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FUTURE Perspective #10 trends newsletter

  1. 1. February 2012This edition covers:• Pinterest-ing•Future of Leadership• 3-D Printing Revolution
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA/BRANDS Retailers take notePINTEREST-ING ➔ Although still very new, the start-up is COMMUNICATIONS TAKEOUT attracting more and more attention , as its pinAlong came the big bad wolf and he huffed boards are becoming a major source of trafficand he puffed and he blew the house down. to retailer websites.Yes, that was a fairy tale but over the last few ➔ Each image is actually a link that redirectsmonths a new social networking phenomenon the user to the original webpage containing thehas been rapidly gathering oxygen and is even image. When users pin a retailers’ product, therattling at the doors of the seemingly image therefore redirects directly to theimpregnable house of Facebook. There are individual product page on the retailer’snow over 2.5m monthly active Pinterest users website, turning their virtual pin-board into a GET PINNINGon Facebook. source of referrals. 1) Pin content that relates to your ➔ It was just recently discovered target audienceReal and growing that Pinterest is earning affiliate commission Look for ways to create a good mix➔Curation site Pinterest allows users to create from some of their referral links, depending on between the audience’s interestsvirtual pin boards around specific topics – companies that are participating in an affiliate and what your company stands for.fashion, interior design, travel destinations – programme. 2) Have company related pinsand pin images to illustrate their topic. ➔ A number of retailers and other brands like Find creative and stylistic ways of➔ Pinterest has added to the lexicon of “like” General Electric, have started to create their showcasing products and include aand “retweet” with its ability to “pin” content own pin boards for Pinterest users to share price tag with the image. Make sureand then “repin” it across the site & networks. pictures of products across the social platform. your website is image optimised.➔ Considering that the word Pinterest didn’t 3) Follow and Engageexist in 2010, by October 2011 nearly 900,000 Changing the future of search to discovery Search for those users that fall underhas searched for the term “Pinterest” more ➔ Sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, your target demographic and beginthan 2.4 million times. Search data like this can Snip.it, Clipboard and Curisma, etc.,all allow interacting with them throughoften be a leading indicator to investors their users to decide what aspects of the web comments or repinning. This willregarding the viral growth of a company. (text, media, etc.) are worth saving and hopefully result in comments and➔ In 2011, it was valued through venture sharing, instead of browsing the web from repins of your own content.financing at$40m and, most recently, just a few Google, or even Facebook for that matter. 4) Observe and researchmonths later, at around $200m. ➔ These networks allow for self-expression, You can go and explore the boards➔ A recent infographic from Monetate shows and in doing so, re-sort and re-shape the web of your clients and others that fallthat in terms of driving traffic to retailers’ we see, and that is a very big shift away from under your target audience and usewebsites, Pinterest does a better job than traditional search toward social discovery. this information to build a betterGoogle+. From September to December 2011, relationship with your audience.non-subscribed Pinterest users went from 1.68 Warning: Copyright quagmire 5) Social recruiting opportunitymillion to 7.21 million people, an increase of The obvious question is who owns the content. See these 7 creative resumes .329% in only four months. The infographic Whilst Pinterest has a carefully craftedsuggests Pinterest might have built a new model copyright policy it leaves liability for TOP TIPS FOR BRANDS ONfor social media referrals. infringement squarely on members’ shoulders. PINTEREST
  3. 3. Do you speak global?HR/WAR FOR TALENT ➔ Increased globalisation will pose manyFUTURE OF LEADERSHIP challenges for CEOs, not least dealing with COMMUNICATIONS TAKEOUTWho wants to be a millionaire CEO? complex multi-cultural and diversifiedThere was a time not so long ago when most demographic issues .senior executives would aspire to CEOstatus. With it came increased responsibility Techno/multi-media savvinessbut also considerable financial rewards. ➔ There may still be some companies whereThen along came Enron and other well- CEOs are not tech savvy, but this will become aknown corporate scandals and suddenly the must-have skill of the future. Not least becausetop job lost some of its allure. Particularly of technology’s ability to shrink the world andwhen the concept of ‘the buck stops here’ deal with a complex set of stakeholders.could actually lead to a CEO being marched 10 LEADERSHIP TRENDS INoff in handcuffs on national TV. ROI BUSINESS (see link below) ➔ Perhaps the strongest pressure facingCharismatic, celebrity leadership leaders in the future will be to demonstrate ROI. Demonstrating and quantifying the impact 1. The rise of complex➔ It is tempting to see the demise of SteveJobs as representing the end of an era in of leadership development investments is challengesterms of charismatic leadership. It is hard to likely to emerge as a priority for organisations. 2. The innovation revolutionforesee other leaders reaching those iconic 3. The art of virtual leadershipheights. Work Life Balance ➔ Lloyds Banking Group CEO recently had to 4. Collaboration nation➔ Indeed, it may be argued that the cult ofcelebrity leadership, when it is linked to take time out due to stress. In the past, this 5. The world of interruptionpersonal betterment at the expense of the would have been seen as a sign of weakness 6. Authenticity is the nextcompany, is to be avoided at all costs – as but more attention will be paid in the future to celebritywitness Royal Bank of Scotland. the well being of senior executives. 7. The fallout from the babyEthics and transparency to the fore Feminomics and CEOs boom – part 1➔ One thing is certain and that is that ➔ In virtually all markets many fewer women 8. The fallout from the babytransparency , integrity and authenticity are than men are active in the labour market, leading to a shortage of women CEOs. This will boom – part 2qualities that will be absolutely essential forany successful leader of the future. continue to be an unmet challenge. 9. Leadership for longevity ➔ Only 12% of CEOs say they see poor 10. What’s next?The end of the fat cat retention of female talents as a key business➔ The all-pervasive nature of new media, challenge over the next three years and 56% of businesses say they have no plans to change 10 LEADERSHIP TRENDS INalong with citizen mobilisation (as seen in the#occupy movement) will make it increasingly their policies. Only 11% of CEOs globally are BUSINESShard to hide any misdemeanors or for planning significant change to policies aimed at [Source: Center for Creativemassive bonuses to be accepted. attracting and retaining more of female Leadership] employees today.
  4. 4. DIGITAL / MANUFACTURING Medical devices3D PRINTING REVOLUTION ➔ By far the biggest adopter of additive COMMUNICATIONS TAKEOUT technology is the medical devices sector and,Dictionaries have multiple definitions of the around the world, many patients sport hipverb “to print” but none of them remotely replacements, dental crowns or even cranialconjure up images of objects like prosthetic implants that have been produced by cliniciansjaws, jewellery, lampshades, iphone covers , on laser-sintering machines.shoes or even museum exhibits — all of which Indeed, the largest-volume application ofcan now be printed with the help of special 3D additive manufacturing is in the production ofprinting machines. hearing aids, with customised hearing-aid casings now almost exclusively made usingManufacturing at the click of a mouse additive techniques. 9 WAYS 3D PRINTING CAN➔ Printing in 3D may seem bizarre. In fact it is ➔ The biggest spur for adoption of the CHANGE THE WORLD (see linksimilar to clicking on the print button on a technology in the medical world is notcomputer screen and sending a digital file to an below) customisation, but economics. With additive,inkjet printer. The difference is that the “ink” in because the component is built in particles, 1. Medical Proceduresa 3D printer is a material which is deposited in densities can be changed and surfaces madesuccessive, thin layers until a solid object 2. Advances In Research porous so that it’s not necessary to go throughemerges. secondary processes. It’s a lot cheaper. 3. Product Prototyping➔ The general term the industry uses for this is 4. Historic Preservation“additive manufacturing”, but the most widely Ideas and intellectual property issues 5. AECused devices are called 3-D printers. ➔ Perhaps the most exciting aspect of additive➔ The printing of parts and products has the 6. Manufacturing manufacturing is that it lowers the cost ofpotential to transform manufacturing because it entry into the business of making things. 7. Food Industrieslowers the costs and risks. No longer does a ➔ Ultimately, this suggests that success in 8. Automotiveproducer have to make thousands, or hundreds manufacturing will depend less on scale and 9. Accessoriesof thousands, of items to recover his fixed costs. more on the quality of ideas. Brilliance alone, though, will not be enough. 9 WAYS 3D PRINTING CANA new industrial revolution ➔ Good ideas can be copied even more rapidly CHANGE THE WORLD➔ Mass-manufacturing identical items may not with 3D printing, so battles over intellectual [Source: Mashable]be necessary or appropriate any more, since 3D property may become even more intense. Itprinting allows for a great deal of customisation. will be easier for imitators as well as innovators CONTACTIndeed, in the future some see consumers to get goods to market fast. Competitivedownloading products as they do digital music advantages may thus be shorter-lived than Elaine Cameronand printing them out at home, or at a local 3D ever before. Strategic Research & Trend Analysis,production centre, having tweaked the designs ➔ As with past industrial revolutions, the EMEA elaine.cameron@bm.comto their own tastes. That is probably a faraway greatest beneficiaries may not be companies Don’t forget to follow on Twitter:dream. Nevertheless, a new industrial but their customers. http://www.twitter.com/FUTUREPersrevolution may well be on the way. p