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IBM Storage for Hybrid Cloud (4Q 2016)


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70% of organizations are committed to the hybrid cloud approach. Learn about IBM Storage's solutions and offerings that are helping leading organizations build robust storage foundations for hybrid clouds.

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IBM Storage for Hybrid Cloud (4Q 2016)

  1. 1. IBM Systems Elan Freedberg Market Engagement Team, Cloud Lead IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure IBM Storage for hybrid cloud
  2. 2. IBM Systems DEDICATED PUBLIC ON-PREMISES Hybrid cloud: a) the connection of one or more clouds to on-premises systems b) the connection of one or more clouds to other clouds Cognitive: a new kind of digital intelligence generated by machines and systems that LEARN REASON INTERACT
  3. 3. IBM SystemsSources: *IDC SUDS Survey, Fall 2015; IBM Client Infrastructure Survey, Nov. 2014. Results should be viewed as directional file object block New era* mobile social IoT analytics Services* DR backup archive On-premises Off-premises 55% 45% Mission critical A 50 / 50 world (1): data location Email Productivity Finance ERP Analytics/BI Industry
  4. 4. IBM SystemsSource: IDC, Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure 2Q16 Forecast 2016 60% on-premises 40% off-premises 2019 54% on-premises 46% off-premises A 50 / 50 world (2): storage spending
  5. 5. IBM Systems Hybrid cloud prevalence 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 2-3 years ago Currently 2-3 years from now Traditional IT Public Cloud Private Cloud 70% will always blend traditional and cloud 2x growth of private cloud vs. public cloud Source: IBM, 2016
  6. 6. IBM Systems DATA IS your accumulated knowledge… your intellectual property… your competitive advantage What’s storage got to do with it? DATA IS the natural resource of the 21st century STORAGE IS YOUR BANK housing securing protecting delivering DATA
  7. 7. IBM Systems Know thy data FAST ≤ $1 “FREE” On-premises Off-premises Data protection 100% Cold data 15% 25% 60% FAST Time: 1 month Business impact: High Time: Decades (compliance) Business impact: Low
  8. 8. IBM Systems Data storage for hybrid cloud IBM has the broadest cloud- optimized storage portfolio in the industry Software-defined leadership Flash leadership 8
  9. 9. IBM Systems All of IBM SDS can adapt to high performance or high capacity needs by leveraging appropriate underlying storage media – Flash, NL-SAS or Tape Storage Management and Applications Optimization Backup/Archive IBM Spectrum Protect Analyze & Manage IBM Spectrum Control Cloud Management IBM Storage Insights Storage Infrastructure Optimized for the Data Underlying a Workload – File, Block or Object Scale-out File IBM Spectrum Scale Scale-out Block IBM Spectrum Accelerate Scale-out Object IBM Cloud Object Storage Virtualized Block IBM Spectrum Virtualize Non-IBM storage Traditional IBM storage High IOPS All Flash ServersDisk Cloud Tape Economics IBM Spectrum Archive For IBM Internal & Business Partners use only IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management Comprehensive SDS offerings Software, Appliance and as-a-Service 9
  10. 10. IBM Systems Storwize V5030F Storwize V7000F Storwize V9000 FlashSystem A9000 FlashSystem A9000R DeepFlash 150 DeepFlash ESS DS8888 Entry / Mid-Range Mid-Range Virtualizing the DC Cloud service providers Simplified management Flexible consumption model Virtualized, enterprise-class, flash-optimized, modular storage Enterprise class heterogeneous data services and selectable data reduction Full time data reduction Workloads: Cloud, VDI, VMware Large deployments Full time data reduction Workloads: Mixed and cloud Big Data High capacity High density High End Server z/OS Power HA Power i HA Enhanced data storage functions, economics and flexibility with sophisticated virtualization SVC IBM FlashCore™ Technology Optimized Extreme performance Targeting database acceleration & Spectrum Storage booster FlashSystem 900 Application acceleration Comprehensive Flash solutions 10
  11. 11. IBM Systems IBM Spectrum Storage Suite Spectrum Protect (support for IBM Cloud Object Storage & compression) Spectrum Scale (Transparent Cloud Tiering) Spectrum Control (Spectrum Scale and IBM COS in cloud) FlashSystem A9000/R feat. New GUI IBM Spectrum Virtualize as SW for x86 Spectrum Control (Show/chargeback) Spectrum Virtualize (Transparent Cloud Tiering) Spectrum Protect (AWS S3 support) 11 More and more hybrid each quarter (2016 partial list)
  12. 12. IBM Systems 12 4Q 2016: What’s new for hybrid cloud • Transparent Cloud Tiering • Move snapshots simply, securely (encrypted), and efficiently (compressed) to the cloud • Supports Spectrum Virtualize family (Storwize V5/V7, FlashSystem V9000, SVC, VersaStack models) • Existing support: Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Protect IBM Spectrum Virtualize IBM Spectrum Scale IBM Spectrum Control IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights • Cloud Data Sharing • Manage on- and off-premises storage as a single pool • Policy-driven replication and synch • Share (=move data) among clouds, on- and off-premises • Spectrum Control • Chargeback reporting for IBM Cloud Object Storage • Storage Insights • Multiple sites consolidated onto 1 dashboard for simplified administration Additional details in backup slides
  13. 13. IBM SystemsIBM Systems Common cloud workloads & Starting points | 13
  14. 14. IBM Systems on-premises off-premises Cognitive, Cloud and Enterprise Apps Physical / Virtual Hybrid data protection management Spectrum Protect replication 1) Disaster recovery and backup Amazon • Protect workloads • DR in the cloud Up to 53% savings Backup as a Service IBM Resiliency Services IBM Business Partners or Client-managed Protect cloud workloads Store data in the cloud Provide DR from the cloud
  15. 15. IBM Systems Speed Space PublicHybridLocal Off-PremiseOn-Premise Traditional Storage Up to 80% savings 2) Object storage
  16. 16. IBM Systems Integrated appliance & other clouds 3) Mission critical applications (block) X86 (DIY) on-premises off-premises IBM Spectrum Accelerate Rapid deployment IBM Spectrum Virtualize IBM Spectrum Accelerate IBM Spectrum Accelerate IBM Spectrum Virtualize 30 minute deployment Cloud-friendly integration Simple scaling Next-gen GUI for efficiency IBM Spectrum Virtualize Transparent cloud tiering Support for ~400 storage systems Investment extension Ideal for easy tiering IBM Spectrum Virtualize IBM Spectrum Accelerate
  17. 17. IBM Systems TapeFlash Disk Object & other clouds Partner-managed clouds 4) File on-premises off-premises Transparent Cloud Tiering Up to 90% savings
  18. 18. IBM Systems Who’s building hybrid clouds with IBM Storage?  Challenge: Maintaining a competitive edge and #1 brand equity while keeping a razor sharp focus on the core of the business, grapes (NOT technology)  Why hybrid cloud: Welch’s built a hybrid cloud, keeping mission critical workloads such as Oracle on-premises and off-loading non-mission critical workloads to a cloud  Cloud storage building blocks: FlashSystem, XIV, Storwize V7000  Benefits: Dramatic cut in mgmt costs and footprint; driving new revenue streams  Challenge: Providing organizations with a way to modernize legacy data protection  environments in the face of growing demands  Why hybrid cloud: Cobalt Iron leverages a hybrid cloud with IBM Spectrum Protect alongside IBM storage solutions, running millions of monthly backup jobs economically  Cloud storage building blocks: IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM Spectrum Scale, FlashSystem, Storwize V7000  Benefits: 75% lower capex; 92% faster restore times  Challenge: Help accelerate cures for various forms of cancers by building a Genomics Commons to share information about treatments and results (=Precision Medicine)  Why hybrid cloud: Initially, the Commons is an on-prem cloud and is expected to evolve into a hybrid cloud as the repository grows and institution participation grows  Cloud storage building blocks: IBM Cloud Object Storage  Benefits: Simply and highly scalable into exabytes, secure, and lower TCO Learn more: Clip // Case study Learn more: Clip // Case study // IBM Edge General Session Learn more: Clip
  19. 19. IBM Systems $1 Billion SDS Investment $1 Billion Flash Investment #1 Hybrid cloud (Synergy) #1 Flash (Gartner) #1 SDS (IDC) 48 data centers $10.2B revenue 2015 7 cloud acquisitions in 2015 IBM Storage & Cloud leadership
  20. 20. IBM Systems | 1 Future MadeFuture Made | 20IBM Systems Elan Freedberg Market Engagement Team, Cloud Lead IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure Twitter: @elan406 Blog:
  21. 21. IBM SystemsIBM Systems Introducing IBM Spectrum Virtualize Transparent Cloud Tiering Interfacing cloud storage into an existing on-premises storage environment • Preserves performance of local storage • Preserves agility of deployment of cloud storage • Preserves simplicity of configuration across many host types • Uses existing SAN configuration skills Almost 400 storage systems from IBM and others Announced: November 2
  22. 22. IBM SystemsIBM Systems IBM Spectrum Scale: Cloud Data Sharing Policy-driven data movement for hybrid cloud Managed data sharing • Policy driven replication and synchronization • Granular control: type, action, metadata or heat Bridging cloud and file • Storage-to-storage • Data and metadata Automated data movement • Secure, reliable connection • High-speed and scalable • Clustered configurations IBM Spectrum Scale • High-performance file, object and HDFS • Clustered, tiered and scalable • Bridge legacy applications and new workloads Cloud storage • Cloud native applications • Dev/Ops development • New workloads Under embargo until announced Announced: November 2
  23. 23. IBM SystemsIBM Systems IBM Spectrum Scale: Transparent Cloud Tiering Single namespace and control of data placement for hybrid cloud Intelligent data placement • On or off-premises objects Policy driven tiering • Managed data placement or migration of cold data Automated data movement • Recall on user demand IBM Spectrum Scale • High-performance • Single namespace • Unified file, object and HDFS • Encrypted • Secure data in cloud Announced: July 26