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Ekomilk Horizon AMP for robotic milking robots on dairy fams scc fat protein solids ketosis


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Almost all common brands and models of milking robots work smoothly with the Ekomilk-AMP version for milking robots (robotic milking systems, VMS, AMS on dairy farms) which analyses milk somatic cell count (SCC, sub clinical mastitis detection), milk fat, protein, solids, lactose content and ketosis risk indicator.

The cost per milk sample analysis is around €0.03 EXW and the accuracy is very high as per several lab comparison reports and studies (accuracy guarantees on demand).

Samples which can be analysed on-farm are from bulk tank, individual cow (composite) and specific udder quarters.

There is a comprehensive online Cloud account for system maintenance, support, calibration, sample identification, results transfer over Wifi to SMS, HTML email with XLS attachment and online graphs and dashboards.

For conventionnal milking parlors without robots there is the Ekomilk-AMP mini-lab as on this video:

Price discounts can be assigned under specific conditions

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Ekomilk Horizon AMP for robotic milking robots on dairy fams scc fat protein solids ketosis

  1. 1. Introduction to Ekomilk- AMP for milking robots (robotic milking, AMS, VMS) on dairy farms
  2. 2. How to connect Ekomilk Horizon directly to a milking robot? • Order the special Ekomilk Horizon version for robotic milking robots • See contact details in this document • Please mention your robot brand and model • Put your milking robot in “control” mode • also called “sampling” mode • Program your robot (for instance via your farm management software) for the cows you want to analyse (all or few specific cows); • the cost per sample test is approx. €0.03 with Ekomilk-AMP • Instead of the Shuttle, connect now Ekomilk Horizon robot version to your milking robot, • using the same rubber flex tube and connection point on the robot as the Shuttle (sampler) • Enjoy the real-time milk analysis results on your online AMP account, on HTML email with XLS report or on SMS • or ask for custom integration with your preferred farm management package, also for automating data exchange and sample identification • •
  3. 3. Type of milk samples: tank, cow, udder quarter • Ekomilk-AMP measurement accuracy is very high so you can also measure bulk tank samples • And even udder quarter samples, if you can provide correct sampling (not only the first jets of milk please) • About the Ekomilk AMP measurement accuracy: • Every measurement and every instrument is supervised by the online AMP with a combination of automatic algorithms (AI, ML) and our pro-active support team • • There is a clear sampling identification workflow in case you want to mix sample types (cow, tank, quarter) • Via XLS templates •
  4. 4. Important technical aspects for on-farm installation • A protective enclosure or box is recommended in order to guarantee: • Protection against dust, liquids and excessive humidity • Operating temperature range between 14° and 32°C • This temperature range can be customised • We (Ekomilk-AMP factory) can supply a box (enclosure) which is very robust (steel and glass) and has thermostate, see next slide for image • Keep the milk sampling line from the milking robot short and perform regular cleaning as prescribed by the Shuttle and your robot vendor • Also test the smooth flow of the milk sample from the robot after on-farm installation • Automatic data exchange in the Cloud with your preferred farm management package is optionnal • We can customise for every request
  5. 5. Robust enclosure example for milking robot installation
  6. 6. Further information and blogs about Ekomilk & AMP for milking robots • • • • • • • • • • •
  7. 7. Ekomilk-AMP contact details and price offers Office (at) Office (at)