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Millennium development goal sophie glennon. religion.


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Millennium development goal sophie glennon. religion.

  1. 1. To eliminate gender disparity inprimary and secondary education,preferably by 2005, and in all levels ofeducation no later than 2015.
  2. 2.  The world is very uneven in not only wealth but alsoin gender equality. Yemen, is ranked one of the most unequal countries inthe world when dealing with gender equality.Although the government of Yemen has made positivemoves towards eliminating gender inequality thestatus of women in Yemen still needs furtherdevelopment to ensure that they enjoy the same accessto human rights as men. Following Yemen in the highest ranked unequalcountries are; Chad, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia andTurkey.
  3. 3.  Promoting gender equalitymakes good business sense. Achieving gender equalityhelps to ensure improvedlabour environment within afirm. Better communication betweenmanagement and workers. An increased number of womenmanagerial positions. Increased productivity. Reduction in salary gap. Reduction in maternity-relateddiscrimination.
  4. 4.  Nearly all countries have improved betweengirls and boys in primary education. Africa hasmade significant gains, with Guinea andEthiopia. China has achieved gender parity inprimary education and India has madesignificant progress. However, girls are still more likely to be out ofschool than boys in many countries and thegender gap remains wide in secondaryeducation. The amount of women employedoutside agriculture is increasing, but veryslowly.
  5. 5.  No, unless the pace of progressincreases dramatically, as there isonly three year left to complete allgoals.
  6. 6.  We can achieve gender equality by: educating girls increasing literacy rates among women increasing early childhood developmentinterventions increasing women’s labour force participationand strengthening labour policies affectingwomen improving women’s access to credit, land andother resources promoting women’s politicalrights and participation expanding reproductive health programs andfamily support policies
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