge of French, Dutch, German or English with the free LinguaTest Light. As an additional bonus, you will receive a free course manual in one of these languages, with grammar exercises for beginners.• MyTranslation: Our native translators are always at your service.• MyInterpreting: Need an interpreter? This is the fastest way to a solution.• Webshop: A real cookie jar full of language services. Reach and fill your trolley with free language products.Whats in the pipeline?People with a passion for language, thats what we like. Hence the reasonwhy we are continuously working on a free multilingual magazine on theweb: Foenk Your Language Feel free to comment. Or provide us withinteresting content. Because your input is very valuable.What do you get in return for your help?One month of free access to e-Foenk Your Language ‘French-German’, aninnovative e-learning platform that we are currently finalizing. This didacticmodule will help you to learn a foreign language even faster. REGISTER FOR FREE
  6. 6. Quality Qfor & grants EN 15038 Our teamFor ElaN, high-quality service is an Great language training Superb translations. Top expertsabsolute priority. Also for our HRLanguage services. We will not We are proud to have achieved For your information: our translations Whatever language service yousettle for anything less than top the Qfor quality label for training are also excellent. Our EN 15038 require, ElaN always has qualifiedquality. Thats our number one organisations. Do your employees certificate is proof of this. In 2008, talents at its disposal. Becausepriority. From our language need a language training? ElaN was the first Belgian there is always a language trainer,screenings and audits to the Or would you like to sharpen their translation agency to obtain this translator or interpreter who knowsdevelopment of convenient tools professional qualities with a Skills European quality label for your jargon in our extensive networksuch as our LinguaTest and training? Your human capital is in translation services. This is more of freelancers . A guaranteedMyElaN, our online comfort zone. safe hands. At ElaN, quality equals than just a number. For example, did language expert with an eye for professional advice. About subsidies, you know that this label guarantees quality.Our HR Language services for example. Our specialist will tell that a native speaker is in charge ofguarantee the best possible you everything about the possibilities. your translation?guidance of all your (future)employees. Whether they work inBelgium or abroad. ElaN will crossboundaries for you. Together withour talented employees, but alsowith you. What do we stand for? Complaints Clarity, quality and comfort. A team of specialists will deal with all your questions Not satisfied about our services or concerning every aspect of our collaboration. Always striving for the highest approach? Not sure about the quality? quality. Its no coincidence that we have achieved the Qfor (language training) Mention it to your ElaN contact and EN 15308 (translations) quality labels. Your time is precious, we are aware person! Your feedback will help us of that. Also for an interpreting assignment. Thats why every participant has improve our service even more. his or her own online comfort zone via our MyElaN platform. Easy to consult all documents: briefings for the interpreter, a report of a meeting or congress... CONTACT
  7. 7. International mobility Expats Bottleneck jobs Language coachesThe international job market is From recruitment to training, your Having trouble filling your vacancies? Our experienced language expertsmoving like never before. But all expats are in safe hands at ElaN. Are difficult job profiles your core guarantee high-quality languagethis talent needs to be nurtured. Whether youre looking for expat business? ElaN is also your ideal training programmes. Is your expatsThats why ElaN helps you with partners or assisting the expats of partner for every bottleneck family receiving a language andselecting and assisting expats and companies. Park everything they profession. From audits to culture immersion? Our coachestheir family. Our experts will gladly need in your personal MyElaN zone. recruitment, from language training have the didactic qualities to teachimmerse them in the language and Or simply adapt this online platform to aftercare. We help you with children and feel comfortable inculture of their new country. to your corporate design. recruiting and training the best their world. Besides, they have Everythings possible. foreign talent. With a maximal mastered the basic professionalAre you bringing in new colleagues differentiation if necessary. terminology. Whether theyrefor bottleneck jobs? Even then, Do your expats need language This allows us to perfectly adjust training an engineer, a nurse orElaNs screenings and training courses, a translation or an the screening and training of IT cleaning personnel.programmes will turn out to be interpreter? One address: MyElaN. personnel, cleaning staff or any othervery useful. We design a tailored On top of that, we can always provide employees to their sectors jargon.programme for each bottleneck a refreshing language and cultureprofession. With or without the immersion for the entire family.professional jargon concerned -its your decision.Whatever the talent youre dealingwith, our online platform MyElaN Innovate together? Convince togetherguarantees a professional andcomfortable guidance. For you and Our doctors diagnosis was inexorable: ElaN Languages delivers superbfor your new employees. an unstoppable urge to innovate. quality. You are probably thinking of Do you feel the same? Do you also have course, thats what they all say. ideas or projects that can help our HR But dont take our word for it. Language services Then why not become Try our services before spending our partner? Whats done together is money. You can use a free demo, done better. test translation or audit trial. CONTACT
  8. 8. Expats Language training Translations InterpretersAt ElaN, your expats are in safe Language training for expats? We will always support your expat. Imagine this: Your expat is abroadhands. A tailored language training, ElaN knows what to do. Our learning Like when they need translations. and has to organise an internationalbefore and after moving? Check. programmes are always tailored. Official documents that need to be what? No worries,Translating important documents in With special care for the partner and completed in a short period of time? ElaN comes to the rescue! We willtheir new country? Check. children. If necessary, we will create A presentation for their new assemble the ideal interpreting team.Professional interpreters who can an individual programme for everyone, colleagues? You can easily requesttear down the language barriers based on the language needs and every translation online via And thats not all: your interpretersabroad? Check. As you can see, our interests. You asked for flexibility? MyTranslation, our translation dont have to be at your destination.expat programme knows no limits. Thats why we have our formulas on platform on MyElaN. We will deliver Our Remote Conference Interpreting the online platform MyElaN. the translated text to your expat as system allows them to do their jobAnd everything runs smoothly via An example: Your expat can already soon as possible. remotely.the help of our online comfort zone start a language course in his/herMyElaN. You can monitor everything country via our BabblPro formula.easily and there are plenty of useful This can be continued at his/her newtools for your expat. Discover the place of residence, face-to-face withbenefits of this service here. the same coach. The result? Your employee will rapidly feel at home. MyElaN Think with us Our online tools offer your expats Innovation is part of our DNA. Does a comforting support: your company also feel the urge to innovate? Then dont hesitate, • MyTraining become our partner in crime and • MyTranslation together we can develop new • MyInterpreting services and solutions. CONTACT
  9. 9. Bottleneck jobs Audit & Recruitment Language training TranslationsThe hunt for foreign talent has At your request, we can easily Imagine the following: you have In their new country, your freshbeen going on for some time. adjust our screening procedure to recruited a Polish nurse. A Dutch employees will have to deal with aBut how do you catch the people the profiles youre looking for. course will definitely be necessary. lot of paperwork. This is often veryyou need? Such as IT staff or Do you need a nurse or an Thanks to MyElaN and our flexible difficult for foreigners. Dont panic!engineers. Or nurses and cleaning engineer? Then we can stuff our training formulas, this can already You can request every possiblepersonnel. LinguaTest and screening interview start in her country. In Belgium translation on MyTranslation, your with medical or technical jargon. she can immediately continue personal translation platform onElaN is your ideal audit and We can integrate every possible the programme, with extra courses MyElaN. We will deliver them torecruitment partner for every terminology into our tests. about medical language. During an your employee as soon as possible.bottleneck profession. We help So you can be sure about your individual programme we prepare No matter what kind of document:companies and recruitment & choice. every employee for his/her job. a form, letter, presentation, leaflet...selection agencies to make the Online, face-to-face or choices. Via (tailored)language test and screenings,for example.But thats not all.Differentiation between Interpreters MyElaN Think with uscandidates? Extra language Sometimes the language barrier is MyElaN equals efficiency and Innovation is part of our for new employees? too big for your new employees. comfort. Both you candidate, your Does your company also feel theEverythings possible. In that case, an experienced HR manager and our language urge to innovate? Then dont interpreter can be very useful. screener work on the same platform. hesitate, become our partner inOn top of that, its easy to keep an ElaN can rapidly assemble a crime and together we can developoverview. Your personal comfort professional interpreting team, • MyAudit new services and MyElaN allows you to monitor whatever the language concerned. • MyTrainingthe results of all your candidates Exotic or not. Because thanks to • MyTranslationand employees. Online, whenever our Remote Conferencingand wherever. Interpreting system, our interpreters can assist you from a distance. No matter where they are. CONTACT
  10. 10. Convince yourselfEvery day, we prove our quality. We even go further thanthe standards set by the EN 15038 and Qfor quality labels.So feel free to test our services. And discover thatcustomer satisfaction is not an idle term at ElaN.A sparkling teaser of our solutions? Register here for freeand experience what ElaN is all about.Language Training:Free LinguaTest: test your knowledge of French, Dutch, English orGerman.1 month free ScribblPro: practise your Dutch, French, English orGerman at will via this convenient self-study platform(one language of your choice).Translations:Free test translation: max. 300 words in a language of your choice.Satisfied with the result? As a new translation customer, you willreceive a 10% discount for all your translations during an entiremonth.HR Language services:Free Audit Pack (step 1) REGISTER FOR FREE
  11. 11. Virtual tour