Reducing plastic pollution, one party at a time!


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If you take a walk along any beach in the world you will find plastic amongst the sand or stones. This is because 10% of all plastic trash ends up in the sea. It was this terrible plastic tide that inspired us to do something to help reduce the use of plastic and GOOD2GO was born.

Plastic pollution is a huge, and growing, problem. There are an estimated 46,000 pieces in every square mile of ocean. Every year plastic kills more than 100,000 marine mammals like seals, sea lions, dolphins and whales, and a million sea birds like the Laysan Albatross ( Plastic particles attract toxins and enter the food chain and finally, us. Babies are now born with chemicals in their bodies that are only used in the manufacture of plastic. The good news is that we have a solution.

We believe it’s insane to make products like party plates and cups that will be used only once from plastic, a material that lasts for centuries and can’t be recycled. All GOOD2GO products are non-toxic, made from plants and return to nature within just a few months of being thrown away. We’ve been working together for four years bringing planet-friendly disposables to business customers and consumers in the Caribbean, where the beaches are impacted every day. We’ve organized beach clean ups and seen hundreds of people turn out early in the morning to remove many tons of plastic trash washed in from the sea. Every ton of GOOD2GO products used replaces a ton of plastic and, therefore, a ton of plastic trash.

We’ve noticed that people often get very serious when it comes to environmental protection but we’re fun kind of people and we think doing good things for the planet should be fun too. Everybody likes to throw a party but have you ever noticed just how much plastic waste is generated at even a small gathering? We did and so we developed a range of planet-friendly GOOD2GO 'Party Time' packs and an innovative marketing plan to get them into every home in America.

You have the unique opportunity to be the first in your neighborhood to throw a party using a GOOD2GO ‘Party Time’ pack for just $25. We have a wide range of options to suit all occasions. Whether you’re planning a kid’s party, a tailgate party or a family get together, there’s a GOOD2GO ‘Party Time’ pack designed especially for you. Every pack contains printed cups, plates, bowls, knives, forks and spoons that are all made from plants and all 100% compostable. We’ll also throw in some party favors and biodegradable trash bags, and we’ll even ship your pack for FREE if you live in the mainland USA. Everyone who funds our IndieGoGo campaign will also receive a 10% discount voucher, even if you only fund $1.

Join us and fund our IndieGoGo campaign ( but don't delay, our campaign ends on May 31st. With your help we can reduce plastic pollution and Party with the Planet.

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Reducing plastic pollution, one party at a time!

  1. 1. GOOD2GO Les Jardins de Baie Nettle Baie Nettle Saint Martin 97150 French West Indies email: info@good2gosxm.comPrimary Contact:Elaine Christopher BA (Hons)Managing Director GOOD2GO is a specialist eCommerce supplier of biobased, compostable party packs and biodegradable trash bags.
  2. 2. We Have a Problem with Plastic!Our wonderful blue planet is being overwhelmed by the tide of discardedsingle-use products made from petrochemical plastics including: plates cups bowls cutlery to-go boxes trash bagsOur plastic waste is: choking our planet impacting on human health killing wildlife at an alarming rate140 million tons of plastic packaging is discarded every year after being usedonly once, often for just a few moments: Irreplaceable resources are wasted Less than 10% of plastic can be recycled No safe disposable options for more than 90% of plastic 80,000+ different polymers on the market, often mixed in secret recipes Plastic is in our environment and here it will stay for a very long time Our oceans are becoming the final destination for thousands of tons of plastic 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of ocean covering more than 70% of our planet’s surface
  3. 3. GOOD2GO has a Solution to Reduce Plastic Pollution.GOOD2GO core beliefs: It is insane to manufacture products that are intended to be used only once from a material that is designed to last for thousands of years. We must balance negative and depressing information on the unimaginable scale of environmental damage caused by petrochemical plastics with positive action. The solution is to make it easy and fun for consumers to use planet-friendly products.GOOD2GO will do this by: Selling only biobased products that are certified either compostable or biodegradable. Marketing directly to the 70% of American households that are connected to the Internet. Making it easy to find GOOD2GO products and to shop online through affiliate marketing and a mobile application. Include visual representations of the benefits of purchasing GOOD2GO products on the website. GOOD2GO “Party Packs” provide consumers with all they need for their family events and holiday celebrations. GOOD2GO “Party Packs” will be fun and will encourage discussion when in use. Customers will receive information with every GOOD2GO “Party Pack” that clearly shows them how much they are helping to reduce plastic pollution. Providing multiple disposal options for every product. Donating a share of our profits to fighting plastic pollution.GOOD2GO biodegradable trash bags will be marketed alongside our “Party Packs” andalso to a specialist niche market - the luxury yachting industry: Yacht crews are exposed to marine plastic pollution on a daily basis and are environmentally conscious shoppers. Crews have generous budgets with which to maintain the yachts in pristine condition. GOOD2GO trash bags are the first to be designed to meet the very specific needs of the luxury yachting industry.Every ton of GOOD2GO products sold reduces plastic waste by one ton.
  4. 4. GOOD2GO will supply “Party Packs” and biodegradable bags at the current price forsimilar products and achieve profits sufficient to be sustainable within the market.To do this, GOOD2GO will: Use trusted dedicated factories in the Far East and India to manufacture our range of sugar cane bagasse, palm leaf, PLA and biostarch material products. Outsource third party logistics (3PL) of GOOD2GO products in the U.S.A. to deliver directly to our online customers in the major market at minimum cost.Our two main target markets for GOOD2GO “Party Packs” include approximately 110million American adults:LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability): LOHAS describes a market for goods and services that appeal to consumers who have a meaningful sense of environmental and social responsibility and incorporate those values into their purchase decisions. The LOHAS market comprises about 17% of the adult population in the U.S.A. LOHAS consumers are early adopters. Two thirds of them are first or ahead of most to use new environmentally-friendly products and they are influencers. 70% try to teach friends and family members about environmentally-friendly products. The U.S. LOHAS market grew at more than 16% per annum between 2005 and 2008 to be worth almost $300 billion.Green Followers: 26% of the adult US population is considered “Green Followers”. They are relatively new to the green space, so are in search of easy lifestyle and product changes. They want to be seen as doing their part and are currently responsible for most of the market growth in green products.Our target market for biodegradable trash bags is:Luxury Yachting: In 2008 the estimated value of the 4,500 strong luxury yacht fleet was $45 billion. Yacht running costs are estimated at 15% of the yacht’s value per year. Yacht crews spend $3 million a year on trash bags. A single 250’ yacht will purchase more than $7,500 worth of bags per year.
  5. 5. The technologies used to manufacture GOOD2GO products have been developed by a variety of sources and are used under license by the factories we currently contract to produce our goods. These technologies are vastly different from each other. In India the areca palm products are made from fallen leaves that are shaped and formed using steam and hydraulic presses. Royal palm leaves can also be used. In China the sugar cane bagasse products are manufactured using standard paper pulp forming machines. Sugar cane bagasse is the pulp left over when sugar is extracted from the cane. It is upcycled into plates, bowls and take-out boxes rather than being burned, which causes air pollution. Biostarch material bags are manufactured using standard plastic film equipment. The biostarch base is a blend of corn biopolymers and cornstarch that is combined with biodegradable synthetic polymers at a ratio of 70:30. The resulting bags are strong and durable during use but naturally biodegradable after disposal. PLA products are made from sugar that is derived from field corn already grown for many industrial & functional end-uses. Corn is used because it is usually the most economically feasible source of plant starches. Less than 1/20th of 1% (0.05%) of the annual global corn crop is used to make PLA, so theres little to no impact on food prices or supply. The process does not require corn, only a sugar source, which can include sugar beets, sugar cane, wheat and more.GOOD2GO has developed a modular manufacturing plant to bring the production of bagasse and palm leaf productsto the Caribbean. It combines the use of biomass as the feedstock in a pyrolysis unit with the hydraulic presses used tomake palm leaf products or the paper pulp forming machines to make bagasse products, according to the raw materialsavailable at each location.
  6. 6. GOOD2GO will make it effortless for people to be involved in environmentalprotection by designing our online store to be compatible with mobile devices andby helping consumers to visualize and quantify the environmental benefits ofevery purchase. We’ll make it fun to be green.To do all this we’ll: Design an integrated reminder system through which we automatically create reorders tailored to our customers’ wishes. Provide every investor in GOOD2GO with an affiliate website. Make it super-easy for our customers to become affiliates. Run customer loyalty and customer appreciation programs. Create monthly press releases that will promote brand recognition and distribute these using services that will post them for free and will send our press release to news organizations and other websites at no charge. Post on our blog at least three items per week that relate to our industry, products, services and expertise. Provide absolute transparency of all aspects of our operations. Encourage comments from readers and create a dialogue with customers about key issues and product features. Advertise on the websites of the non-profit, environmental organizations to which we donate a share of our profits, on environmental and enlightened forums and sites with similar values. Expand our social media marketing and target specialist, niche sites. Email newsletters and digital brochures to subscribers and customers. Have a simple ordering process and the ability to log in with Facebook to reduce shopping cart abandonment and maximize conversion rates. Use free SEO (search engine optimization) and other free marketing tools. Cross-market through our 3PL provider by including printed material in shipments for customers of other businesses they serve, in exchange for offering similar opportunities to their other clients. Include our brochure and ‘fun stuff’ with all shipments.
  7. 7. Our competitors fall into three main categories: Established plastics manufacturers, distributors and retailers, some of whom have added token ‘green’ products to their plastics range. Established specialist manufacturers and suppliers like GOOD2GO. A new wave of manufacturers and specialist suppliers entering the market.GOOD2GO stands out above most of our competitors because: We already have four years experience as a specialist supplier of biobased, biocompostable products. We understand the dynamics of the market. We are marketing to a specific niche. We have excellent relationships with our factories. We are committed to significantly reducing the consumption of single-use plastic. We have selected a ‘green’ 3PL eCommerce fulfillment center that shares our philosophy. Our products are combined into “Party Packs”, although individual product packs will also be available separately. Our innovative marketing makes it fun to be ‘green’. Our website and mobile app will make shopping simple. Our transparent marketing will educate and inform both emerging and committed environmentally conscious consumers. There are no real competitors in the luxury yacht market for biodegradable trash bags other than general retailers. GOOD2GO biodegradable trash bags are exclusively designed to meet the needs of this very specific market.
  8. 8. GOOD2GO is currently a team of two. We have a broad range of knowledge and skills between us including design, marketing,customer service, and sales. Collectively we have more than 40 years experience of self-employment including four years of workingtogether in the market for biocompostable disposables. We share the vision of a planet free of single-use plastic products with ahuman population that loves and cherishes our pristine beaches, countryside, urban landscapes, rivers, lakes and oceans. Elaine Christopher (Founder and Managing Director) - I possess highly-developed interpersonal and communication skills. I am resourceful and adaptable. I am a skilled researcher with the ability to identify and clearly present relevant information. I am also a confident public speaker. I am an excellent organizer and work well, independently and as part of a team. I have sales and marketing experience. I am proficient in the use of a wide variety of office software packages. I have a good understanding of accounting and bookkeeping practices. I possess the capacity to evaluate progress and to modify plans and actions accordingly. I have designed and delivered successful staff training programs whilst employed within the tourism, financial services and customer service sectors. I am well traveled and graduated as a mature student with an honors degree in 1997. My studies included development planning, sustainable development, coastal management, environmental impact assessment, law, surveying and architectural conservation. The very first environmental project that I was involved in was a study of the Australian plant the Blackboy (Xanthorrhoea). I was eight years old and growing up in North Queensland, Australia. I continue to have a passion for the environment to this day, a passion that led me to create GOOD2GO in 2008. Will Welch (Creative Director) – I have been a designer for more than 30 years and for most of that time I have been self-employed. Consequently, I am very experienced in business management, sales, marketing and project administration. I am very much a ‘people person’ and I like to think that I can get the best from the people I work with and create excellent relationships with customers. I am unashamedly inquisitive about everything, and to that end I spent three years living and traveling in the USA before settling in the Caribbean in 2009. A large proportion of my childhood was spent watching David Attenborough and Jacques Cousteau on TV and as a result I have always had an affinity with, and love of, nature and the environment. I am naturally creative, resourceful and fun to be around (usually), and I continue to have an intense interest in the welfare of our planet and its amazing inhabitants. From 1992 to 1995 I was secretary of the Westminster Green Party in London and I stood as a Green Party candidate in the 2007 UK local elections.
  9. 9. The Financials in Brief.Our projected annual turnover at three years after launch is $2.5 million, which willgenerate gross profits of $1,125,000. To achieve this we will be processing around 150orders per day. We believe that we can realistically achieve a conversion rate of 10% due tothe nature of the niche and our marketing strategy. Sales of biodegradable bags to theluxury yachting sector are included in these figures.By year five we expect to have moved into additional markets in Canada, Europe, Centraland South America and Australasia and to have increased our turnover to $5 million for theyear, processing 300 orders per day and generating gross profits of $2,250,000.These profits will enable us to invest in new technologies and develop our Caribbean basedcarbon-negative modular manufacturing system.We are seeking to raise 50% of the total $250,000 investment that we require from ourIndieGoGo campaign “It’s Party Time”. The balance will be obtained from private, peer topeer, investors. We require an initial amount of $175,000 to set up our new website and mobile app, purchase inventory and cover operating costs. We will need a further $25,000 three months after we launch. The final $50,000 will be required nine months after we launch. Thereafter, our cash flow will maintain the business.
  10. 10. We build sustainability into every aspect of GOOD2GO. We walk to our office. Use only recycled paper and soy inks for our printed materials. We refuse to use plastic unless it’s unavoidable. We use energy efficient lighting, filtered local water and recycle our waste. Our eCommerce business model helps our customers to shop from home rather than driving to the store. Our products are manufactured from annual renewable resources and upcycled waste sugar cane bagasse. GOOD2GO biodegradable bags are our only products to contain synthetic biodegradable polymers at a maximum of 30% combined with 70% corn biopolymers. We are constantly investigating new technologies, developments and products that are more energy efficient, less processed and biodegradable in a wider range of environments. Palm leaves and bagasse are naturally marine biodegradable. We insist upon absolute transparency throughout our supply chain and certification of all products to meet BPI standards for biomass content. We require all products to pass BPI, ASTM or ISO testing to confirm they are naturally biodegradable or compostable, as appropriate. We have chosen to partner with a 3PL provider that shares our vision. We’ll ship our products to them first by ocean transport and next via eco-friendly rail freight. They buy carbon credits to offset the emissions from all shipments, inbound and outbound. They use recycled paper for packing slips, reducing the amount of natural resources they use and keeping specific chemicals out of the watershed. 99.9% of everything they use is recycled or reused within their warehouse operation and they don’t even have an account with their local waste company! They purchase only green power from their local utility, and use only eco-friendly lighting throughout their facility. Their electric forklifts run exclusively on green power. They use recycled boxes and recycled paper-tape to ship our products. They buy all office/packing and warehouse supplies locally to their warehouse and they use electronic invoicing. By 2020 we will establish carbon negative, scalable, modular manufacturing units in the Caribbean so we can benefit even small communities by providing employment as we reduce their imports of harmful plastics, develop new markets and bring our supply chain in house. We have the raw materials in significant quantities and a labor market in desperate need of new opportunities.
  11. 11. Our Achievements:GOOD2GO has been trading for more than four years as a specialist Business 2 Businesssupplier of biobased biocompostable disposables and packaging.Our market has been confined to the Caribbean where we’ve distributed to customers on sixislands to date. Our customers include: The regional distributors for Heineken The regional distributors for Coors Light The luxury resort La Samanna The organizers of sailing regattas in Antigua, the BVIs and Sint Maarten The Anguilla National Trust Many local bars, shops, restaurants, retailers and resorts We supply compostable PLA water bottle preforms to Heavenly Water, the only water bottling company in the world to bottle purified Caribbean water in compostable bottles. We work with local environmental groups, community organizations and government agencies to coordinate beach clean-ups and educational events to raise awareness of the plastic pollution problem. In 2010 we worked with the major sponsor of the Taste of St. Maarten event to make it the first Plastic Free event on the island. We are currently working with the Anguilla National Trust and sponsors to make the 2013 Anguilla carnival the first Plastic Free carnival in the Caribbean. We have replaced more than 100 tons of plastic to date and, therefore, prevented 10 tons from entering our oceans. Moving into eCommerce and the North American market is a new venture for GOOD2GO. The additional revenue that catering to this much larger market will generate will allow us to increase our contribution to eliminating single-use plastic from the islands and our oceans.