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Ekomilk AMP lab cluster for over 1000 milk samples per hour at approx €0.03 per test with guaranteed accuracy


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This is a draft slide presentation, on which we ask our partners and distributors around the world to give feedback so we can finalise it

From June 2019 till Q2 2020, places can be booked for the demo tour for obtaining free milk analysis on milking robots during one day of demo on your farm of choice. Booking via

Over the course of last 24 months, laboratory managers in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, have explained us their goals and requirements for milk sample analysis. Some large dairy farms also have their own laboratory and informed us about their preferences. Laboratory operating expenses should be kept to a minimum while flexibility and reliability of milk analysis should be maximal. Laboratory “running” costs per milk sample should be competitive, while integration of automation technologies is an obvious requirement. Differentiation of the milk lab services toward the lab clients is key. These milk lab clients are dairy farms, veterinary cabinets and veterinarians (DVM), milk collection, milk payment and milk processing plants besides farm consultants like cow hygiene and cow nutrition consultants or suppliers.

In this paper, we introduce the Ekomilk-AMP lab cluster concept in order to fulfil these goals and requirements. We offer a complementary approach with real-time on-farm analysis, remotely monitored by the lab. The lab can offer high value added services and selective analyses in such on-farm scenario.
Above all, we look forward to your questions and suggestions.

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Ekomilk AMP lab cluster for over 1000 milk samples per hour at approx €0.03 per test with guaranteed accuracy

  1. 1. Introduction to Ekomilk–AMP clusters for milk quality & milk composition analysis at approx. €0.03 / analysis, reaching over 350 milk samples / hour (guaranteed) March 2019 Belgium/Bulgaria
  2. 2. Milk parameters measured by Ekomilk-AMP cluster, for bulk tank and for individual milk samples Standard milk parameters for EHU cluster version: measurement range accuracy specifications • SCC (somatic cell count): 10 000 ÷ 15 000 000 cells/ml +/- 22 000 cells/ml (for SCC values around 200 000 cells/ml) • Fat content: 0.1 ÷ 12% +/- 0.04% • Protein content: : 1 ÷ 9% +/- 0.12% • Solids without fats (SNF): 4 ÷ 12% +/- 0.18% Please check your user manual for milk sampling and milk sample conditions. Optional milk parameters, measured on-demand for EHU: • Total Solids (TS), dry rest • Ketosis indicator (animal health score) <30 DIL • Lactose indicator • Conductivity • Added water, density, freezing point indicators (adulteration) April 2019 2
  3. 3. Ekomik-AMP cluster unit: upgraded Mini-lab Each unit in an Ekomilk-AMP cluster can be represented as consisting of 3 parts: EHU, AMP and SF Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited (EHU): milk analysis instrument • This EHU special cluster version (SKU: EHU_hdclextr00) measures: F, P, SNF, high accuracy SCC and several optional parameters (total solids, ketosis, conductivity, lactose, added water, fp, CLR) AMP (cluster version): the backbone of each cluster • AMP provides complete cluster management and maintenance guideance for instruments and Sample Feeder • Automatic result transfer via Wifi & LAN RJ45 to email, SMS, Cloud server APIs, custom XLS reports • Instrument maintenance, support and diagnostics • Sample identification workflow, powerful calibration engine, measurement supervision, user account management, user-defined alert notifications AMPI Sample Feeder (SF): sample tray loading, verification, preparation and supply station • Fast change of sample trays and consumables (water, dummy milk, cleaning solutions) in the service rack • Automatic rinsing and cleaning of the instrument between and during tray analysis • Automated sample preparation solves one of the most common lab operator errors for milk analysis April 2019 3
  4. 4. Ekomik-AMP cluster unit: upgraded Mini-lab Optionnal accessories & peripherals: • Extra sample trays, USB keyboard, barcode reader, weighing scale, RFID, milking robot version, Bluetooth, NFC reader, RJ45 (ethernet) • AMP modules: milking robot ID matching, automatic lab sample identification over barcode or RFID, advanced full-range calibration, secure XML & JSON data exchange, API for 3rd party Cloud modules, external databases Each unit in a cluster can be seen as an upgraded Mini-lab • It’s a Mini-lab to which extra hardware and software components have been added • Usually the heavy-duty version of EHU and SF are used • Youtube intro video: April 2019 4
  5. 5. Sample throughput, analyses and operator time • You choose the required minimum & average sample throughput (avg nr of milk sample analyses per hour) • We design the cluster and guarantee this sample analysis throughput (contractual) • The cluster size (nr of units) mainly depends on • Type of milk samples (bulk tank vs individual cow), • Desired accuracy and • Desired measurement ranges • The time for an operator to change sample trays is less than 15 seconds: • For a trained operator • Also includes refilling with ready-to-use consumables • Excluding sample cup rinsing & cup opening (depends on type of sample cups) April 2019 5
  6. 6. Sample throughput, analyses and operator time • Please contact us for a conceptual approach about the time spent and the tasks for a lab operator in the lab workflow • One lab operator can usually handle the tasks for one cluster of around 500 samples / hour • It depends on the conditions of the samples and sample cups besides automation level in the lab • Sample tray preparation and identification • Milk sample identification via the AMP workflow and barcode or other digital reader April 2019 6
  7. 7. Cluster workflow, operator tasks • Please contact us for a conceptual approach about the time spent and the tasks for a lab operator in the lab workflow • One lab operator can usually handle the tasks for one cluster of around 500 samples / hour • It depends on the conditions of the samples and sample cups besides automation level in the lab • Sample tray preparation and identification • Milk sample identification via the AMP workflow and barcode or other digital reader April 2019 7
  8. 8. Automated tasks • sample tray loading verification • did the lab operator insert the tray correctly? • sample tray preparation • mixing and aspiration positioning according to configuration profile • milk sample supply to the milk analysis unit • automatic diagnostics of the status each milk analysis unit • integration of barcode reader data , RFID reader data or file based identification matching • thanks to custom integration services and robust modules with built-in doublechecks • automatic calibration application after full sample identification • automatic dissemination of measurement results over online AMP Cloud accounts, email, SMS • the receiving AMP accounts could be simple farm accounts or comprehensive admin accounts • real-time supervision of each measurement • detection of sampling errors or sample storage and preparation errors • maintenance guidance and diagnostics for each cluster unit • colored indication in real-time • if any extra refill or supply of consumables is needed in a particular cluster unit or any other intervention April 2019 8
  9. 9. Cluster, on-demand services and modules Design for compliance, reliability and security: - geographic optimisation of datacenter location for maximum reliability and for compliance with national data privacy law - Blockchain implementation for all essential layers to ensure tamperproof databases, result reports and periodic calibration certificates - smart randomised daily access monitoring and daily security monitoring for all instruments, in addition to standard security monitoring algorithms - heavy duty package for all hardware: this includes extra spare parts and maintenance so the warranty covers up to 150 000 samples per cluster unit per year. April 2019 9
  10. 10. Cluster, on-demand services and modules On-site installation and commissioning: - local network installation with extensive testing during installation before commissioning- technical assistance for preparation of optional workflow optimisation like sample identification automation via for instance barcode readers and RFID readers besides automatic 3rd party database interfacing (secure Cloud APIs) - extensive training and weekly follow-up - optimisation for single lab operator during installation: optimising the orientation of equipment for optimal cluster management and for interventions such as adding reagent, cleaning solutions and milk sample trays. - cluster rack and tray reference CAD designs and technical assistance to lab furniture supplier for on-site installation April 2019 10
  11. 11. Cluster, on-demand services and modules Cluster support: - 24/7 hotline, first answer within 1 day, repair parts usually shipped within 3 working days - dedicated technical support engineer for your cluster - standby system parts or cluster units for reduce cluster downtime and maximal sample volume throughput April 2019 11
  12. 12. Cluster, on-demand services and modules Cluster operational efficiency: - secure private Cloud synchronisation and capacity matching (balancing) - pro-active maintenance planning module for minimising downtime and the number of required maintenance interventions - optional smart group calibration module for smooth periodic calibration of the cluster with limited milk sample set size - Automatic dissemination of results to DVM vets, farms, labs, consultants, other users with XLS reports and HTML emails besides SMS Ekomilk AMP certifications: Please contact us for available and for optional certifications of cluster components: TUV, SGS, ISO, ICAR April 2019 12
  13. 13. Milk analysis, automatic result dissemination The user (dairy farm, DVM vet, lab consultant, other) receives SMS and/or email when new results have arrived on his/her AMP account April 2019 13
  14. 14. Lab services differentiation In case of on-farm installation of an Ekomilk-AMP Mini-lab (for a mid-size dairy farm) or a cluster (for very large dairy farms), the lab and consulting partners can focus on high-value added services which generate extra revenue and margin for their clients. When milk quality analyses happen on the dairy farm in real-time, sample transportation costs can be strongly reduced. Only specific and complex, time taking lab tests such as bacterial cultures or specific milk tests require sample transportation to the lab. The on-farm Ekomilk-AMP system allows to select on the farm which milk samples require transportation to the lab i.e. which cow require in-depth analysis e.g. for bacterial culturing. Effectiveness to reduce milk losses and avoid spreading of pathogens in the herd will be much higher than in the conventionnal approach with central labs, which require frequent milk sample transports & milk sample storage. April 2019 14
  15. 15. Cluster evaluation If you want to evaluate in your lab or on your dairy farm the workflow of a cluster, we invite you to start with an Ekomilk - AMP Mini-lab. Please find here the Mini-lab EXW price: These online Ekomilk AMP prices are for single system purchases, standard versions (up to 20 000 samples/y, not heavy duty for up to 150 000 sample/y, not cluster, not robot), EXW (no transport & handling included yet), 1y carry-in warranty (5y warranty extension on demand) and with remote factory support (no on-site installation included). Depending on your organisation, we may assign you special evaluation conditions for 1 Ekomilk-AMP Mini-lab during 1 month. After your evaluation, we (factories) will bear the costs for upgrading and integrating this Mini-lab into your cluster (as a cluster unit). April 2019 15
  16. 16. Backup slides April 2019 16
  17. 17. Accuracy The Ekomilk-AMP system has a powerful online calibration engine which allows obtaining unparalleled accuracy over an extended range of each milk parameter. Accuracy guarantees for each measurement and for a set of measurements are possible (under conditions). April 2019 17
  18. 18. Calibration The AMP system architecture allows for an unlimited amount of calibration profiles besides semi-automatic calibration updates (seasonal and breed detection). Relative to older Ekomilk models, this translates to over a hundred “calibration channels” for each Ekomilk- AMP system. This means that you can calibrate accurately for many milk types (raw, pasteurised, UHT, recombined powder, different breeds and animals). April 2019 18
  19. 19. Integrity & supervision The excellent accuracy is facilitated thanks to the automatic supervision via the “integrity monitoring” module. Every analysis (measurement) is verified for integrity: an anomaly in the sample or in the measurement result will be clearly indicated (flagged and with optional notification over SMS and email). Similarly, the whole system is monitored continuously for security purposes and for any errors appearing. There is a responsive team for ensuring you a smooth experience and satisfying support. Milk sampling errors and milk preparation errors are usually detected by the Ekomilk AMP system thanks to AI (ML) in the Cloud. Individual milk samples (using ICAR samplers, per dairy animal / cow) and bulk tank can both be analysed. April 2019 19
  20. 20. Milk quality dashboards For decision making you will have automatic subclinic mastitis dash-boards and milk composition dashboards on individual and on bulk tank level. No need to crunch numbers and results in long tables. The milk quality evolution of a cow or a herd will be clear on the dash-boards and graphs (and tables are still available). April 2019 20
  21. 21. Automatic data transfer There is a full notification system over SMS, email with CSV and online app with dashboards for instrument notifications and for meas-urement results. You can also opt for the on- demand automatic data transfer to your database or server (via Cloud API, for instance in XML or JSON format). April 2019 21
  22. 22. Maintenance program AMP provides, depending on the model, automated instrument cleaning and a comprehensive instrument maintenance program for hassle-free reliable operation and increased longevity of the in-strument. The Ekomilk-AMP system features a real-time instrument monitoring and instrument diagnostics module. April 2019 22
  23. 23. Ketosis & Adulteration Acidosis and ketosis indicators can be added via the online AMP account, like lactose and added water for adulteration detection (on-de-mand, Q4 2018). The cost per test remains approx. €0.03 EXW April 2019 23
  24. 24. Cow and tank identification For easy cow and bulk tank identification, there is a flexible template system and a connection for an external USB keyboard. Both multi-digit national IDs and 4 digit local IDs can be used simultaneously to identify each sample, track the history and create automatic dashboards. April 2019 24
  25. 25. WiFi & peripherals AMP manages and secures the Wifi end-points even over unstable internet connections. AMP also enables to use Barcode reader and RFID data. There is integrated solid Wifi and USB stick workflow support. Such workflow support will prevent you from losing data files or from uploading the same data file twice. RJ45 (ethernet), NFC and Bluetooth connectivity besides custom peripherals connection are on demand. April 2019 25
  26. 26. Automation The AMPI Sample Feeder (SF) provides automatic sample preparation and sample supply. Many common milk analysis errors are caused by incorrect (manual) sample preparation. With the SF, sample preparation is automated and common measurement errors are avoided or at least detected and flagged. Insert a tray of samples in the SF and you are ready to go. You will receive SMS when your intervention is needed and when it is time to insert a new sample tray. April 2019 26
  27. 27. Milking robot There is also a special Ekomilk-AMP version for milking robots which allows direct connection to milking robots (also called automatic milking systems, voluntary milking systems, robotic milking systems): Milking Robot Test > No Shuttles and no sample transport needed anymore: on-farm real-time analysis. April 2019 27 Milking robot brands under test or planned: • Fullwood • SAC • Lely • Boumatic • DeLaval
  28. 28. Custom branding admin interface & 3rd party modules For partners and distributors, there is an option for custom branding for user communities and specific organisations. The powerful admin in-terface enables you to follow instruments from your organisations in re-al-time and provide extra services. There are also Cloud APIs to con-nect your own modules and sensors with AMP. April 2019 28
  29. 29. The new Ekomilk-AMP system is used worldwide, on-farm and by major milk processors, pharmaceutical industry, veterinary cabinets and dairy herd improvement organisations (also known as Controle Laitier, DHI, Control Lechero, LKV etc). Please contact us for more details and specifications. Thanks for your attention. office (at) office (at) April 2019 29