Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana Addictive


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Now the question every people and even contemporary medical patients would like to know is if the use of cannabis can cause addiction? As for Californians and even Sacramentonians, the question is more pertinent than ever.

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Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana Addictive

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  2. 2. Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana AddictiveNow the question every people and even contemporarymedical patients would like to know is if the use ofcannabis can cause addiction? As for Californians andeven Sacramentonians, the question is more pertinentthan ever.The answer, on the other hand, is less than clear:addiction experts tend to agree that the use of medicalcannabis even for health purposes is addictive, butother medical experts believe that medical marijuanaisn’t addictive but rather helpful to one’s health. ©
  3. 3. Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana AddictiveThe general public and medical patients share the sameview with the medical experts, they see it differently.An American researcher based in Sacramento said thatthe definition most commonly accepted by addictionexperts is a boiled-down version of the one laid out inthe Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of MentalDisorders (DSM-IV TR), psychiatrys handbook of allmental conditions. ©
  4. 4. Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana AddictiveHe added that by the book, addiction is the compulsiveuse of a substance despite ongoing negativeconsequences, which may lead to tolerance orwithdrawal symptoms when the substance is stopped.By this definition, about 10% of people who smokemarijuana become addicted to it. ©
  5. 5. Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana AddictiveOn the other hand, no specialists, most of them medicaldoctors, still tend to use an older perspective, now seenas outdated by some medical cannabis experts.According to them, there are regular drugs that can beconsidered physically addictive producing severewithdrawal.Meanwhile, there are other medical drugs that arepsychologically addictive and only cause craving; thosethat are both are the hardest to quit. ©
  6. 6. Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana AddictiveThey added that medical cannabis can be categorizedas addictive too, like these drugs mentioned above.But former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elderscharacterized medical marijuana on a televisioninterview, that she is supporting the full legalization ofmedical cannabis as an alternative medicine to curevarious medical conditions. ©
  7. 7. Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana AddictiveShe said that, "Marijuana is not addictive, not physicallyaddictive anyway."According to medical experts, the paradigm foraddiction is heroin. Heroin can cause too much shaking.It can also cause puking, anyone can’t easily quitheroine usage because the withdrawal sickness isimpossible to bear. ©
  8. 8. Is Sacramento Medical Marijuana AddictiveHowever, medical marijuana cannot be compared withheroin, marijuana doesn’t have symptoms like what aperson can experience through the use of heroin. It isnot linked with such severe symptoms, with this, it issafe to say that the medical cannabis isnt seen asphysically addictive to everyone.And considering that most people view physicaladdiction as uncontainable, but psychological addictionas manageable with proper willpower, the use ofmedical cannabis tends not to be regarded as addictivein general. ©
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