Online Information Services on Pensions in Finland


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Online Information Services on Pensions in Finland

  1. 1. Online Information Services on Pensions in Finland Johanna Merinen, 26.5.2014 FindyourPension seminar
  2. 2. Statutory Earnings-related Pension - Most Important Pension in Finland • Covers the entire insured workforce aged 18-68 • Majority of pensioners on earnings-related pension • Contributions collected, funds administered and pensions paid by several pension providers • The Finnish Centre for Pensions, expert on earnings- related pensions and a joint statutory body, produces services for all parties to the pension scheme Finnish Centre for Pensions 2
  3. 3. Web Services for the Public The Finnish Centre for Pensions 3 • Since 11/2013, not yet actively marketed • For the public/citizens and media • Approx. X visits/month • Focused on the 2017 reform • • Fin/Swe • Since 2003 • For the public/citizens • Approx. 44,000 visits/month • Basic information on earnings-related pension • eServices: Pension record, Application on olg-age pension • • Fin/Swe/Eng
  4. 4. On Pensions in Social Media – Why? • We live in an online society. Customer service in social media is already a must – people expect it. • It’s better to be in than out – the pension discussion is going on out there anyway. • Communication must be open and two-way – dialogue between the public and the pension system is needed The Finnish Centre for Pensions 4
  5. 5. On Pensions in Social Media – What? • Advice on pension matters concerning the statutory earnings-related pension – Facebook: Kysy työeläkkeestä – Suomi24: Kysy työeläkkeestä • Campaign profile on pensions and working in two countries – Facebook: Pension Soomest • YouTube used in sharing and embedding videos The Finnish Centre for Pensions 5
  6. 6. Pension Oracle on and Facebook The Finnish Centre for Pensions 6 • Since 3/2012 • 884 messages in 2013 • Already over 560 messages by 5/2014 • Since 10/2012 • 304 messages in 2013 • Approx. 50 messages by 5/2014
  7. 7. Campaign on Pensions and Working in Two Countries: Pension Soomest –profile on Facebook The Finnish Centre for Pensions 7 • Since 2/2014 • Supported the campaign in Estonia • 304 friends, 50 discussion entries • Participates in discussions in seven Facebook groups (altogether 30,000 members) Ongoing Social Media Monitoring • Discussions in newspaper web services, on blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. • Picking up trends and taking part in the discussion when needed
  8. 8. Twitter - an up and coming media • At the moment, Twitter is used in Finland mainly for professional purposes and by the media • Use by the public is increasing – Questions about pensions via Twitter already – Technical readiness for service on Twitter • The Finnish Centre for Pensions on Twitter as a company and with expert profiles The Finnish Centre for Pensions 8
  9. 9. Communication and Services in Social Media Pros • People are being met in their daily life and communication channels – the officials come to them • Information moves quickly and both ways • Potential volumes are big, all target groups can be reached • Social media completes web services and other communication – content can be shared and utilized effectively • Services are quickly made operational • In case of a crisis: the audience is already online, information can be updated quickly Cons • Effort is needed to maintain and monitor the services – think big but start small • Jargon may appear, and when it does, pension issues seem difficult and remote from daily life - don’t make them difficult • Services are being changed continuously – stay tuned The Finnish Centre for Pensions 9