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The interview with_the_miner


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Презентация участников клуба "Полиглот" при ДонНУ в рамках Резиденции Линды Норрис и Джорджи Немет в Донецке при финансовой поддержке Центра культурного менеджмента (Львов) и Европейского культурного фонда (Нидерланды)

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The interview with_the_miner

  1. 1. Kovtun A., Kovalenko A., Yarovaya M.
  2. 2. He has been working for about30 years in theYuzhnodonbasskaya mine #1 inUgledar.
  3. 3. - Well, it’s a very hard work. The preparations and the transportationtake a lot of time, so that we spend ten hours per hour in the mine.And besides physical burdens, our job is very risky.You know, every time youre going down to the mine, you understandthat you may not come back this evening. Of course, it is much betterwhen you dont think about it, but it is really hard not to think of it inreal life. You say "hello" to people and in an hour you understand thatby this words youve already said "good bye". If you try to think detailedabout this job youll become more than scared.
  4. 4. - Of course, I didnt work inmine for pleasure. I didnthave another possibility toearn money. You know, it wasmuch more harder for myfamily to put up with mywork. They were praying formy life while I was working.
  5. 5. - Some people dont return to work after accidents. They areboth scared and tired. You know, one thing is to suppose thepossibility of accident, and the another one is when it happensin close vicinity of you.
  6. 6. - As Ive said before this job takes a lot of time and energy,but all my free time I try to spend with my family. Theyrewaiting for me every day and I really love them.
  7. 7. - Yes. In such conditions, which we have underground thefriendship is highly valued, so our best friends are ourworkmates.
  8. 8. - Unfortunately, now our government doesnt think much of ourwork, so we don’t have high wage or pension. Earlier peoplehad more serious attitude to it.