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Report of the town hall meetings of his excellency


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The Report of the Town Hall meeting with the Stakeholders for 2018 Budget

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Report of the town hall meetings of his excellency

  1. 1. REPORT OF THE TOWN HALL MEETINGS OF HIS EXCELLENCY, THE GOVERNOR WITH THE STAKEHOLDERS IN THE STATE IN PREPARATORY FOR THE 2018 BUDGET, HELD ON MONDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER, 2017 AT THE GOVERNMENT HOUSE GROUND, ADO-EKITI 1.0. INTRODUCTION: 1.1 The meeting was organized in order to facilitate the contributions of the representatives of every community in the State in preparatory to the 2018 Budget. 1.2 This approach gave maximum opportunity for the Stakeholders across the sixteen (16) Local Government Areas in the State to express their views on how the 2018 Budget would look like in line with the request of each community. 2.0. OBJECTIVE: 2.1 The essence of the meeting was to ensure that, the 2018 Budget was packaged to address significantly the priority areas that would speed-up developmental progress across the nooks and crannies of the State through a people oriented Budget. Equally, to give room for the Stakeholders to contribute meaningfully (and give comments where necessary) in order to ensure that the documentation submitted and the work undertaken in the preparation of the 2018 Fiscal year Budget reflects the decisions of the good people of Ekiti State. 3.0. BUSINESS OF THE DAY: 3.1 PRESENTATION OF 2017 BUDGET OVERVIEW: 3.1.1 The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning informed the Stakeholders on the Economic importance of Budget. He said that to have a properly planned spending (Public and Private), budgeting was necessary.
  2. 2. 2 He equally informed them of the achievements of this Administration in the past three (3) years. He did a comparative analysis of the 2016 with 2017 Budgets and informed the Stakeholders that the efforts of the Government were geared towards the six (6) cardinal programmes. 3.2 PRESENTATION OF THE FINANCIAL POSITION OF THE STATE: 3.2.1 The Permanent Secretary cum Accountant General for the State explained the financial position of the State to the Stakeholders from 2014-2017. She informed them that due to the dwindling nature of Federal Allocations to the State, the revenues to the State and the Local Government have continually diminished. 3.3 MR. GOVERNOR’S REMARKS: 3.3.1 In His remarks, His Excellency, the Executive Governor from Ekiti State, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose informed the Stakeholders that he would sustain holding the meeting with them by inviting the Ekiti Stakeholders to meetings on regular basis (at least once in three (3) months) in order to be properly informed about the business and efforts of the Government towards Socio-Economic development in the State. He added that, regular meetings with them (the Stakeholders) would provide opportunity for the Government to know the needs of the people. 3.3.2 The Governor described Budget as compilation of inputs from the people for processing and actualization towards meaningful and developmental economic decision and implementation. He informed the Stakeholders on the regular dwindling nature of the Federal Allocation to the State and he admonished the people to always be the voice of the Government at their various grassroots levels.
  3. 3. 3 He promised the Participants that their needs according to priority would be incorporated into the 2018 Budget. He said the reason for the unabated reduction in the revenue from the Federal Government was the deductions for repayment of the loans (Bonds and Commercial Banks) incurred by the previous Administration in the State. He stressed that the repayment would last till 2036. 3.3.3 The Governor invited a Chief among the Stakeholders to elucidate on the concept of Sustainable Development. In his contribution, one of the Chiefs who represented Ado-Ekiti described Sustainable Development as the ability to meet the present needs without jeopardizing the future. The Governor, agreed with the speaker and promised the people of his willingness to continue doing his best for development of Ekiti State within the available resources. 3.3.4 In addition, the Governor informed the gathering of his zero tolerance to insecurity and threat to peaceful co-existence among the people of the State and the reason for enactment of Animal Grazing Law by the Ekiti State House of Assembly which was assented to by the Governor in the presence of the Stakeholders on the 29th August, 2016. He equally used the opportunity to solicit for Private-Public collaboration in areas of information gathering and sharing which would help the Government put all its security Apparatus into action against the insurgents and criminal minded people of the under-world in order to stop crimes and insecurity in the State. 3.3.5 In Conclusion, the Governor assured the people of the determination of his Administration to always carry them along on decisions that would ultimately affect them.
  4. 4. 4 4.0. THE INTERACTIVE SESSION: 4.1 At this juncture, the floor was made opened for contributions, questions and comments from the Stakeholders. The following were the excerpts: i. ADO-EKITI: The Chief who spoke on behalf of Ewi of Ado, appreciated the Governor and his team for the various Developmental projects on-going in Ado-Ekiti. He further implored the Governor to complete the on-going fly-over project. ii. IKOLE-EKITI: The Chief from Ikole appreciated the Governor and thanked him for his promise to carry the community along in the 2018 Budget. He requested for the completion of the on-going dual carriage way at Ikole township. iii. GBONYIN LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The representative of the Local Government Area appreciated the Governor and requested for: a. Rehabilitation of the Road from Ise/Orun through Agbado to the LGA; and b. Political Appointment consideration for the Sons and Daughters of the area. iv. ARAMOKO EKITI: The representative of the community request for road rehabilitation in the Area.
  5. 5. 5 vi. ILAWE EKITI: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Local Government appreciated the Governor for his visionary leadership and suggested that Local Government Councils should conduct Economic submit to map-out necessary strategies towards internal Revenue Generation in order to cater for their Chiefs welfare. vii. IKERE LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Local Government appreciated the Governor for all the developmental projects executed in the town such as; the extension of Water Pipeline in Ikere Township and the on-going dualization of Ikere- Ekiti Township road. viii. IGBOLE-EKITI: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the community appreciated the Governor and requested for additional establishment of Schools and construction of roads in the town. ix. ISABA IKOLE: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Community requested for Road construction and Electrification (Provision of Transformers) for the community. Additionally, he requested that the indigenes of the town be considered for political appointments in the nearest future.
  6. 6. 6 x. IJERO LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Local Government requested for adequate security and safety of the people of Ijero Local Government. He further requested for the following: a. Construction of Road from Ayegunle to Iloro; b. Electrification in the Local Government Area; and c. Water supply and the completion of on-going dualization of Ijero Township road. xi. OYE LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Local Government appreciated the Government on its effort on the EKSCDA programme in the Area, while more developmental projects were requested for, like good roads and Electrification of the Rural Community in the Area. xii. ILEJEMEJE LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Local Government said the construction of road at Ero should continue. xiii. EFON ALAAYE LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Local Government requested for Water supply in the Area.
  7. 7. 7 xiv. ERINMOPE EKITI: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Community requested for road Construction from Erinmope to Ikosun. xv. OKE AKO EKITI: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Community requested for the establishment of Military post in the area for adequate security. xvi. OGOTUN EKITI: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the community requested for the provision of adequate security and safety of lives and properties because the reserved forest in the Area was causing serious security challenges to the people. xvii. OMUO EKITI: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Local Government said that rearing of domestic animals should be controlled. xviii. IDO-OSI LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The Chief who spoke on behalf of the Local Government requested for adequate security and safety at orin-ora and better welfare packages for the Chiefs in the Area. 4.2. THE GOVERNOR RESPONDED AS FOLLOWS: i. that all roads belonging to the Local Government Councils should be given the deserved attention by the Local Government Authorities;
  8. 8. 8 ii. that the payment of allowances of Chiefs was direct responsibilities of the Local Government Council Authorities. He promised them better welfare packages as soon as the economy of the State improves; iii. that quick and immediate security action would be taken against the criminal-minded people in the nooks and crannies of the State; ` iv. The Governor equally directed that the Stakeholders should collaborate with their Local Government Council Authorities to deliberate on their various areas of pressing needs and forward a position paper to the State Government through their Local Government Chairmen for onward transmission to the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning for appropriate action and inclusion into the 2018 Budget. 5.0. CLOSING REMARKS: 5.1 In his closing remarks, the Chairman, Traditional Chiefs in Ekiti State appreciated the Governor for his benevolence and hospitality shown to them. He said that the meeting had given recognition to Ekiti State Traditional Chiefs. He reminded the Governor of the need to sustain the Electrification projects in his Local Government Area. He informed the Governor that necessary efforts were on-going to ensure timely submission of the Traditional Chiefs’ requests for consideration. He promised their support for the State Government. He urged the Governor to kindly use his good office to ensure prompt payment of the 5% statutory allowance of the Chiefs.
  9. 9. 9 5.2 However, the Governor in his closing remarks promised to always recognize and regularly hold meetings through which their needs aspirations and desires would be honoured. He urged the Chairmen and the Local Government Councillors from the various Local Government Areas to adequately discharge their statutory responsibilities to the Traditional Chiefs accordingly. He stressed that 60% support from the Chiefs, including letters of Recommendations from them would hence forth be used in determination of and consideration for Political appointment under his Administration. The Governor entertained the Stakeholders and distributed cash gifts to them based on their communities.