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I4 Innovation Brochure Color


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I4 Innovation Brochure Color

  1. 1. We help companies assess and improve innovation via people, process and culture to deliver more profitable products and services to the market. Elaine Ingebritson Managing Director, Innovation Leader, Consultant and Coach 262-364-4744 Elaine Ingebritson Managing Director, Innovation Leader, Consultant and Coach 262-364-4744 Our Core Belief Innovation capability can be developed and strengthened by concentrating on key skills, utilizing a flexible process and creating an encouraging culture. Innovation Assessments Ideation Workshops Prioritizing to Optimize Impact Integrating Strategic Planning & Innovation Strategic Thinking Developing Market Insights Engaging the “Crowd” Finding Weak Signals Investigating Alternative Scenarios Designing Illuminating Experiments Innovation Process Design Lean Start-Up Principles New Market/Product Identification & Development Implementing the Launch Plan Product Life-cycle Road Map Innovation Inventory Management Becoming a Serial Innovation Engine Identifying Cultural Challenges Building Culture that Inspires Accelerating Change Our Offerings Workshops and projects are tailored to clients’ needs, including:
  2. 2. Why engage an innovation coach? We believe that innovation can be coached to improve the success rate of new innovations, that is, bring the right idea to the right market at a profit. The first step is to complete our brief 12-question assessment that identifies strengths to leverage and weak spots to enhance. Are you searching for new ideas instead of recycling the same initiatives? Do you have lots of ideas but struggle bringing products to market? Is your R&D function isolated or disconnected from emerging markets? Does middle management block new products due to concerns about risk or cannibalization? We can help! We’ll work together to uncover resources, explore relevant best practices and plan a realistic path toward innovation excellence. Who we are Elaine Ingebritson, Managing Director, Innovation Leader, Consultant and Coach A proven innovation leader and consultant with a solid record of partnering with commercial leaders and functional experts to deliver profitable growth. Elaine’s unique combination of skills enables her to uncover market insights to accelerate development while identifying risk to avoid costly mistakes. Elaine’s experience covers a wide variety of firms, from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies and is effective conducting web-based engagements as well as in-person meetings. Marketing, sales and risk management roles at GE Capital and banking provide deep expertise in financial services, process discipline and multi-national operations. I4 Innovation brings extensive consulting expertise and a flexible problem-solving approach to our client engagements. Our associates have a rich skill set and direct experience with industry-leading clients. Skills include Lean and Six Sigma process excellence, strategic marketing, creative brand alignment, digital marketing strategies, sales training, talent development, project management, and change management. Teams are assembled based on customer need and project scope. The 4 I’s of Innovation People: The Heart of InnovationImagine + Instigate +Illuminate + Ignite Process: The Hands of Innovation Idea + Insight + Iterate + Implement Culture: The Spirit of Innovation Inspire + Influence + Imperfect + Impact